Jones, Quincy - Jazz Corner Of The World Lyrics

(It had to be sweetness)
(... 'Cause I'd been in New York all the time, and he brought Charlie Parker in this hotel room, in the Booker Washington Hotel)
(There was nothing to do but play, you know, and we had a lot of fun trying to play, you know)
(... That man, Charlie Parker, was mine)
(That was the first time I ever had the pleasure to meet Dizzy Gillespie)
(I can remember Miles)
(Miles was in my original band)
(And Charlie Parker created the sound, and the moment I heard him I said, 'that's how music should sound')

[Kool Moe Dee:]
A tribute to the Birdman, the father of Birdland
A masterpiece that release the horns, words and
The musical greats, salute the late
Mentor, inventor of a sound of days back
From bebop to pop and pop to hip hop
Infuse the times of jazzing rhymes and got
Kool Moe Dee and Big Daddy Kane
To bring on the legends; Kane, hit the names

[Big Daddy Kane:]
I kick a rap to what you can relax to
A jazz soloist, play away with the sax to
Get the job done, next one up to do his duty
Ladies and gentlemen, mister James Moody

No one goes the mile like Miles Davis
Watch how he plays this trumpet and pump it
Just like a mechanic handles a tool
Here's the rebirth of the cool

What kind of noise can a string bring
Making you swing and sing things of a musical fling
Well listen to this star, next up is our...
Oh, George Benson bringing the guitar

[Big Daddy Kane:]
A voice of choice used just like an instrument
So magnificent, I'm proud to present
Divine, Sassy One, A.K.A. Sarah Vaughan
Honey you're on

I'm introducin' a bop revolution
In jazz that has pizazz, he is one player usin' it
As who is, his first name's Dizzy
Last name Gillespie, now watch him get busy

Allow me to tell a story about Ella
Fitzgerald, who's sound can never be sterile
A woman with flexibility of range
Making octaves change, go ahead and do your thing

[Big Daddy Kane:]
This is a shoutout to one more man
Joe Zawinul, the writer of Birdland

[Kool Moe Dee:]
In the fifties, this was the place to be
From the bands down to the maitre'd
Now, who could forget the MC on the set
The emollient voice of Pee Wee Marquette

(Ladies and gentlemen, as you know we have something special down here at Birdland this evening)

A sound so profound it's come back around
52nd Street is now world-renowned
With horn licks with kick, and swift riffs to stick
Today bebop makes the hip hop pick
These musical genius's souls are so clever
They changed the face of music forever
And if you can't understand
Here's a past and present Birdland

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Jones, Quincy Jazz Corner Of The World Comments
  1. 安藤正樹


  2. Motownlover Motownlover

    One of my fav albums of all time

  3. moliverbtheman

    Man! This brings back MEMORIES!
    And, even though it was only a few seconds long, I think my favorite part of the intro was Sarah Vaughan's part! Man! It was sublime.

  4. Kevan Williams

    Love you Quincy Jones 🔥

  5. Shannon McKerracher


  6. albina hajd


  7. Marisa Milani


  8. J Williams

    Crazy how many of these artists died within several years after this was recorded. It was like Quincy knew this would be his last chance to get these greats to perform together

  9. Sharon Neptune

    I have the *actual* vinyl! CLASSIC!!!!!!

  10. Rafael Traconis

    It was my second CD, the first was it cuts both ways, i was 19 years old. Such great times

  11. ALS84

    where has all the good music gone...

  12. Flavio Oliva

    This version of Birdland is the perfect fusion of the last 50 years of music :) Thank you Quincy, for gathering this group of stars !!!

  13. Rick Barzanti

    Classic! Nobody but Quincy Jones could bring together all this talent and pull it off like he did.

  14. maria joao Braganca

    Thank you djbuddylovecooljazz for your info..this guy Q is one of the best jazz composers of all time..also the best conducter <3

  15. Sis in Transition

    These two tracks on the album are the theme song for African America. And by extension, America. THEME SONG, I SAY!

  16. Theo Reijmers

    Never to get out of date. Superb!

  17. ALS84

    the maestro

  18. trina robinson

    thank you for posting this quincy jones is and always will be a legend n. all who were on this track i never to this day heard jazz n hip hop sound this beautiful❤👍😉👈

  19. trina robinson

    omg i love this song brings back good memories for me as a child growing up❤😉👈

  20. Emilio Canal


  21. Thomas Georgantas


  22. Piero Giuseppe Goletto

    Total Absolute Awesome Masterpiece

  23. Sis in Transition

    if someone doesn't elevate the volume of Birdland to match the previous track, I'm going to ring a neck!

  24. yohonia martin

    This is to fuckin much, listen

  25. alloriginalpirates

    I used to listen to this on my dad's cassette player all the time when I was a kid. I knew all of the rap word for word despite not really knowing who any of the musicians were.


    @alloriginalpirates Cool dad of yours for having you listen to such great music!


    alloriginalpirates You just described my childhood. lol.


    I was the other way round - having been raised on jazz, I knew about all the jazz musicians named but none of the rappers! :D

    Don't worry Be Happy

    You too me n my brother rap every word n I sang it on key good memories u no good music Amen

    Don't worry Be Happy

    Don't Mr Quincy Jones look fly I love this video everyone look beautiful Amen

  26. Jerry Johnson

    Genius. Period.

  27. Spazzoid Studio

    The INTRO is where it's at here....

  28. Bouziani Farid

    La plus belle version de Birdland.

  29. Dougitoons

    Love this version. The writer above forgets to include the premiere a capella vocal group on the planet providing the vocal haze. But this is such a fantastic version of Birdland - Love it!!

  30. victoria mitchell

    I love this song <3 this is real hip hop jazz!!

  31. Cessaly D Hutchinson

    I am sooo glad you did a new one! I'm posting it on facebook!