Jones, Grace - Pull Up To The Bumper Lyrics

Driving down those city streets
Waiting to get down
Won't you take your big machine
Somewhere in this town
Now in the parking lot garage
I found the proper place
Just follow all the written rules
You'll fit into the space

Pull up to my bumper baby
In your long black limousine
Pull up to my bumper baby
And drive it in between

Pull up, to it,
Don't drive, through it
Back it, up twice
Now that fits nice

Operate around the clock,
Slow it if you come in?
I've got lots of space for everyone
One for you my friend?
My lines are short I'll fix you up
So won't you please come on,
Shiny sleek machine you wheeled
I've got to blow your horn.

Pull up to my bumper baby
In your long black limousine,
Pull up to my bumper baby
And drive it in between.

Pull up to it, don't drive through it,
Back it, up twice, now that fits nice,
Grease it, spray it
Let me lubricate it

Pull up to my bumper baby

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Jones, Grace Pull Up To The Bumper Comments
  1. Dr. Jones

    I just discovered Grace Jones music and am blown away.

  2. Henry Cartier

    Didn't she play on Conan the barbarian movie with Arnold??

  3. kcufdam

    I also seen JAPAN twice

  4. kcufdam

    Gay scene 1980

  5. kcufdam

    Gay scene 1980.

  6. Carolina PFan

    The mixes off the deluxe edition of the Nightclubbin' CD are awesome

  7. Berry Barfield

    2/13/2020,I still do k to this,Much Love to you,Grace Jones,one of my favorites!!

  8. B Boy Reed

    i got a long brown limousine lol

  9. gee skin

    that bass line tho

  10. Hot80s

    Early 80s NYC when the world was your ashtray.

  11. Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia

    This song forever💙

  12. Eric Carraway

    Not only is she a performance artist that she is illegitimate singer. now with Lady Gaga who's spoken of in the same category,she's just a performance artist. no disrespect. But she didn't get her style from Madonna, she got it from Grace Jones and most definitely Dale Bozzio of the New Wave group Missing persons. For people who have no idea who those artists are, Lady Gaga is a totally original singer ,dancer performer ,who everyone should bow to

  13. Troy Arrington

    Grace can bring the funk!!!😊

  14. TheTiki1111

    This song is a LIFELONG JAM! And Grace, is an eternal GODDESS!!❤️

  15. Mauro Norman

    I love this temperamental Android called Grace

  16. ICUinthedark

    NO Autotune! All natural voice and talent....let this be a lesson to the kids today.

  17. contenderbp

    She takes no prisoners. In case you were wondering*

  18. contenderbp

    H E R ❤️

  19. Sharone Brown

    This is still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. fatwalletboy2

    Who just loves Graces shufflin' style dance move? Goes so well with the intro......

  21. Symphanii Aleksandra

    We Jamaicans love we Grace caw she ah ruffian! #Boomerang #LaVieEnRose

  22. chinwe mojike


  23. Charles BRadley

    Can I pull up in my white fiat uno?

    Charles BRadley

    It's the way I drive it.

  24. Gin Seng

    Gil Scott's bottle brought me here

  25. S Lee

    This is the first time I've heard her sing.

  26. ZéNo SaGaCiTé ! Bah-Ouais !

    2020 ! Bah-Ouais ! 😂😂😂😂

  27. mpar91

    STILL IN 2020; The TRU Queen of ALL Music with Lyrical Content! She deserves credit this world is to ignorant to Give nowdayz! "All Hail Ms. Grace Jones 👑🏆🌹#EightiesTiLLInfinity #CaliforniaLosAngelesLove4Grace

  28. Gary Augustus that Mike Morrison? Return of the Mack...?

  29. JustBeingHonest

    Boomerang with Eddie Murphy brought me here

  30. Katia Haalstrom

    I cannot believe, that anybody could give a thumbs down to this woman's musik. She, her unique style, voice & musik, only deserve a thumbs up. So cool you were & are, Ms Grace Jones. Tack for the awesome musik!

  31. chas geier

    grace!! yes so ahead of yo time so “Avante Gaurd” can’t think of ONE female or male performer today that comes close to her sheer stage presence, power, style, and of course gay men adored her gave her the initial platform to become the motha fuckin shit!!

  32. Eunice G

    Iconic Grace Jones

  33. carrroad

    First released from the album Nightclubing in 1981.

  34. Veronique Nordstrand

    " Pull up to the bumper baby " never gets old even in 2020

  35. Alexandre Cassimiro

    Essa é uma das grandes divas negras da música internacional!sempre fui fa de Grace jones talento puro artista super original e interssantissima

  36. Ken Corbin

    This song still jamming in 2020
    #PullUp #GraceJones 💯

  37. Al Mojica,Jr.

    Grace Jones. Fashion model, singer, actress...Amazing. amjmetaltomotown

  38. Chauntale Holloway

    Grace Jones and David Bowie would have done an amazing photoshoot together *imo

  39. Anton Boludo

    Product of a PUA Baby, Product of a PUA! ;-)

  40. Maria De Fatima Teixeira Fischer

    Grace vc é demais

  41. Hasna Ad

    She's a panther...elegant and powerful

  42. sissy p

    Who else is best of Grace Jones? SHE is the queen !

  43. Alexander Engler

    80's pur ;-) & cool

  44. Lateshia Childs

    She is a bad lady, one of my favorite. I recently purchased about 3 of her CDs on amazon.

  45. Funkmaster Red

    Still pulling up to the bumper in 2081

  46. jamesdavidkmoss

    She was New York back in the day

  47. Kurt Adams

    Classic FUNK

  48. Silverio Ford

    Original record is Martin Circus Disco Circus, teaching time....

  49. David Képesi

    Great song with great video.

  50. E Nicoll

    Oh Yeah!

  51. Al Reynolds


  52. Neil Martinez

    I'd like to see Janelle Monae cover this.

    Let me shit on you

    I am planning to get pregnant

  53. Mimi J

    Love it


    Love to see her Bumper 😂😂

  55. Paul B

    Viva Grace Jones..!❤️

  56. MYSTERY 7


  57. CoolCat

    Grace jones in todays world would have been a trans man lol .... society is weird like that

  58. Phil Jon

    Nana loved this song ❤️ 🎶🎵🚗🏍️🚘👱👵

  59. Justina Hamilton

    Strange (pronounced Strahn - jay) is in the house !! Get it Mother!!! Put some respek on Grace Jones name !

  60. Butterfly Gardens

    It ain't no mo Grace Jones being made. She's a fucking Goddess.. Rrrrrrrrrrrrespect

  61. George Schlaline

    There's a special place in Hell for Grace Jones

  62. SemolinaBee

    Innuendo so hot. Lost in music nowadays.

  63. Aaron Jones


  64. touraneindanke

    So young ♥️♥️
    And impressive

  65. Manuel Mateo

    Love this funk.


    She can pull up to my bumper lol

  67. Santana Hayes

    Still the baddest bitch... #Periodt

  68. Depresso Espresso, the theme song.

  69. preston and sylvarrance Young

    A man in make up drag marks everywhere

  70. Wile E Coyote

    Poor thing. R.I.P.

  71. Thomas Sperduti

    Grace Jones was and always will be The Shit baby.

  72. pumpkintubs

    kiss my ass jesus in my big black limousine xxx

  73. no worry gamers

    Is that the Russians gf from rocky

  74. Mail From Dre

    Grace Jones is still ahead of her time even in todays time! Timeless! Madonna was a pale imitation and Lady Gaga tried but neither one did it with Grace!!

  75. Fred Simmons

    Much Love To Grace Jones. She is like no other.

  76. Delane Campbell

    Lov my Grace she the frrrkknnn bomb.chhhuurrr

  77. werner hansen

    is she realy from earth? I dont think so ...

    RikeoVega Murphy

    Rather From OUR OWN FUTURE !?!?

  78. Wise Guy4U

    Female Terminator.


    Next? Nile Rodgers

  80. TheAnalPunisher

    The Ebony Diva <3

  81. lol omg

    Grace with the faded hair cut before it became popular in the streets . Lol

  82. Mr. Snow


  83. Joanne Young

    stunning in every way possible x

  84. Joy Madison

    Jamaican Queen👑

  85. Island Girl

    Sorry Everyone... Grace, in a league of her own.!!

  86. Jose Perez


  87. Bridgett Johnson

    Petra came out with this a remix....

  88. Sandra Fairchild

    I still love to jam to this one! She was such a pioneer!

  89. Courtney C.

    I’m 27, and I couldn’t believe I heard this was banned on the radio lmao it’s a jam lol ok grace lol

    Courtney C.

    ravenhill - slayer Myth † 1968 yeah my local station was playing it and literally went into a whole little rant how it was banned but people would always can in and request it lol

    ravenhill and the mystery cult of sagalia † 1968

    @Courtney C. oh right, never knew that lol, i like your look btw.

  90. shavedeyeball

    ' Pull up to the bumper baby, in your small white Austin mini '

  91. Troy Arrington

    Her music is,highly,underrated! The funk is undeniable!!

  92. Rogue1631

    I’m still entranced by grace even now at 55 .. what a goddess.

  93. Полвонова Санат

    Песни Грейса Джонса прикольные