Jones, Howard - New Song Lyrics

I've been waiting for so long
To come here now and sing this song
Don't be fooled by what you see
Don't be fooled by what you hear

This is a song to all of my friends
They take the challenge to their hearts
Challenging preconceived ideas
Saying goodbye to long standing fears

Don't crack up
Bend your brain
See both sides
Throw off your mental chains

I don't wanna be hip and cool
I don't wanna play by the rules
Not under the thumb of the cynical few
Or laden down by the doom crew

Don't crack up
Bend your brain
See both sides
Throw off your mental chains

Don't crack up
Bend your brain
See both sides
Throw off your mental chains

I've been waiting for so long
To come here now and sing this song
Don't be fooled by what you see
Don't be fooled by what you hear

This is a song to all of my friends
They take the challenge to their hearts
Challenging preconceived ideas
Saying goodbye to long standing fears

Don't crack up
Bend your brain
See both sides
Throw off your mental chains

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Jones, Howard New Song Comments
  1. 3529 chibitaroh


  2. starman700

    Im here from 1983!

  3. CJ Henry

    Feels like I'm in a Saturday cartoon

  4. Mark Zane

    Aah... the 80's 🤗

    Robbie Landrey

    They were all that

    Mark Zane

    @Robbie Landrey I know bro...

  5. Houston's mccaine

    Holborn station in London UK great city.

  6. Martin Carlos

    The 80s, the last decade of great as western identifiable culture. It went rapidly downhill from the 90s on.

  7. chivers67

    I was an Apprentice for BT in 1983 when this came out, banging out on the Radio in a van first thing in the morning on a cold Autumnal day. Great time to be young the 80's no mobile phones or internet. Things that both bring people closer together but further apart in an oxymoron kind of way.

  8. Alex J. Campbell

    Wasn't the the mime's name Jeremiah or something?

  9. WightMan

    Whilst I consider myself lucky to have grown up in the 80s, looking back, I now realise that the way we treated mime artists was appalling :(

  10. chilled99

    This song made me happy as a little kid

  11. Toastrodamus

    This guy had the best hair. It's really monumental

  12. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy howard jones

  13. Mosa Fayomi

    مطرب قوي

  14. awolpw70

    Listening and watching this December 2019 and as along as there is life in my body I will be many years from now.

  15. Frank Montoya

    There was a British-made documentary, Synth-Britannica, where they analyzed their top ten great synthesizer-music innovators in the 80''s pop scene. The top pics where 1. Pet Shop Boys, 2. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark and 3rd, Erasure. Very keen top picks, I was shocked how the totally trashed Howard Jones, claiming it was all musical fluff. It was so bitter. But, the guy was a GREAT songwriter.

  16. Toni Meter

    I hate the fact I was born in 1992.

  17. Richard Oki

    The world is a better place because of HoJo

  18. Marcus Keulertz

    Another synth pop gem

  19. Red Shed Alba

    Loved it first time around ! Dec 2019 baby 🙌🏽🎼🔥🥰

  20. Mattie Ducey

    Seen howard last nite in killarney co kerry absolutely brilliant💯

  21. mdkilner - OFFICIAL

    It's the Psycho from Borderlands! :O

  22. Timothy Maynard

    Who's not following the rules in late 2019?

  23. Sean Smith

    Climbing up on Salisbury Hill...

  24. Johnny Salazar

    Lindo recuerdo cuando baila en las fiestas de promoción de los colegios

  25. Victor Hugo Pompilla Aymitoma


  26. its coconutsaregood

    pins and needles again great!

  27. Gr8zenzilla

    A kinder, gentler Pied Piper 😘

  28. Cunni Suzuki

    I'm a big fan.

  29. cuky23

    i heard this sang by people taking part in toxteth day of dead 2019, big smiles ;)

  30. Robbie Landrey

    My favorite part of the song is 1:43
    I just love synthesizers

  31. Robbie Landrey

    Did anybody ever call Howard Jones Ho-Jo?
    My Dad says that was his nickname

  32. alejandritoyou

    Very good

  33. Paul Buswell

    Where the hell did the years go?!

  34. J Kindness

    Új Dal

  35. Luigi

    1983: i was 11 years old and i still remember it, what synth did he used in this song? Jupiter 8?

  36. Crazcompart

    I remember this getting beat to death on the radio then, and I had no idea it was HoJo until I heard the later, "Things Can Only Get Better"...

  37. The Depths Webcomic

    FINALLY tracked this song down! It was driving me crazy, all I could remember was "bend", "break" and oohoohoo! Thanks, Google Song search. *^^*

  38. sarah jayne lee

    Happy times x

  39. Falco Zeta

    I'm born 1987, but this song is supreme!

  40. Gunzee

    Want a time warp? Get on the tube, it's really amazing how little some lines have changed. The Piccadilly still uses '76 metro camels! Yes the same as shown in this video. Although London Blackfriars station has changed significantly. Holborn however looks nearly identical, platform and stair levels.

  41. Roberto Ferrigato

    The end of this video song it's so sad.....

  42. Stephen B

    I miss the early 80s British Invasion Haircut 100, Yaz, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and more

  43. Darren Francis

    Never noticed that it’s a bit of a Solsbury Hill rip-off before

  44. Luciana Souza

    muito nice cara

  45. david manning

    One of the greatest songs ever....imho

  46. Ivan Garcia

    No tenia idea que esta. Canción la cantaba homard jones buena música

  47. noeldc

    Sing along with me now, with young, immature 80s ears: "Out the window, foo so low"

  48. Giovanni Malagrinó

    Its magic sound years '80

  49. James Doyle

    The teacher even liked it!

  50. Tony Wijaya

    It is Ost. Supergirl

  51. Ronnie Carne

    Love this Choon 🎷🎸🎹🥁🎙🎧🔊

  52. John DaArtist

    That mime did unspeakable things with chains in this video.

  53. Stephen Welford

    Brilliant tune.

  54. Alexander Salinas

    OMG I found it!!!

  55. derek mattingly

    what happened to good songs?

    derek mattingly

    Why the hell is it we can't anybody get along anymore pissing me off I'm about ready to go to God right now

  56. Emily Euphoria

    One of my professors is obsessed with the 80’s and plays an 80’s song during the class break and has us guess, haha. Never heard this song till now. Shout-out to Mr. Madsen!

  57. Edna Sprung

    Beautiful, sweet stuff! This is Truth!

  58. Gary Mazin

    Remember hearing HOWARD JONES in SUPERGIRL.

  59. derek mattingly

    2019 man

  60. Troll Cast

    I time travelled here from 1983 now I want to go back...

  61. o Mcginty

    You signed human lib album for me in Virgin record store glasgow I was tongue tied lol I'm Elaine anything you need just ask

  62. Jessî Toro Troncoso*

    80 = Nostalgy and Magic ❤💙 Listening in 2019

  63. o Mcginty

    Saw you 6 times many moons ago 😀

  64. Diego Orlando Silva

    Every fucking day I work listening classic rock. I love this one . Tnx a lot for brightening my life howard Jones 🎸

  65. rob yohn

    Mtv was the best from 1981 to 90. I watched the first video in 81 and it was cool. The 80s was an exciting decade because of MTV! I want my MTV!

  66. bkay77584

    Released 9/17/83.

    Listening on 9/17/19.

    36 years???!!!!

  67. Tyler

    Jake Paul

  68. Synth pest

    I still don't get the Gimp following H about though☹️

  69. x Miller

    The girl on the pickle canning line, at 41 seconds, is such a cutie.

  70. Troll Face

    erm.... This is actually an old song.

  71. José Eduardo Rojas Silva Linares


  72. Upa Love

    Vacano el final super triste se van todos

  73. D A

    Great music
    Horrendous fashion

  74. S17 B

    Papa Lazarou in an early starring role

  75. Gan RnK

    this is a song to all my friends... dont be fooled be what you hear! The 80s is still the best years! :)

  76. Twiglet

    That synth solo is divine

  77. Lori Gonzalez

    Ahhhhh i miss the 80s😍😍😍😍

  78. Elaboratory

    Not the video images I expected for the lyrics. I never anticipated the demonstration of walking off the worker's assembly line, pushing people around who remain in a que while you brush past them, stealing window washer's scrub buckets, or promotion of mass truancy. Playing keyboard on the subway was an uplifting moment.

  79. Curtis Thomas

    The "second British invasion" was great for the decade, British bands poured out of garages,cities, clubs, art school bringing back soul, Motown, r&b and introducing reggae, ska, dub, Irish and Scottish influences, mixing it up with synthpop, new wave, postpunk, pop, attitude, cool, accents, style helping make the 80's the most musically widely varied decade. Thanks guys!

  80. Aty M

    Como no llorar de alegría escuchar a Howard Jones me da sentido. La vida Te amo!!! Mi música favorita

  81. svagrod

    Why did the 80's have to end


    You are a great musician, Howard.

    Seriously. 😘

  83. Michael David Curley

    Woke up with this in my head - lyrics are great!

  84. stoopidmonkeyful

    Howard rocks!

  85. ziracorn1

    And do not forget, he played his keyboards/synths LIVE!

  86. Jimmy Ttito Yauri

    Un clásico que nunca caerá mal en cualquier momento del día .

  87. richard whelan

    2019 and still relevant..

  88. Alan Hartley

    No wonder British industry went to cock in the eighties with this cunt dragging everyone away.

  89. Rumpled Foreskin

    That Rolls Royce's tax was due in 2003....scrapped

  90. bouncersue

    he is a class act x

  91. Farah S.Ali

    Loved this song was looking for this video. Happy days.😁

  92. Daniel Cutting

    Well Howard, This is a truly memorable melody that has been with me since I was a kid. What else can I say? Positive messages all the way with keyboards and percussion and interpretive art.

  93. Yvon Baron

    My world came crashing down when my dad died in 82, I was only 15 yrs old, the worst time for a young man growing up... but when this song came out it put a little joy and pep back into me, and still does.. when I get to a low point it pops back in my head and after listening to it for a while it changes my mind set... even tho I'm really into old rock and roll then the pop songs of that time , I'm grateful that this one came out and to Howard cause it shure helped me and still does

  94. kkkjk 6o8ho7y

    Everytime I hear-listen 2 New Song by HOWARD JONES cool 🌬 chills vibe thru me everytime Deja Vu flashback 1983-84 BEST forever. ⚡🎼🔦💯

  95. shaun lee

    Loves cock this fella


    he'd like yours I presume...

  96. Daniel Bujas

    I want to do the same in my workplace, take Audi of my boss and drive with all the girls who work with me...

  97. FMHammyJ

    1983....I suffered a year long bout of deep depression....with time and lifted...I have to say this song helped me a lot, and I was able to "throw off my mental chains"....I will be forever indebted to Mr. Jones for this song....

    Yvon Baron

    My dad died in 82, I was only 15 yrs old ,my world had crumbled around me .. when I first heard this song it put a little joy and pep back into my life, and it still does when I get to a low point, it pops back into my head.. I'm grateful that it came out when it did, it shure helped me