Jones, Mike - Flossin' Lyrics

Mike Jones, Jones
Mike Jones, Jones

[Hook - 2x Big Moe]
I stay flossing in that candy paint
Blowin dank
Sippin drank on 84 swangers
Tearin up the lane, tearin up the laaaaaaaane

[Verse 1: Mike Jones]
Lil daddy you can tell I'm ballin
From the way I'm flossin 84s I am crawlin
Screens fallin as I slide up and down your block
With a chain full of rocks and princess cuts in my watch
Mike Jones
I'm hot now a lot of people callin
But back then they left Mike Jones crawlin
I'm rising they fallin
Cuz I stayed up on my grind
Didn't have time to whine
Had to put it dine (down)
I'm Mike Jones
Who...Mike Jones
Who...Mike Jones, Jones
And I'm a stay putting it down until the end
Pimpin pens
Tryin to put a brand new benz in the wind

[Hook - 2x]

[Verse 2: Mike Jones]
I pull up in a drop top holding grain
Parking lot pimpin mayne
I ain't even trippin mayne
Screens rain as I slide up and down the block
Ride daily holding glock
Cuz I know haters plot
You might see me SUV on 24s
Or I might be flippin tippin on four vogues
Mike Jones
A lot people now mad cuz I'm hot
But they gone be even madder when that jag leave the lot
I stay grindin so I can stay ballin
Cuz Lord knows I can't picture me fallin
I'm crawlin
Candy paint on fours
Doggin all these hos
You handlin the road in my wide body load
I'm a baller shot caller 20 inch crawler
Catch me on the highway or about to tear the mall up
My album Who is Mike Jones comin soon
My album Who is Mike Jones comin soon

[Hook - 2x]

[Verse 3: Big Moe + Mike Jones]
I'm pimpin flippin that candy paint
Lane switchin sippin that purple drank
Screen fallin dubs crawlin
I guess that's why the girls keep callin
My phone
I roam and hop in my maybach

[Mike Jones]
Haters knock cuz we on the grind and they not
Big Moe and Mike Jones
Who..Mike Jones
Who..Mike Jones
Who..Mike Jones Jones

[Big Moe]
Swisha House and the Wreckshop
Big Moe and Mike Jones finna wreck shop

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Jones, Mike Flossin' Comments
  1. Kenneth J.


  2. E Babe

    “ Tearing up the laaaaaaaane “

  3. Jacob Everett

    How many people actually floss now? 😆

  4. Amazing Amy

    Lol stalking bitch would take pictures of me sleeping

  5. Troll Man

    I’m not gon lie I got here from SOB-Ballin but aye I fuck with this too tho haha all love babyyy 💪🏽🙏🏽

  6. Bill Sherrill

    Dude made mad money yelling his name and repeating him self lol.

  7. Swolace Ferrari

    Who Gona be here in 2020! 💪🏾 @swolachee CSWOL

  8. Big Jefe

    Who still here 2019 I stay flossing I’m that candy paint smoking that purple dank it’s gotta be purp

  9. Linea Neumann

    Remember this shit when I was just a little boy begging my grandma to buy this album for me. And she did thanks grandma Rip lady! I was one of the only white boys on my block in Winder Ga Place was Nicknamed cracktown! Rough neighborhood.

    Linea Neumann

    Ironic how the last song on the album is to Mike Jones grandma

  10. C K

    This song will be playing till I die. Real talk Waianae Hawai’i.

  11. CrisBeauty YaGirl

    Still The Slappa Yeeeee

  12. BillyHollisterVEVO

    Htown 💯

  13. CHI_COWBOY - Brawl Stars


  14. Ethan Torres

    This is childhood right here

  15. Joshua Manzanares

    Reminds me of my time of high school good time's

  16. Jonathan Amaro

    Stay flossin.. holdin tight holdin it down

  17. johnnie hornedeagle

    2019 🔥🔥

  18. MrMikeyflash93

    iiiiiiiiii stay flossin in 2019

  19. TheMrdenton


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    NOBODY will stop the war.
    NOBODY will fix the system.
    NOBODY is the perfect politician.

    Law Without Government

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    Rip big moe

  21. Is that you R.I.P. KING JACKA

    Still here

  22. Estabian Smith

    This shit still Wang hard

  23. Emma Tulimaiau

    Holy shxt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. angel metuatini

    Gon be bumpin in 2020 😍 Mike Jones, who? Mike Jones 😍 ay ay ayyy

  25. Some Dude

    Greatest hook in life! Don’t debate me 😡🚫 lol #bigMoKilledIt

  26. Tequana Love

    2019- And Still Gone Listen To This Bitch!!

  27. Chad Marbles

    This song never old in 2019

  28. Franky Conti

    Still blasting this platinum sound ! Rest easy Moe.

  29. Dreadheaddre Vape box

    This was my shit in 9th grade lol

  30. Quinton Haygood AKA THE REAL DRIZZY DRAKE

    Did I go off I'm from the Midwest and I make all Mike Jones music

  31. Mari Aly

    I was in 8th grade when this came out. Dangggg time flies by.

  32. Josh Davis

    Really good song👍

  33. Ja'quavious Moor

    I keep dreaming of Buying that dream Car and bumpin thia the first time I ride out the dealership!!

  34. James Badger

    My shit Lord how Miss my good days

  35. Chavon&Queen SECRETWorld

    This bihh too 🔥🔥🔥 ... TAKIN ME WAY BACK

  36. YounGBkoss SoEco C.E.O


  37. Johnny Francois

    Im sorry but this was my favorite song on the album 🔥🔥🔥

  38. HIPN0T1ZE

    This was my shower jam on a crappy blue boombox that had a dent on the side from when I dropped it during middle chool days.

  39. CRYSTYLE 912

    Him n gucci sound similar on this one

  40. ThatAznJay

    song still hit 🥵

  41. TownBizz510

    Fuck Mike Jones verse foward it to Big Moe ugk should been on this

  42. bignutts period

    Wss a kid ween hit

  43. HashMagician

    memories mane

  44. Shay Holley


  45. Adiel Laugunas Josey

    2019 🤯🤯🤯

  46. Jeremy Montemayor

    Still bangin 🏁

  47. Jason DeFalco

    Love it


    Can’t believe he’s a crack head now :/

  49. Underivable

    Damn.. I use to listen to this while playing Modern Warfare 2, the memories are strong

  50. Langdon Brown

    2019... still jammin

  51. Jackie's world

    Here because of chamar more intro

  52. kelli davis

    at this shit bump

  53. Carl Davis Jr

    Who here because of sauce walka??

  54. bbking778

    Still bumping in 2019

  55. Midwest Down South

    Just figured out he sampled this from Glenn Jones we've only just begun

  56. Midwest Down South

    Something about them keys that have me mesmerized I love the piano and the extras in the beat sealed the deal

  57. Baron.JazOn. LocklAir

    Another one in the pathfinder.

  58. Many Grams 420

    Who? Who? Who?


    This shit still slap dem 85 south show boyz got me thinkin bout mike jones who mike jones 🤑 best songs and this is one 🥇

  60. Koopa Kiyoshi

    Yo, somebody call that number he used to give out & see if he still picks up

  61. Telly Daughtry

    Cookout music

  62. Tee Waters MCA

    realest song ever!!!!!

  63. Joe Sellers

    I like how SOB stole this beat and didn’t shout out mike jones and I was unaware of this song until now

  64. jaime morales

    Bumping this shit in my ride in 2019 and 2020

  65. Robby Goring

    Aug 6,2008 Aug 15,2019🔥

  66. laquante moore

    If you ain't grow up in the deep dirty south with no interstate you wouldn't understand Mike Jones music


    Lord i love me some MIKE JONES he was it in the summer riding in the hood

  68. CantBuy Love420

    My girlfriends been singing this nonstop for months

  69. JC JR

    Like if you hear that amazing instrumentation and chord progressions from 1:58-2:18.

    Our genius will be recognized.

    Chris Mendiola

    i heard it as i read your comment. so smooth 👌🏼

  70. Pth Htp Sekhet Htp

    Still flossing in 2019 Baton Rouge D.G.Z

  71. Harrold Daniels

    Yes sir boy it dont get no better dan this

  72. Melanie brown

    Omg I’m so glad this song just popped up in my head lmao this was a fucking cut

  73. Craig Davis

    True Hip Hop For Life Man.

  74. Craig Davis


  75. Craig Davis


  76. Famous Lil Sam Queeen

    R.I.P Big Moe 😥

  77. Eric Hill

    Mike Jones a legend off 1 hit album wonder lol! Still bumping in 2019 and will be in 2020 too.

  78. Giotine

    How did they know about fortnite back then?

  79. Many Grams 420

    84”s im crawlin

  80. David Weldon Hall II

    2019 in my living room stereo

  81. Anna Eller

    Still bumping it 2019 😎

  82. Julian Tenorio

    29 years old and stay bangin this shit daily.

  83. Keri lei

    Still loving this jam! 😍😍😍

  84. Issa Glitch

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  87. Many Grams 420

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  88. nickbagelboy

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  89. Adam McMillin

    Still sippin that purple drank in 2019 whos with me?

  90. Kc Clemons

    Maaannn this shit slap

  91. Randy Suaava

    Wrist game stupid bad bitches i be cupid, in a foolish way real nigga all day, them niggas cant floss tell em sign up, its easty gettin hood rich puttin shootas in designer...So!

  92. Dayshawn Nolan

    This jawn still crank

  93. Eva Aragon

    Just floss n chill..

  94. Matt Richardson

    Who sings this song?

  95. Tanika Long