Jones, Norah - Kentucky Lyrics

You are the dearest land outside of Heaven to me
I miss your laurel and your redbud trees

When I die,
I want to rest upon a graceful mountain so high
For that is
Where God will look for me

I miss the old folks singing in the silvery moonlight
I miss the hound dogs chasin’ coons

I know that
My mother, dad and sweetheart are waiting for me
I will be coming soon

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Jones, Norah Kentucky Comments
  1. Gustavo Diaz

    Me quedaría ahi con mi alma descansado 😊

  2. At Madji

    Kentucky is the old song in year 1959 or 1960 thank

  3. Daniella Karan

    I'm wondering right now, can Billie rap?

  4. MyRocker77


  5. Alexander Commons

    Where in the bluegrass hell is this place? Because that is NOT KY. I'm in KY. I know.

  6. San's Musical Planet

    2k19 ??

  7. xxRafael Productions - Rafael Vicuna

    Came here for billie

  8. KZ1643 Rock

    He sounds like Chester in this song

  9. Tom Benicio

    Still Listening in 2018

  10. Sayeed SafvaN pM

    1:16 side BooBs

  11. Karen Stickney

    Happy Birthday, Billie Joe.

  12. Clay Crockett

    Can somebody please produce a video that actually makes sense? I’m a native Kentuckian. I sure do miss the beaches there!😂

  13. Iodine Cerium

    Billie is so versatile, his voice is heaven 😍

  14. Kole Dornseifer

    Billie has sang Punk, Rock, Pop, Metal, Country, Ska, Jazz, Surf Rock, Folk, and Rap. Hes so versatile I wouldnt be surprised if he made a tuvan throat singing album.

  15. Elliot Brown

    What in the name of all that is sacred does Kentucky have to do with surfing?

  16. Mundo Mistico

    Cartomancy +55 41 99155-4408

  17. TheCellone

    Check me out, new artist

  18. Xavier Daly

    Please go back to punk I beg of you

  19. RockerKitty

    Singing about Kentucky but showing them surfing in California, WTF?

  20. Christina Luise

    this made me cry

  21. PoLytnin

    This video makes NO sense. I'm from Kentucky and I live in California. If anyone could see the connection, I'd say it'd be me. There just IS no connection. Laurent Truillet is absolutely right: "This clip is ridiculous!" Good song though. Well done by a couple of extremely talented artists with a genuine appreciation for the Everly Brothers.

  22. jordub

    I has no idea Billie Joe could sing like this.

  23. Ass!s

    Beautiful song !!!

  24. Julie Robinson

    My opinion, Best in Everly version I have heard, their Album was a great tribute to the Everly Brothers. One thing about the surfing I noticed one of them was surfing with the board the other way around 😊🎸

  25. randolphmusic

    I like this so much for me sweeter than the Everly's nothing beats a woman's voice and a male togther. Nice

  26. Marilyn Gonzales

    Kentucky Fried Chicken?

    Randy Alexander

    Yes , Kentucky Fried Chicken . Yk , the meal you can't wait to eat every time you go out of town . 😂

    Daniella Karan

    Iana 30 Lmao

    Christopher Ramirez

    Kfc 😂😂😂😂

    Tavoi Aiono


  27. Pudin De Caca

    yeaaah hard punk in my boneees! lml

  28. leon singleton

    Kentuckians live and surf in California and get homesick for Kentucky.

  29. Phoenix Reinle

    I have never seen people surfing in Kentucky


    Phoenix Reinle

    Hi XD

    Whatsername ღ

    Its terrible. I'm crying over here.

    Phoenix Reinle

    I know, I know. My ears have been destroyed too


    the video is about people being homesick you dumbfuck.

    McDizzle !

    The don't look homesick you dumbfuck

  30. Thomas K.

    Greetings to Lars Ulrich, theredore! ..

  31. tinho joe

    the best

  32. ana celina morales pagaza

    Like!!!!!! :)

  33. Jaden Miller

    Looks like this video should be for "Amy" instead of this song

  34. Marcos Moreno

    God Bless America ......

  35. youteub

    Kocham ten numer. Ale montaż gorzej niż chujowy.

  36. Federico Alinovi

    Yeah, Kentucky is world known for surf beaches... And Cal for the country and horses. Is it actually her surfing ? Maybe they just wanted to show off how good they are at that.

  37. Cas Avenue

    This is the weirdest music video i ever watch, nothing felt like Kentucky,


    i think they are supposed to be homesick.

    McDizzle !

    They don't look homesick to me

  38. Rebecca Sample

    I miss Green Day

    Kessler Creations

    Bet you're excited now

    Rebecca Sample

    I was supposed to fucking see the Toronto concert....... It got cancelled...... >__<

  39. dorothy Nunez

    oh, Billie <3

  40. Gary Stamey

    Praise the Everly Bros!  Thanks

  41. Alan Hicks

    I don't see what the big deal is. Those are obviously waves created by the pontoon boats on Dewey Lake.

  42. JaneJeffer

    A beautiful pairing.....

  43. ipone87 Bane

    Uhhh Surfing.... my life wish...

  44. AM JM

    awesome video

  45. J Sumarlin

    romantic ever..

  46. Avery Field

    If you look closely, you can see that this video was not filmed in Kentucky.

    Caleb Boswell

    Oh. My. God. People! We've made a breakthrough! This ISNT filmed in Kentucky. So where is it in then?

  47. Dowwinds

    Billie Joe us one of the most versatile artists out there right now.

    Cooper Spence

    Punk rock to country. Man what a range.

  48. Rafael De La Vega

    Kentucky there are no beaches in Kentucky.

    Iowa Chapman

    Well this to me shows another side of billy Joe, and how he can sing different styles, I was actually pretty surprised when I heard this was him

    danny murillo stan


    Iowa Chapman

    @Blurryfaceisnotonfire doh yeah hand to forehead 😀

    Fa Dunk

    Allez pas croire que le Kentucky c'est aussi beau que sur la vidéo hehehe


    There's evil turtles and guys with squirrel pelts on their heads though.

  49. Angeline Collighan

    Billie joe can sing absolutely anything, love it!!!!

  50. Edwin solis torres

    Kentucky tiene playas??'

  51. Kathy Gibson


  52. Geisielle Cardoso

    que lindo :'(

  53. lolaopopa

    I really love this song, and after watching this beautiful and evocative video, I love it even more. Billie Joe's and Norah's voices sound incredible together!

  54. Elisa

    His voice is utter heaven


    Ya, her's, too!

  55. Johnny Garrett Sawyer

    I dont get it?

    Gokilat Driver

    you can it

  56. Sydney Arrowood

    They forgot to mention Daniel Boone, horses, and fried chicken. Those are kind of major things here.

    Jacob Dexter

    Actually it's more accurately bourbon, basketball, and then horses.

  57. mghill01

    Great song....but what does the video have to do with Kentucky?

  58. dar2boy

    Billie Joe sounds kind of like Buddy Holly in this...

  59. Jarrett H

    Woo Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Kim Feil

    we would appreciate it if you could #fracking  do something to stop fracking...your fans are dying  RIP Christian Ibarra

  61. Kim

    Can't believe it. He can sing all kind of music very well. Talented <3 love his voice

  62. Jesse Samuel Anderson

    ? we don't have surfing in ky? lol

  63. Papayou

    And Green Day?

  64. ross black

    Me: a billie
    billie: yes
    me: what the fuck are you doing?


    being a versatile artist. and making it work

    L K

    ross black ross black doing what he wants, exploring genres he loves, taking risks, taking chances, trying new things and doing a damn good job of it

  65. Syphon Filter

    It would've been better had Billie all of a sudden had to fight and overcome a monstrous it.  I can see that in Ky.  Not surfin.  

  66. Patrick Sullivan

    Awesome. I love how the video makes Colin seem calm. :-p

  67. Jimmy KEL

    This is paradise

  68. Shivers InTheDark314

    Song's ok. Vid sucks so bad it ain't funny, KY is my home state, and images from it would be far more beautiful than this non stop repetitive wave action. Waves.... wtf?

  69. Dan Jones

    I'm from Kentucky and pretty sure there is no body of water with waves. WTF? They could have done so much with Bluegrass, mountains, rivers...etc. Why this? 

  70. daniel James

    soooo.... why not film it in fuckin kentucky??? ain't no surfing here, lol

  71. max willaim

    Billie You are the most talented musician of all times .Billie you are the best Wat ever u do u will be the best no matter what your band"Green Day''  will be the greates rock band in the world.

  72. Cat R

    To all of those questioning the video of the song, heres a link to a slideshow where they describe what they were doing. Thumbs up this so it stays at the top and people see it and quit asking annoying questions...


    That still doesn't make sense. "I've never been to Kentucky - it just reminded me of the ocean." That right there says how stupid of an idea it is. Just because it "made sense" to do it in California to one person (a few people? Doesn't even say who's talking) doesn't mean it makes sense to literally anybody else. There was no reasoning there other than it "felt right" to the people they asked to make the video. Good for them but it doesn't feel right to anybody else. It's not a bad video, but it's an awful video for THIS song.

  73. Sergei Katarzhevsky

    Nice video and music!!! :)

  74. Leigh Calvert

    since they did a song about kentucky shouldn't they have showed some of kentucky instead of california...just sayin'

  75. bruiser

    Check out the original by The Blue Sky Boys. It's on youtube.

  76. Bside Archive

    I live in Kentucky and was excited to see two musicians I love sing about it and hopefully see some clips of our state. This is not Kentucky. I mean, I'm not prideful about my state but this is kind of silly. And a letdown. Great song though! But whoever made this video has either never seen a map or thought everyone from Kentucky was too 1800's to use a computer to find this.

  77. Amanda Lester

    Ummm Did they not realize Kentucky is landlocked?

  78. mitchman709

    I wasn't a fan when I first heard this album but it really grew on me fast!

  79. alberto violero


  80. Tihomir Stanic


  81. Марат Ашуров

    Good to relax...!!!

  82. Rosane Moreira


  83. raudonasaule

    Amazing, such velvet voice of Norah

  84. Karleen Tyksinski

    The song is beautiful.  The scenes are beautiful.  But I don't get why they are together on this video.  An equally beautiful video could have been shot in the amazing state of Kentucky, where there are mountains, lakes, rivers, sweet little towns and more.  That's what the composer, Karl Davis, wrote about.

  85. caddyman7725

    I don't know everything about the great state of Kentucky, but I had no idea they had a beach.....and an

  86. Ed Wiser

    This is a song about Kentucky not surfing. I very bad video. The footage has nothing to do with the song at all.

  87. Thomas Wright

    Guess they didn't realize that Kentucky doesn't have surfing.  Stupid video!

  88. Russell Tayler

    Nora Jones has a cute Butt

    Cat R

    That's not Nora in the video...

  89. Audrey Harris-Culver

    Because nothing says Kentucky like surfing.   ??

  90. Omar Garibay

    Nice, but on this, Billie Joe Armstrong is not suitable in this Genre

    Generic Name

    I completely disagree.

    Daniella Karan

    Generic Name me either

    L K

    Omar Garibay he's perfect. He does an amazing job

  91. yann navarhos

    Relaxing moment

  92. Denver Miner

    Does anyone else notice that tre's daughter Ramona is in this 😱😱😱😱

  93. Denise Magalhaes

    Although the song takes us to another spot, it is nice.

  94. Sharon Ann

    I love this song....I love Norah Jones....My mom is from KY and I spent a lot a time there growing up.  The video and song don't fit.  Missed it on this one....

  95. edicleia nunes


  96. Vale Smith

    Wowgreat song !!!