Jones, Quincy - At The End Of The Day (Grace) Lyrics

Yeah, baby
This is how we do it
Down at the jook joint
We do it easy
At the end - of the day
Yes, yes
All - night - long
Baby, just let me play
Just for you

This is how we - gently do it
Down here - at the jook joint
Baby, at the end - of the day
Baby, just let me play
All - night - long
Just - for you
It's supposed to feel this way
Baby, at the end - of the day
Yes, baby, I do it
This is the only way
Every day should be your day
Every day you should feel this way

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Jones, Quincy At The End Of The Day (Grace) Comments
  1. Angela jenkins

    I love this song it is very nice

  2. Augustin Lozano

    Quand la musique devient de l'art !

  3. dbruin03

    Haha. Love hearing Barry White’s voice. Sometimes when I get bored I’ll do an impersonation of him just to keep myself entertained. Haha.

  4. Diedre Kelly


  5. Judy D


  6. Robert Vandenberg

    3:29 that chord shift always gives me goosebumps. perfectly fits the context.


    This is just a C dominant chord, still great but... 2:54 B713b9 is much more impressive. and that Phrygian turnaround at the end is just Christlike.

  7. Robert Huang

    Toots Thielemans RIP

  8. Tracy Scott

    One word, 'superb'!!! wow this is lovely!

  9. Julia White

    Beautiful video...... You did a fantastic job!! 👏👏👏👊

  10. Wayne jasmineBlackwell

    True at its finest right here.

    risa barry

    I second that Wayne 😂 peace

  11. San Eckelhöfer

    Mr Jones quer é matar a gente, com um arranjaço desses, com essa turma de feras, bah! so this is the way you guys do it down there at the Juke Joint at the end of the day? take me with you, pleeeease! many thanks Warren Burns, not only for the track but for the thoughtful choice of images, including the lovely ones of Toots, a sweetheart. wonderful job <3

  12. Ramona Maintanis

    At the end of the day its you and me baby ......just us.....sweetheart I adore you my lover

  13. Joseph Joyce


    Diana Stanoeva

    Soul Touching harmonica sound

  14. Rogerio Souza


  15. pugslysmart1

    Good job Mr Burns!

  16. iamanubus2

    Nothing to do but listen and cry.....

  17. Fred Barkley

    I love this song. the pictures too! good job!

    lazer Smoove

    I will always love u toots

  18. cesare ricciarelli

    musica sublime

  19. carlos renato dos santos

    beautiful song!!

  20. Nettie Newsom

    I have this CD and somehow there is a scratch in the middle of this track and I never get to hear the entire track. Thanks for making the video Warren.

  21. morenaso1

    Mervyn Warren, Toots Thielsmann, Barry White And Quincy Jones = Perfect Track

  22. Paulo Sergio


  23. Nirelli Joris

    Bravo. La magie existe t-elle donc ?


    Blow Boy Blow.

  25. sfantop

    Thank you for posting this

    Willie Smith

    well put together music