Jones, Quincy - Just Once Lyrics

I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough
'Cause here we are back where we were before
Seems nothing ever changes we're back to being strangers
Wondering if we oughta stay or head on out the door

Just once can't we figure out what we keep doing wrong?
Why we never last for very long? What are we doing wrong?
Just once can't we find a way to finally make it right?
To make the magic last for more than just one night
If we could just get to it, I know we could break through it

I gave my all but I think my all may have been too much
'Cause Lord knows we're not getting anywhere
Seems we're always blowing whatever we've got going
And it seems at times with all we've got, we haven't got a prayer

Just once can't we figure out what we keep doing wrong?
Why the good times never last for long? Where are we going wrong?
Just once can't we find a way to finally make it right?
To make the magic last for more than just one night
I know we could break through it, if we could just get to it just once

I want to understand
Why it always comes back to good-bye?
Why can't we get ourselves in hand?
And admit to one another we're no good without the other
Take the best and make it better find a way to stay together

Just once can't we find a way to finally make it right?
Oh make the magic last for more than just one night
I know we could break through it if we could just get to it
Just once
Oh we can get to it
Just once

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Jones, Quincy Just Once Comments
  1. Maria Maria

    This is unbelievable, all my life I know that James Ingram was the original singer of this beautiful song. Good Lord! Shoot! Oh. My. Gosh!

  2. ciências,games e mais rodrigues

    Linda musica

  3. LeRhonda Jones-Bates

    Quincy Jones??😳🤔 isn't this James Ingram?? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Michele Martins

    quincy jones nao canta essa musica ele apenas e o produtor dela quem canta e o james igram

  5. Maur Music

    BEST of the best

  6. Carolyn Ackerman

    so so sad this song makes me.

  7. Willie Reed Jr

    Very comfortably one of the best singers of all times

  8. Sabrena Powell

    Once I get you I have to have you all the time I'll b craving you I aleeadydo

  9. Sabrena Powell

    I?, mm n bbn n'm not calling Carol this time were goingto get married imnotyo iui r not messing this ho jjustshow up please tyou wiuld'nt do that to mewiyldyou tou would show up right,,!

    Sabrena Powell

    Hell yes baby I love tou roberrt I been talking to u all daycarils coming I will b rhwrrww robert gouknow I will at6 630

    Sabrena Powell

    I love you you just made my night burn staying up

    Sabrena Powell

    Yes robert I love tou don't you k ow rhat,,?

    Sabrena Powell

    I'm staying upu made my night do u love me?

    Sabrena Powell

    I know but sometimes to IU nake me feel different with that love it dose,'nt matter 8 love tou9i been listening to tthis song all afternoon oi on000000

  10. Theresa R.


  11. Scott Burton

    Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil wrote this certifiable classic.

  12. Lorraine Rutherford

    I thought James Ingram sang this song?

  13. R Bledsoe

    38 years later and this song still brings back bittersweet memories.
    I wonder what would've happened.
    Guess we'll never know.

  14. Kobe Shane

    It was on Quincy Jones' album featuring James Ingram. Quincy was the producer, he wasnt't even the composer of this song. It's James' vocals, never Quincy's.

  15. Rodrigo Ferreira Lopes Rodrigo

    Melhor versão

  16. Sergio Rivera

    Quincy Jones & James Ingram
    "Just Once"
    #17, 1981.

  17. Rob Buc

    This is the original version, with the real piano players (buchanan/foster). there are a ton of versions on youtube with a terrible (sort of close in a bad way) replacement/overdub of the pianos, attempting to duplicate the original pianos.

  18. Yevgeny Reznikov

    Now all of this makes me think about, is all of the tragedy and losses I’ve suffered with women, between all of the failed romances and my fiancé passing away, sometimes I wonder if happiness ever even came knocking on my door, i wouldn’t believe it was anything more than an illusion.

  19. Sylvia Paez

    this goes to Chris in Redmond Oregon from San Antonio Texas

  20. Manny Aries


  21. Beth Smith

    I've been searching for the original glad to have found it. So many memories when I hear this song. I can't say I love it enough!💗

  22. sabrina brown

    U aren’t a new person making the same mistakes, U are a person just prone to making mistakes because this is what U do!!! No one changes overnight and that is the biggest lie ever told if you think this is the case!!! So now you want to express something personal three years later, after keeping certain things a secret and after treating me like dawg doo doo! You wonder why you are not winning this game when it has everything to do with the fact I don’t like you and you have chosen on several occasions to hi jack the crap out of my check for personal gain and acceptance! Who else is all serious and hasn’t been with anyone in a while??!!?? Youuuuu!

    Linda Perkins

    Well, this isn't about the music, but you are WAY hurt & i really hope your life gets on track and you meet someone that deserves you.

  23. Dave Joseph

    RIP My brother James...the world lost a pure, soulful to interpret the classic love ballad...and the R&B feel of any song you chose to do. We'll all miss you...a shining light that we coud always look say the things we were afraid to say to each show the emotion we were afraid to show each other. I know the Creator smiled when you born...and He smiled again now that you have joined Him. Your music and presence will live forever!

  24. Fräulein Woof

    2019 ? Anyone?

  25. Cramped Misfit

    Last American Virgin 😝

  26. Van Joshua DiCaprio

    Thank you for sharing this!!

  27. Rollo Tamasi

    Poor Gary.

  28. jshorva65

    The story of me and my second ex-fiancee during the 1986 to 1992 part of what started out so great in 1984 that we're both considering another try nearly 16 years after my wife passed away now that it's been about 6 weeks since her ex-to-be abandoned her after 24 years.


    Qui écoute just once de Quincy Jones en 2019? Super musique que j'adore

  30. Ryan Medrina

    Who's original, James or Quincy?

  31. GR. Hollman


  32. ce hayes

    R.I.P James Ingram, you made this LP magic along with Patti Austin & other stellar musicians & it’s my favorite as well 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 !!!!

  33. Nickolas Parker

    One of my dads favorite singers and songs....sadly they passed away just a couple of days apart...I miss my daddy

  34. 핀란드

    그가 죽었다는 사실을 방금 유튜브 댓글을 보고 알았다. 너무 슬프다. 이런 노래를 불러줘서 너무 감사하다.

  35. nippy2001

    Best music of my life

  36. horus heru

    Bless your soul and spirit James...

  37. Miguel Tadeo

    Faltou um contribuinte no trabalho de Quincy Jones nesse período: Rod Temperton.

  38. Margaret Ann Casey

    James, your best was MORE than "good enough"!

    Rest in peace, bro!

  39. Stephanie Danford

    Anthony mcgruder holly crap

  40. Sylvia Paez

    I love this song on it is not Ingram. It's Jones

  41. Simon Boccanegra

    One of the most beautifully sung soul records of all time. James's class and reserve should make him an exemplar for young singers, which he still was in 1981. He knew how to hold back, so a vocal climax really was a climax. His inferiors, both male and female, try to set off explosions in every other bar. When there are no valleys, you can't have peaks. I remember when this song was a staple of sports montages, for the team that came up short. Well, James, your best was more than good enough. RIP.

  42. 지승민


  43. Maximiliano Mestre El Manager de la Noche

    Temaso como lloré al escucharla y verla en la película el último americano virgen

  44. rick reschenthaler

    Last American Virgin

  45. Sergio Silva


  46. Sergio Silva


  47. Demetrius Scott

    I never thought that James would go far away from us after losing to brain cancer. This song is one of my favorites by him. Rest easy, James.

  48. Marshall John Blount

    R.I.P James Ingram ...You will NEVER be forgotten!

  49. Crystal Mckinzie

    Never will there be a voice like James Ingram. Rest In Paradise . You will truly be missed . A great voice a great singer will live on through your songs . ❤❤❤

  50. Ben Benwards

    I first heard  this beautiful song  from the 80's movie The Last American Virgin.Since then I came to love this song and sang and played in our cover band.Thanks James for your nice and cool style of singing and performing. Your songs will be remembered forever.Thanks to Quincy jones as well.

  51. Linda Downs

    So Sad Rip James Ingram Such a Talented Artist. Love❤ the 80s Always!!!

    Dan Boseck

    This is Quincy Jones

  52. Leonard Harris

    RIP Mr. James Ingram. Thanks for given us real music!!!!

  53. Johnnie Barr

    R.I.P. my brother thank you for the great music you provided for us in your memories peace be with you.😇🎶🎤

  54. dnw75

    James Ingram is singing with the angels now. Another great singer gone 😥😥

  55. Deborah Ying-Saulters

    I'm estranged from 2's 14 years since our parents passed away and even though I have children and grandchildren, my heart aches for some kind of relationship with the only 2 people left on this earth who I have not seen in so long. :(

  56. 71marshe

    R.I.S.J.I. #restinsleepjamesingram💕

  57. Sallie Mae

    We are not going anywhere if we continue this song association.Imagine if i like you since April if we continue this we will meet by the time Im seventy.

  58. mark lloyd

    This is how its done. Classic Song Deep Feelings Hold Tight let the Tears Fall. R.I.P James

  59. Mark M. Oldridge

    Rest In Peace my friend! You'll surely be missed!
    Your songs always brought me to tears...still do!

  60. joejoewest

    One of my favorite songs. RIP James Ingram

  61. Amber Harris

    A BEAUTIFUL voice
    and a BEAUTIFUL spirit.

    A voice that touched our hearts. A man not only did he sing about true love but lived it!

    Being married to your beautiful wife for 43 years. He truly knew what true love was.

    You found a way to make it last. You found a way to make it right!

    One wife, six children you made the magic last!!

    You did it, just once!!

    You were truly LOVED and WILL BE MISSED!!

    We will keep your music playing!!!!!

    R.I.P. 🙏🙏

  62. Dannie C

    Rest well Mr. James will be missed

  63. Evan Michael

    Rest in Peace, James...

  64. Kevin Childs

    52 people who disliked this song .. never felt good in their life .. just once ....

  65. Rajesh Karan


  66. Dane Gerard Gaskin

    R I P James . Thanks for the music and influencing my music career.

  67. ralph ruiz

    James Ingram,magical voice.RIP brother.

  68. Warren Canasa

    RIP James

  69. Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records

    I remember this classic from H.S. in 1981. I still own The Dude, my original vinyl copy. RIP James Ingram.

  70. Nosaj Iksnek TooUglyForPorn

    RIP James. Your music was a huge part of my life. So many big hits.

  71. sogainesjr

    Classic song, classy singer -- rest in peace, James Ingram.

  72. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #17 on the pop charts in 1981!!!

  73. Odilon Ari


  74. James Crawley

    Rest easy my brother.

    Linda Perkins

    what a wonderful way to think ......

  75. Rita Coleman

    Love Your Voice, And Your Music Rest In Peace My Brother!!!!!

  76. MsOperababe

    RIP James. My favourite song on this album. Your voice will be sorely missed ;(

  77. Barry Rogers

    RIP James Ingram

  78. Ralph Richard Toussaint

    Sad day rest in peace on peace great voice greatest song ever out of his many, we salute you James Ingram

    Ghost Jr

    This is Quincy Jones

  79. Tom Bozza

    The man who sang this beautiful song..James Ingram. RIP.

  80. terence jones


  81. jerseytomato100

    1981, 6th grade, this was THE ultimate slow-dance song.
    RIP James Ingram


    You were slow-dancing in the 6th grade? Wow. Congrats. I must've been a slow-starter: got my first slow-dance in college.

  82. barrys

    Drunk a lot of liquor, shed a lot of tears listening to this bad boy. R.I.P. James Ingram. Thanks for the great music.

  83. Brian Morrison

    Rest In Peace Mr. Ingram...

  84. Catch A Rising Star Comedy Clubs

    Rest easy, James. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us...

  85. Mike Batey

    Rest in Peace James Ingram❤️

  86. Michael Polutta

    RIP James Ingram.

  87. stylecollective

    RIP James Ingram. Akron native. Ohio son. You gave a voice to decades of classic soul-pop. 🎤

    Sylvia Paez

    It not Ingram it's jones


    Thank. You.

  88. Pepone91

    Amazing album !!

  89. futuremovieactor

    God rest James Ingram. As if this song wasn’t sad enough because of that damn movie (which I still refuse to see).

    Dan Boseck

    This is Quincy Jones

  90. pdavis322

    RIP James Ingram

  91. AudioVideoMideo

    Rest In Peace, James Ingram.

  92. ShikataGaNai100

    RIP - James Ingram

  93. panggajers

    It's been 30 years and this never get old

  94. feilong

    This song hurts; I still remember that ending scene in the Last American Virgin. That movie left a scar on me.

    Lane Ward

    great movie

    Omar Villarreal

    I just finished watching THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN. This song will always remind me of that ending scene where Gary walks in on Karen & the guy who left her after impregnating her... making out at her birthday party! Gary was SO heartbroken! I felt for him! :(


    @Omar Villarreal I know bro, but what hurts the most is that the singer passed away a few weeks ago. R.I.P Ingram.

    Nori Salinas

    Ah man , yes.such a sad ending. Love that movie.

  95. VMiXEZ

    It’s so funny seeing arguments about whether Quincy Jones or James Ingram sings the song. Just enjoy it people.

  96. jimi ange

    Such a good song

  97. Connor Connor

    So true to life this song great singer dougie denton