Jones, Mike - Dynasty Lyrics

I'ma, go getter, cash flow flipper
Straight from the jungle so call me a gorilla
I got cash but I stay grindin' for more figures
For the scrilla I'll move a brick quicker then the next nigga
I got bling all up in my teeth (Mike Jones!)
I run the game so I'm the king of the streets
Niggaz showed beef cuz I'm on top
before the fame they ain't care if I was dead or not
But now I'm hot they wanna baller block, scheme and plot
Tryna do whatever it takes to take me out
I wonder why cuz I'm on top of the game and mad at that
Once I blow yo career you can have it back
But until then I'm flippin' 'fins stackin' benjamin's
Tryna get me and my family in a benz
So I grind, hopin' one day I'll shine
Leavin' haters behind, so if you wanna shine
You better wait in line
Platinum Underground, November 18th
When it hit the stores, November 18th
That's my birthday, that's my b-day
You think I'm cold as fuck, check out my DJ
'5000' Watts, you know we on top 'finna wreckshop
Yeah, Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones, yeah!

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Jones, Mike Dynasty Comments
  1. Amanda Gabrielle

    Man he's the best <3

  2. Sonya norman

    Love you guys, what are the name of the glasses you wore in ant man

  3. C. VMLMT

    I’ve been a fan since he was on Streets of SF………he’s still hotter than July. What a beautiful family!

  4. Samantha Schilling

    I thought they were getting divorced over the HPV virus oral sex link to his throat cancer? Catherine was furious with him over that statement. Obviously, she's forgiven him.

  5. Mary Brock

    His daughter is the only granddaughter for his dad Kirk Douglas

  6. Fabiola Alba

    Beautiful family. I love Kirk and his old classic movies and Michael too.

  7. Derek Parise

    Jaysus. Time has not been kind to Paul Riser.
    This looks like an entertaining, well written, acted show.

    Deena Still

    Wait until you're old

  8. Lauren Hall

    Kathleen Turner looks so unrecognizable now. I had to look at her eyes again. Aging sucks, but I'm so glad they are doing it gracefully.

  9. mamma Bear

    What a great human being💚

  10. Paris Dupree

    Oops he goofed! His oldest is not 19. His oldest is 40! Both of his younger kids look their mother.

  11. Giselle Gonzalez

    They are a strong couple, he needs that I’m sure she’s no joke. He looks so much like his Dad. Great actor looking forward to the new season.

  12. Lisa Herrera

    Cameron looks like his father Michael and Michael looks like his father Kirk. All of them are so very very very handsome.

  13. sij 80

    I bet his daughter is gonna call him after this interview to complain😂😂. Parents you gotta love them. Man it’s crazy how actors touch our lives. Movies in general. I mean my childhood goes hand in hand with the movies I was watching at the time. I mean this guy offered so much to me growing up and he doesn’t even know me. The arts are just as valid and invaluable as medicine or any profession.

  14. Antuan 31

    His daughter is beautiful!!😃 like mom 🤣

  15. Sharon Bowers

    I love this guy. He is so honest. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 😃

  16. Theresa Downs

    Sounds drunk 🥴

    Paris Dupree

    He had cancer of the throat!!!

    Theresa Downs

    Paris Dupree yeah I remember years ago and he’s done several movies since then and is currently in a series. Doesn’t sound like that on those 🤔


    He had tongue cancer, which may explain his different speech. :)

  17. Ann Moore

    No more face work Michael! 🤔

    Vaughn Greenlee

    Face work??? They did a bad job if he had work done! You are full of shit!

  18. Janice Longthorn

    Lovely micheal x

  19. Joji T

    I like Michael Douglas too. We have the same birthday and his wife too.

    Dogsense Foru

    Many of my gr8 friends are born on/around 24/25 Sept... Then I realised that date is exactly 9 months after Xmas... When many young marrieds have a few days holiday...

  20. Charlotte Vale

    He sure did not age as well as Dad.

    Vaughn Greenlee

    He fought throat cancer. That will age you...

    bubu joo Estes

    Jane Eyre He is more handsome than dad.Cameron looks just like him.

  21. Ana Maria C. Coutinho

    Love Michael😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  22. april68

    he wants her to be famous.... obviously


    april68 no he doesn’t


    @amcra1 lol... his life was much easier because his father was famous... that made him famous... same goes for his kids. What a silly comment

    Charlotte Vale

    april68 yes 🥴🥴

    Charlotte Vale

    april68 Not really

  23. nealanilove life

    Grandfather is talking about her " daughter" I would never go to bed with this old fuck.

  24. lisa tales

    I love so the show great and fun

  25. Sally Fisher

    I just love Michael Douglas, not as much as I did his Father . I have so much admiration for both of them, his dad was my idol. The first time I saw Michael I didn’t know who he was and I said to my family , I have to find out his name because if he isn’t Kirk Douglas’s son, I will eat my hat. He was his Fathers double in looks and ways. I knew before I found out his name exactly who he was. They both liked the women too. I have read most of his Dads books and I was a bit shocked shall we say, but it hasn’t changed what I think of him. His Dad is one of the Hollywood greats, a wonderful actor.

  26. moon Lite

    I just love Micheal Douglas, there will never be another.

    Ken Murphy

    Yea ... right. You "just love" a backstabber. A "traitor" to his country, his kids, his wife, and his ... "so called fans" !!

    Ken Murphy

    I sure hope that you're right. The LAST thing we need is another Benedict Arnold !!

    Helen Mavronichi

    @Ken Murphy Traitor as in how? Not being sarcastic, just interested in knowing your point of view

  27. Marcia De Verteuil

    I love the show Michael

  28. Lesley Hubble

    His children look like there mum

    Peggy Sullivan

    Lesley Hubble thank God

    Lesley Hubble

    Peggy Sullivan 😂

    Andrea Puri

    Lesley Hubble -* their

    Peggy Sullivan

    Andrea Puri oops yes of course my bad thank you grammar Nazi how on the world shall I go on ?

    Andrea Puri

    Peggy Sullivan -😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Sevgi's Tarot house

    Great actor 🌝

  30. TheSunshinefee

    He is a sexual predator and feels entitled to have access to beautiful women.
    A few years back, he was going to India and was adamant on meeting the beautiful actress and model Aishwarya Rai Bachan. He hadn't set up a meeting with her staff but he said in the interview that he was going to stand outside their home and demand to be let in. He even said, I even am going to climb over their gate, what can they do? I assume they don't have bodyguards and security there. That arrogant attitude of 'I am a white man and if I want to have access to you, you have to bow down, especially if you are a brown woman'
    If he can openly state this, I wonder how many women he assaulted in the past. HE did the same to his current wife. He harassed her till she gave in.

    Shirley ONeill

    CarrieIngrid Cahill p

    Vaughn Greenlee

    Typical VICTIM talking about the "white man" having so much more power than you... You think Catherine just "gave in?" And she continued to "give in" all these years later? You are some sort of stupid, aren't you??

    Victoria Kiska

    Speak about yourself,first.
    Nobody cares to know about you.
    You just jelous of Michael!😊


    this has NOTHING to do with a man's skin color and by the way, in case you didn't know, there is racial discrimination in India. African people are especially affected by racism in India, denied living accommodations and even attacked and killed...

    Majbritt castrup Jørgensen

    Where did you get that from? I have searched high and low on the internet and found nothing, absolutely nothing!! Could you provide a link or how do you know this? It is not okay slreading lies about other people, famous or not!

  31. Paivi Project

    That's awesome 💗💗💗 very beautiful family

  32. Royal Africa

    he looks great

  33. Ylva Bjarnson

    The secrets that he's an older man, way older. When he was younger he slept around with anything and everything

    Vaughn Greenlee

    "Access?" The women consented, you know! Unless you are accusing him of rape? You people are sick! Yes, a man as attractive as Michael Douglas will have an easier time finding women but it's not "access!"

    Am rose

    Hopefully the kids do not make the same mistakes as he did.look at his elder son who is a drug mess because his dad pretty much neglected him growing up too busy skirt chasing on his mom.

    Linda Burchell

    Some men are this way.

    Eileen Chambers

    And your point is

    C. VMLMT

    He had (and has) an extraordinary life………… who wouldn’t enjoy the succulent fruits when the universe provides? Why do you sound like such a sourpuss⁉️ Judgement Of others is usually about ourselves.

  34. Lex

    Vancouver Grizzlies!

  35. Anita J in FLA

    Beautiful family...