Jones, Quincy - Heaven's Girl Lyrics

Heaven's girl is what you are to me
I can see your eyes staring into darkness
Tryin' to find the light, girl

And you're all alone
The man that's gone and breakin' up your happy home
Don't you worry, pretty baby

You take a chance
Hopin' that you'll find your lucky star
Do you know who you are?

Oh - heaven's girl

Oh, hold on - sugar hold on
Don't you be afraid to
Hold on - my baby

You say cast your fears
Hold me and I'll take away your painful tears
'cause I know your heart
I'll be there to mend it when it's torn apart
Yeah, my baby

Just believe in me
And I will show you things you've never seen
Do you know what I mean?

Heaven's girl
I'm asking you, asking you

I'm down on my knees, begging you please...

So you take a chance
Hopin' that you'll find your lucky star
Do you know who you are?

Don' worry baby, jus' hold on
Don' worry baby, jus' hold on

Listen, baby
When the sun comes up, I'll tell you I love you
And when the sun goes down, I'll say a prayer for you
You don't have to question heaven's love for you
Baby, reach for me, I'll hold out my hand for you

When you can't find a friend

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Jones, Quincy Heaven's Girl Comments
  1. Liberated Goddess

    We need this RnB back.
    Best Calabo ever 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    jamel eason

    Indeed Girl you aint never lied smh

  2. LaKeisha Robinson


  3. JustLynn

    Chicago steppin all day❤

  4. Chance St.Thomas

    Neva knew Naomi Campbell could sing.

    Cool jam!

    Elijah Angel

    That's just a picture they used it's not her.

  5. Miya Goodwin

    A timeless masterpiece!! Still listening in 2020!!💯❤

  6. Joseph Pritchett

    That's my Shit classic

  7. Kendra Jones

    Morning how u doing sweetie I'm good Ms. Jessica Gliser I heared the news yeah if she let's me go I'm going it all work out. And I going walk around like special woman in the city. Man y'all got me wanting just leave now lol lol. I think I'm drive well u make sure o I will have it looked at before getting on the highway. Just seating hear chilling listening music ok I will talk too u soon ok

  8. Boss Gold

    All 4 of them on 1 song = Grown Folk Music

  9. Michael Vaughn

    What a wonderful collaboration of voices. Quincy gave us a masterpiece. Ron Aaron Charlie and R.Kelly excellent work. Such rhythmic vocals and music.

  10. Whitney Whitney


  11. Rodney Smith Sr

    Today is my first time listening to this song and I love it...What an amazing gathering of vocals.

  12. sharron taylor

    Holding on. I am holding on. Only one. You.

  13. Stone Cold

    holy fook...i had a CD of this.

  14. Peninnah Nganga


  15. Sandy Naylor


  16. Sandy Naylor


  17. Pamela Mitchell

    This is a soothing beautiful song I love it

  18. omegadean96

    It was a great collaboration Project for Quincy Jones #1. Just like Secret Garden collaboration great vocals.♡♡

  19. Violeta Fernandez

    My ex introduced me to this song. I have been playing this song ever since.

  20. Joshua Reuben

    Nothing else I can say but... WOW! No other words can describe this song. All the OG's of RnB right here. Plus that sexy sexy Sax 🎷

  21. Sharon Thomas

    Love this stepping music 4 life.R Kelly just hold on a little while longer everything gonna be alright. You coming back home stay prayed up brother. Much love

  22. Keyke Onpointe

    Ballroom hustle..... greatest song #facts


    R kelly the goat
    He sang and wrote


  24. Dee Hall

    damn them instruments sound so good

  25. maumaudejan

    aqui no brasil maior sucesso

  26. maumaudejan


  27. T Wright

    Timeless/classic music. Brings back memories and stepping with my mother.

  28. Sun Ray

    Real honest uncorrupt

  29. Andre Jones

    Quiet storm memories at my parents house

  30. xenaphon stacy

    Bad ass!

  31. Kurt Adams

    Five LEGENDS on this classic

  32. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Q

  33. Mr. Streetvibe

    I heard this song in a porno 😂😂😂

    jamel eason

    Gtfoooo smh lol 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Татьяна Бабалич

    o!!! very nice!!!

  35. rahsaan hill

    Aaron Hall killed this.

  36. cherrocco berry

    Chicago Steppin every time

  37. Dontaveous Rucker

    Heavens Girls on the jook joint is awesome the guys my hat off to you Uncle Charlie Mr. Ron Isley and Aaron Hall and Mr. R. Kelly himself and the horns oh my god amazing play this song every day and fall in love with it more and more

  38. Dontaveous Rucker

    Quincy Jones Jook Joint on point

  39. Milton Campbell


  40. M McNeal

    Smooth Highway music late night wit some sexy


    Jkbarberswag8 on instagram check me out! ...i remember being in chicago the 1st time i herd this...flying back home to PITTSBURGH i played this on repeat so D.O.P.E

  42. Jay Hughes

    First time I've ever heard of this before smh

  43. Patrick Nyanzi

    Kells all the way❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾

  44. Rob Uk

    Timeless tunes haven't sounded so good.
    Big up to anyone and everyone listening to real, good, meaningful music in 2019.

  45. Ashley Jackson

    Yes it was Keith Swearinger, over 340 yards, 4 TD's

  46. Curtis Burch

    This song is awsome this is a oldschool r. An b ill never stop listening two it i play it everday i even have it for my ring tong you guys keep that good musice comming ill be wright hear trust me

  47. Diane Owsley

    great outstanding artists,Q.Jones hes make a good choice loving N.Campbell she put M.Touch on this song her voice is amazing.

  48. NYC

    Kellz can't keep up with Aaron

    Vanessa Alston

    What has he made lately! !!!!!! Just Asking! !!!!

  49. thinking man of 1978

    Just beautiful music sexy jazzy sensual seductive...all when Quincy combine the best flavors, so damn good 😏


    Not only this a steppers song hear in Chicago.... I just got straight raped by my man off this!💋💖🌹💎👑😂

  51. Champagne Hec

    Don't worry BABY just hold on! 😎👌🏾

  52. Jeffrey Ntabgoba

    Serious Stuff 👌🏾

  53. Vazgen Hakobyan

    Fantastric song, once again Quincy found great singers itsa a supermatch.

  54. Wonderful World

    Beautiful song & all the artist featured on this track are phenomenal


    This song is nice!

  56. T Wilson

    Say what y'all want about R. Kelly but he made this song pop out of everyone on it

  57. Tony D The Original inda mix

    MR BiG onE of Da favourites isLeY Brother's Ronald Isley Drifting on a memory a memory ain't no place I'd rather be Dancin Onda DaNcE FLooRS wiT aLL of thiS tiME afTER I've hAD A dRinK oR tWO

  58. Elijah is God

    Shout out to My Musical mentor

  59. Lasonya elam

    Listening in 2019 R Kelly is the king of RnB forever

  60. Pamela Mitchell

    This song is beautiful...You don't understand this is Grown People music.....

  61. Shani Jefferson

    My shit..

  62. parijuana1


  63. Sarah Williams

    What masterpiece this song is. The music was real and sound like music, and give you a good feeling. I don't know what to call that we are hearing on the radio today.

  64. Shelly The realest

    Love it

  65. Roxanne Scott

    Wowwww, I haven't heard this joint in so long. Thx!

  66. Flatlandproductionz

    Q put this together. Its like steps in the game. Ron Charlie, Aaron, Kels

  67. Darrell Reeder

    Still listening #2019

  68. James Franklin

    All skate !!!

  69. Owen Ramashia


  70. Terrence PERKINS

    Kelly's sound the best voice is better

  71. K M

    Big tune

  72. Dorice Washington

    This is one of my favorite song by Quincy Jones Heaven Girl but I'm officially still listening to his music in 2019.

  73. Diane Owsley

    Sensation outstanding artists best ever N.Campbell shes has that sparkle in her voice.

  74. Doug Tha Drug Tha New Epidemic

    Love Classic R&B Music. Also Check out New R&B Music By Doug Tha Drug on youtube Thanks

  75. Goldie

    Robert Kelly is talented all the way around.

    Dogghouse TheGemini

    He is also a child rapist. FACTS

    Banikashay Torrence

    One of the most talented writers ,producers ,singers all around talent hands down

    Brian Smith

    Dogghouse TheGemini
    Wow take away from a good song

    Vegas Mitchell

    Don't 4 Get this NICCA Loooves 2 Much maybe 2 YOUNG Coochie!! Stop letting the Fact a Nicca can jump from the Free throw Line or Sing a Hit Blind u!!

    MsLRoscoe 2

    R Kelly didn’t have to rape anybody! FACTS!! As sexy as that man is..they throw themselves at him!! From the young to the old! Those women lied period! We’re so quick to throw our own phenomenons under the bus! This is why we’ll never have legends like their Elvis! How Sad!

  76. Anisha Booker

    R Kelly’s voice is the best on here it cuts through🔥

    Stephen Cox

    Aaron is sooo much stronger, tho. R kelly is very smooth, tho.

  77. juan nito

    Un gran musico Quincy Jones , para mi el mejor

  78. Darryl Crawford

    I love my old school music

  79. jason rodgers

    The only thing missing is a verse from Michael Jackson, would have been perfect.

  80. weeeeee1988

    this song came out in 1995 and it still has the golden vibe to it they don't make music like this no more

  81. Wendy Williams

    Naomi Campbell came through with tge sultry

  82. YS HUFF

    QUINCY aka Q aka THE DUDE........did THIS!!!!!!

  83. Cornelius Pelt

    Sheri your Heavens Girl love you dear your, hubby.😍😍😍😍

  84. Jack Hancho

    Aaron hall!!!!!

  85. stringer 2295

    Quincy loved working with paedophiles.

    jamel eason

    stringer 2295 enjoy the song and stfu smfh

  86. Lady Love

    Still listening in 2019 heaven's girl!!!😀😍😍😍🎹❤

    Vee Owens


  87. Designs by LeShae: ANTRICMA

    Only a hater will dislike this song

  88. Google User

    Outstanding stepper record

  89. Tadeusz Z

    (For someone not of this world) On the occasion of Women's Day I wish you Angel, that heaven always be your land, and the smile always radiated only with happiness ♥ I LOVE YOU ♥

  90. Tadeusz Z

    (Dla kogoś nie z tego świata)Z Okazji Dnia Kobiet zycze Ci Aniele, żeby niebo zawsze twoja kraina, a uśmiech zawsze promienial tylko szczęściem ♥ KOCHAM CIĘ ♥

  91. Muriel Evans

    NICE AND SMOOTH !!!!!!!!!

  92. Tee

    What a nice soothing song... who's here 2019?

  93. MELLO1102

    71 people that do not know good music