Jones, George - Time Lock Lyrics

The door to my heart locked when you walk out on me
You sealed it with a time lock to be locked eternally
You thought it's locked forever and I could never love anew
But today must be forever cause the light is shining through
And now the time lock has opened up the door to my heart
The seal you thought was so secure has shattered all apart
My heart has struck the lock and kept this hurt lock before you
And now somebody else is broken the time lock falling through
When you sealed the time lock you locked my heart up tight
Inside the heart it's cold and dark without a sparkling light
Another's love was strong enough to break the seal in two
This new love I feel is true and real at last I'm free from you
And now the time lock has opened...

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Jones, George Time Lock Comments
  1. Deborah Blades

    oone of his best

  2. yaks #

    George Jones, George Jones, GEORGE JONES.......

  3. Gary Spring


  4. Lena Andersson

    THANKS TOM for your tune❤🎤🎸🔊

  5. yaks #

    What can say again but RIP. We miss you so much.

  6. John Doe


  7. Margit Salonen


  8. Lilmike Lilly

    Listening again over here in NZ, great song ,thanks Tom page

  9. Armadillo

    It's hard to find words that describe perfection. He made my world a better place. Thanks, Possum.

  10. Jacqueline Ramphal

    This voice!😎🌎❤️💥

  11. Laura Bradshaw

    Thanks Tom this is beyond words absolutely amazing!

  12. Rose b

    Love it

  13. Lena Andersson

    Real Country🎤🎸great George💗🍃🌹💗🍃🌹🎵

  14. Lilmike Lilly

    Love that George s voice

  15. Lena Andersson

    So very GREAT🎤🎸LOVE that sound🎹🎶🎼🌹🌹🌹

    James West

    Lena Andersson 💘💘💘💘

  16. Lena Andersson

    Thanks Tom for all great music👍

  17. Chucks Anyanwu

    thanks Tom, i love this track

  18. Tim Selk

    good ole possum

  19. William Hutcheson

    I had never heard this particular Jonesy. Thanks Tom.

  20. david willison

    Great upload as always Tom. Thanks.

  21. John Hyde

    Country music executives......this is how it's done.........

    Rodger Browning

    Absolutely love George Jones music ❤❤❤

  22. Karen Lindsay

    Great song🎤

  23. Celestino Esquibel


  24. BooBoo Bougioli

    agreat steel player

    Thomas Peats

    BooBoo Bougioli aa

  25. Denis Surette

    What a fine voice wow this is how it's done new country

  26. Benjamin Groff

    Golden "Jones" the sound, voice and fidelity, all three which are missing from todays hip-hop country!

  27. Trent West

    Very good song. Joe Carson done this song good as well. Thank You much for posting!!

  28. outlawlover1

    Now, that's the real George Jones I know, just amazing !!

  29. jthardy

    I must have missed this one back in the day. Thanks for sharing it.

  30. outlawlover1

    Way to go Tom, You're a good man !!