Jones, Grace - Corporate Cannibal Lyrics

Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate
Your meat is sweet to me
Your destiny
Your fate

You're my life support, your life is my sport

I'm a man-eating machine [x2]

You won't hear me laughing, as I terminate your day
You can't trace my footsteps, as I walk the other way

I can't get enough prey, pray for me [x2]
(I'm a man-eating machine)
Corporate cannibal, digital criminal
Corporate cannibal, eat you like an animal

Employer of the year, grandmaster of fear
My blood flows satanical,
Mechanical, masonical and chemical
Habitual ritual

I'm a man-eating machine.. [x2]

I deal in the market, every man, woman and child is a target
A closet full of faceless nameless pay more for less emptiness

I'll make you scrounge, in my executive lounge
You pay less tax, but I'll gain more back

My rules, you fools

We can play the money game
Greedgame, power game, stay insane
Lost in the cell, in this hell
Slave to the rhythm of the corporate prison

I'm a man-eating machine…
I can't get enough prey
Pray for me
Corporate cannibal…
Digital criminal…

I'll consume my consumers, with no sense of humour
I'll give you a uniform, chloroform
Sanatize, homogenize, vaporize… you

I'm the spark, make the world explode
I'm a man-eating machine, I'll make the world explode
Corporate cannibal…

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Jones, Grace Corporate Cannibal Comments
  1. ALyricdotcom

    Only 141k views? For one of the most essential tracks of the decade?

  2. Diogenes Bueno

    assistindo em 2o19 e ainda acho esse clip a frente do seu tempo!...


  3. Veda Adara Nadleeh Bizaad

    masterpiece, I seen a drag queen perform this a few years ago, was soo amazing.

  4. Scott Mc Fadyen

    Brill tune

  5. IL62 M

    this song sums up everything happening today even the future

  6. Samus Kerrigan

    what planet was this sent from? lol jokes aside, I love her!

  7. StefWangPARIS

    Masterpiece here ! Both lyric and musicwise

  8. William Vinyard

    Yep manufactured microchips in plates of bone fractures. They like to hide. Technology inside. To kill all we need. Due to greed.

  9. weird monster

    I think this song speakso about alien cannibals,we are rhem food we are on their plate.on the video she is on alien ends in a scary way with her simulating a verse of someone eating in a creepy way.or am I wrong

  10. Matt McCarty

    Post-Cinematic Affect brought me here

  11. Brian King

    10 years later, & the essence of this song is still relevant--Grace always have been the High Priestess of Advanced Sonic Art....

  12. Francisco Urtubia Arancibia

    grace antropofágica

  13. Ziya Uysal

    Wow, bravely sang..

  14. Juan Carlos Peretz

    2:43 i think i see a xenomorph...... L.o.L

  15. miss Grace Jones

    Fucking LDS blocked the other upload

  16. ok ok

    That introduction got me

  17. cabes14

    Grace always ahead of its time

  18. astrophonix

    Probably the most underrated song ever, it deals with corporate greed, is effectively a protest song, and is brilliantly written, arranged, sung and produced.

  19. Snake 27

    nigga you kno whassup or dontchu

  20. tigerbambi

    Satanical bullshit! I used to like her when I didn't know what the music industry was all about. She really serves all satanic aspects. Look like an androgynous. The image of her it is disturbing but at the same time attractive to people who have depth.

  21. Sandra


  22. Truth Reveals

    Genius.....par exellence

  23. Isiah Cline

    WOW Grace. Just Wow

  24. ian sanderson

    She ain't 70

  25. L Rey

    Master piece

  26. Jimmy Rossy

    Me encanta esta canción y estudio Negocios Internacionales.

  27. 長井銀之介


  28. grace moukala

    I can see where snapchat filters come from

  29. Joe dirt

    Wtf is s]this shit

  30. Warhog Z5

    This is on of the TopTen best musicvideo clips ever made

  31. Jardison Veríssimo

    Um dos clipes favoritos da Lady Gaga.

  32. Constance Kreese

    rage against the machine combo with this song would be cool

    Romayne Knoodles

    Calm like a bomb! Yeah I can dig it!

  33. Darrell Sadler


  34. Danny B. SunDay

    Grace is always in the house *

  35. Sara Neidorf

    Such an amazing song, and KILLER drums!

  36. Flora Polnauer

    Freakin' prophetic shit !!! Look how the corporate BEAST is running free... Look, WE ARE in a corporate prison.... We are already in the grinder!

  37. 長井銀之介


  38. Morgan Olfursson

    The most courageous piece ever written created . Grace you are the bravest . Thank you .

  39. Beeble Brox

    This is astoundingly ACCURATE. She fucking NAILED IT.

  40. miss Grace Jones



    im waiting for another masterpiece ... i have hope that there will be another album

  41. Tracy Allen

    This video is scary on so many levels...
    "I deal in the market, every man, woman and child is a target
    A closet full of faceless nameless pay more for less emptiness
    I'll make you scrounge, in my executive lounge
    You pay less tax, but I'll gain more back
    My rules, you fools..."
    I love Grace Jones ♥

  42. Edson Carra


  43. bby anesthetic

    grace jones is amazing

  44. A Englund

    Did Bowie rip from Jones to his late tribute - a little bit?

  45. Ulf Utstrand

    yeah...nice lunchbox.

  46. monique lages

    tudo de bom <3

  47. c x

    7 yrs on, STILL an apt song describing the last ~40 yrs of neoliberal economic fed corporate enslavement of citizens


    What a dark FKA twigs video would look like


    I really like this

  50. Eddie Omega

    happy birthday goddess

  51. Ulf Utstrand

    from Demolition Man to Corporate Cannibal...its a very logical line in this....the creators of Lady Grace Jones, know what we are after....


    Pleased to meet you. Pleased to have you on my plate. Your meat is sweet to me. Your destiny. Your fate. You won't hear me laughing as I terminate your day. You can't trace my footsteps as I walk the other way. Animal. Man eating machine.


    LIKE NUMBER "541."

  54. Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club

    The long stride of the milk bride spied by little eyes down on sip and see street dream ice cream

  55. Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club

    Grace and Rastafarian concert proposed Prichard Alabama yoruban king descendants and neighbors No booze allowed Zero tolerance.

  56. Tayy B

    True artist 🔥💯

  57. Sleekcartim .sleekcartim

    welcome to trump hell

    dreamingNihilist ——

    Sleekcartim .sleekcartim i love this comment

    Sleekcartim .sleekcartim

    +Tif A wish i didnt feel compelled to make that comment. Im sure grace must be just as worried as me now too.... theres so much horrible stuff america doesnt know about corporate america.... #ScaryDayz


    Sleekcartim. sleekcartim ~ Hell Yes !
    welcome to the result and legacy & result of the failed Presidents Clinton , Bush & of course the biggest one of all Obama ~ Trump is the latest prize.

  58. throatgorge2

    kudos to the 70 year old who makes Marilyn Manson look like American Bandstand.

    Randolph Lautsch


    M T

    throatgorge2 touche...


    throatgorge2 nice one. Hell yeah. Shivers.

    Rodney Norman

    Exactly 😏

  59. Richard Ames

    Hacker theme.


    Weird. I love it!!!!!

  61. varying-degrees

    YouTube is a man eating machine but it also gives me Grace Jones, what do I do

    Julios mind

    Geospasmic use youtube for good idk

    Snake 27

    keep being a man for the moment , but dont man up; dont eat machines, dont machine eats, and eat your greens and feel like you are not like you are thinking and if you know what then you know how

  62. Ann-Marie Williams

    So profound and true. timely in light of politics, true reason for religious wars, yearly new diseases. Yes Ms Jones, you speak truth.


    "true reason for religious wars" most underrated statement in all of human history.

  63. sw skating

    Awesome live @ the festival hall (south bank )

  64. SimmerCK

    CEOs and CEO wannabes listen to this on their way to the office.

    Morgan Olfursson

    isn't it ironic . and sad


    That and "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop.

  65. Francisco Xavier

    Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate
    your meat is sweet to me
    your destiny
    your fate

    youre my life support, your life is my sport

    Im a man-eating machine X2

    you wont hear me laughing, as i terminate your day
    you cant trace my footsteps, as i walk the other way

    i cant get enough prey, pray for me X2
    (im a man-eating machine)
    corporate cannibal, digital criminal
    corporate cannibal, eat you like an animal

    employer of the year, grandmaster of fear
    my blood flows satanical,
    mechanical, masonical and chemical
    habitual ritual

    im a man-eating machine.. X2

    i deal in the market, every man, woman and child is a target
    a closet full of faceless nameless pay more for less empitness

    ill make you scrounge, in my executive lounge
    you pay less tax, but ill gain more back

    my rules, you fools

    we can play the money game
    greedgame, power game, stay insane
    lost in the cell, in this hell
    slave to the rhythm of the corporate prison

    im a man-eating machine
    i cant get enough prey
    pray for me
    corporate cannibal
    digital criminal

    ill consume my consumers, with no sense of humour
    ill give you a uniform, chloroform
    sanatize, homogenize, vaporize you

    im the spark, make the world explode
    im a man-eating machine, ill make the world explode
    corporate cannibal

    Jones, Grace / Green, Adam / Guest, Ivor / Van Eyck, Mark

  66. J ChaconSandoval


  67. Kent Prichard

    that is i an amercan anthem

  68. Kent Prichard

    woody would be pissed

  69. jskillz1999

    She scared me as alil boy and unfortunately she damn near scare me as a grown man lmao

    Tracy Allen

    That's too funny but, I understand! Lol!

    Morgan Olfursson

    do you even understand that song ?

    El Rafa

    jskillz1999 she made Arnold Sweartznigga as Conan cry cus she beat himn down good with her movie prop walking stick...

  70. OldSoul

    Love Grace Jones She's My Shero

  71. yuseless

    The women is bad-- her music and her Art! She needs more recognition for her talents!!

  72. skunkio7

    slave to grace

  73. MrGraphis

    This is just the best music video I've ever seen. Just fuckin' awesome!!!

  74. Orlando Aguasvivas

    This song is about the evil music industry, how it uses and sacrifies people......GRACE JONES running to her own beat.......

    Morgan Olfursson

    not at all .

    Jacob Melvin

    “Grandmaster of fear....satanical, mechanical, masonical... no not at all about the elite...(sarcasm) Stay woke OP. Person who replied ‘not at all’ your eyes.

    Tame Impaler

    Jacob Melvin "Masonical" is pretty much a slip of tongue...

  75. Orlando Aguasvivas

    GRACE JONES opened the door of freakness-avant garde-ahead of the time....without GRACE JONES....lady caca & Bjork would have been product of our imagination........GRACE JONES IS THE FUTURE

    Julien Castle

    Lady caca? How old are you dude lol?

    Samus Kerrigan

    @Julien Castle we call her like that in all Spanish speaking countries, dude, it has nothing to do with "age", caca is a common word used by people of any age to say *mierda* in a less agressive manner and it suits that "lady" shit perfectly. Grace Jones is the best

  76. MrHumanracin

    One of a kind! I hear there will be a new album June 2013?

  77. Coll

    I think that is part of the object of this song.. its satrical.. corporations ain't got no soul...

  78. Evah Destruction

    Do you even know who Grace Jones is? ....I can't- x_x wowwwww

    Tj Ebes

    eat you pens up balas mmmm so sexie

  79. Melissa Garcia

    And I totally agree....this is ART! Her, the song and the vid! And I say the same abt everything else she's ever done or will do.

  80. Melissa Garcia

    Oops! "she IS". Not "she it's".

  81. Melissa Garcia

    LMAO! This is just friggin awesome! SHE it's friggin awesome! OMG! She really does leave me speechless!

  82. Ti Lamar

    : Pay attention!!

  83. Jlannn

    Just because that's what you would be doing in your 60's doesn't mean that's what she should be doing. To each there own. This was more art/poetry to me then music... She isn't trying to be edgy and cool she's trying to portray a message you obviously didn't receive

  84. Jack Jackson

    For The Queen Just Radioactive>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  85. Alex Fate

    I like... :-)

  86. Jennifer Tang

    @sidvidkid music always had soul. unlike you.

  87. rachelspeedqueen

    @sidvidkid she's not trying to be "edgey and kool", she's being Grace Jones, just as she always has.

  88. TheBetterGamer

    Remember when people like you shouldn't comment at all?
    Oh wait, that's NOW

  89. Leonard Tyus

    Our system of things...................

  90. Miranda Uhing

    gaga brought me here to!! and i can see how she likes this....

  91. Duy Truong

    Gaga says that this is one of her most favorite music videos of all time. I can see why

    Julien Castle

    She has great tastes. :)

    J Diamond

    She ought to since she jacked most of her style from Grace. Grace has pointed that out in a couple of her modern interviews.

    Morgan Olfursson

    nobody gives a fuck about that bullshit gaga . don't even bring her name in the same universe as Grace Jones .


    yeah, and she declined an offer to work with her. she said she doesn't work with cheap copies of herself. lol. GJ in best fashion as usual. never disappoints.

  92. Jim B

    I'll make you scrounge in my executive lounge...heheheheheehhe

    It easy to imagine the emperor from Star wars singing this. Can you hear it?

  93. Mondo Price

    I guess you're NOT supposed to watch this unhigh.

  94. Robert Tuttle

    one person's a slave to the rhythm of the corporate prison

  95. Van Winkle


    Vote it up.

  96. bleen2511

    Grace Jones is a genius

    Isiah Cline

    Damn right. I am late to her genius