Jones, George - Tennessee Whiskey Lyrics

I used to spend my nights out in a bar room
Liquor was the only love I've known
But you rescued me from reaching
For the bottle
And you brought me back from
Being too far gone

You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You're as sweet as strawberry wine
You're as warm as a glass of brandy
And I stay stoned on your love all the time

I looked for love in all the same old places
Found the bottom of the bottle always dry
But when you poured out your heart
I didn't waste it
'Cause there nothing like your love
To get me high

You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You're as sweet as strawberry wine
You're as warm as a glass of brandy
And I stay stoned on your love all the time
I stay stoned on your love all the time

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Jones, George Tennessee Whiskey Comments
  1. Maniac Mike

    Nobody can sing it like George Jones

  2. photonrayswaves

    Now 10 year old Taj Farrant is making it his own.

  3. Lana Armstrong

    Chris Stapleton's version is not quite as good as George's.
    Sorry Chris, no offense.

  4. Lana Armstrong

    One of the greatest country singers of all time who had an unfortunate childhood.
    R.I.P. up there George.

  5. M KC

    A singer he was this here man

  6. Rosemarie Collins

    Totally awesome the best we will never have this kind of music again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Jonathan Batchelor

    George and Chris are 2 different genre's.. This is pure country and chris is straight Blues/R&B

  8. matt vargas

    I'll be damned, I had no clue King George did this song before King Chris. How wonderful

  9. tonie thomas

    My husband sang this song to me on our first date. Every time the song was played we had to dance even if we had to stop and get out of the car. We renewed our vows after 25 yrs and thay was our song. I lost him 3 weeks ago and it will always be our song.

    M KC

    tonie thomas I’m sorry for your loss...

  10. Ian Stuart

    If any of you think this guy is better than Chris Stapleton you’re stupid. It’s not even close

  11. Don Solo

    I'm not a drinker but boyyyyy does this song speak to me

  12. Mitchell Gibeson

    I am the liquor.

  13. muzical vet

    No disrespect too Chris Stapleton.Althought will known for introducing country music too the blues family,but this right here is real country music.Tha king of country music.Alvis is Alvis but this is the King of country music,and even I knows that.😂😂😂👍🏿👍🏿
    This is one of my favorite songs for 38 years or 32.I hord it when I was a baby.😂😂😂


    Alvis? Even a country diehard would still know who elvis is. Oh and by the way. IT'S ELVIS SIR

    muzical vet

    I was close right in Spanish both the A&E is close tha E is in silence right.Well Elvis was good,but George song with pure heart without lieying about his love and just being a human being.This is why I was moved by his music and him as a human beings.An American with heart & soul.


    @muzical vet but the E isn't silent, and it's not spanish


    @muzical vet lying*

    muzical vet

    A trend might be a trend,but Original is Original forever!

  14. Justin B.

    It don't matter who's in country music . George Jones is still the king!!!!

  15. Connor The android

    Both are good

  16. Deidre Sealey

    Chris Stapleton used Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind’s melody.

    leandraah Alejo

    He did thooo

  17. Devin Caldwell

    I prefer the Chris Stapleton version but this is still really good. I feel like the Chris Stapleton version has more emotion in it. Also, so many people are saying they miss “Real country music.” What a bunch of boomers. Country music is still good. People just want something to complain about. Love ya, George. Love ya, Allan. Love ya, Chris.

    Connor The android

    I love anything pre 2013

  18. longhornsfan1ify

    Still better than tge cris Stapleton version

  19. Mark Ferris

    David Allen Coe and George Jones are Pure Country....Chris Stapleton is a blend of country and blues....

  20. Andy Leeman

    Love both this and the Chris Stapleton version, but Chris's is not the same song. It's the lyrics from this samg over the Etta James song, "I'd rather go blind".

  21. Billy Manley

    Being drunk and missing that someone special really hits home listening to this song, wanting someone so badly that doesn't want you back anymore

  22. Jimmie Anderson

    1.8k people dont have a clue

  23. ese.hombre

    The version by Chris Stapleton is very good. Just like The Sound of Silence by Disturbed. But the new has finally word off and it's back to that old comfortable jeans, shoes and old couch. George Jones and Simon and Garfunkel are still the best. Smooth as silk and sweet ice tea, aaaahh.

  24. Bill Baker

    Sing it George

  25. Chuck Yeager

    Alcohol is addiction is sometimes u hurt the one you love most doesn't even realize..

  26. C Santa Cruz,Ca.

    My mom played this all the time in the 80s😢.. Im 48 now and my mom passed away on November 10 2018😭😢i miss you mom


    C Santa Cruz,Ca. I’m sorry to hear that friend, she’s in a better place now

    C Santa Cruz,Ca.

    @BronillaBear thank you so much❤

  27. Don Rutter

    Love George, but I still say David Allen Coe does this tune better. RIP George ❤

  28. snaggletooth 70

    George,merle,johnny,waylon.don williams ,they were real country boys,thank god we still got willie ,👍

  29. Joe L

    1000x better than stapletons version

  30. Sylvia Williams

    Not the same as Chris Stapleton.💯

  31. Gerald Gwynn

    Purest country ever. R.I.P. George

  32. Bill Baker

    No one can sing this song like George Jones

  33. Dawn Mcseveney

    I just love this version although chris stapleton made it a modern day classic..but auld Geo is hard to beat evrn now in 2019 true classic country x

  34. Jesse Deseth

    Welcome back George fans.... we remember

  35. shaun morgan

    The number of likes this comment gets it the number of under 21 year olds watching this

  36. Kevin Ray

    Leave this song alone some songs it's ok but there alot of songs that need be left alone this is one

  37. Roland Gutierrez

    I think George Jones version is the best in my opinion , by quite a bit.

  38. Peggy Garguilo

    Watching Ken Burns’ Country music doc on PBS got me interested in country music. Until I saw it I was an Anything But Country person ...

  39. Paula Rodriguez


  40. cara bella

    missing you Daddy!! Rest easy

  41. George Jones

    Hell no George did it the best noone could ever come close

  42. jon darnell

    How can anyone think Chris stapletons version is worth a two shits I think he he would have done a million times better doing sighn language to George Jones version and keeping his mouth shut

  43. Justin W

    the way the instruments cut out for a second when the chorus o man thats pure magic. chills

  44. Chuck Norris

    My grandpa couldn’t join the military because he had a disease which kept him from breathing correctly and he also got polio at 42 and he’s in a wheel chair and he sings this and some other songs and this reminds me of him.

  45. Valentin Heredia

    White lightning brought me here, i don't even like country music!

  46. Christy Rowland

    My mom loved George Jones, rip we love you so much, an we miss you mom rip.

  47. Zach

    Chris Stapleton brought me here. Much respect to all the artists!


    Chris Stapleton's version sounds great but it sounds too much like Etta James I'd Rather Be Be Blind.

  49. Justin Shearer

    George is best

  50. Benny Shavers Music

    Chris Stapleton has talent but he will never touch the spirit of this song the way George Jones sings it.

  51. William Nimbach

    Lol I just had a 12 year old kid tell me Chris Stapleton does this song best..... let’s just say I don’t think I’ve ever laughed in all my life!!!💀💀🤣😂😂😂

    a loser

    ok boomer

  52. Elise Clifton


  53. Sam

    You have shit in your ears if you like the Stapleton version over this. I'd listen to NSYNC over that crap

  54. new735758

    Now this is Country. I like it. I like Stapleton's version too but I see it as country-flavored. It's kind of like Dolly's "I Will Always Love You" vs Whitney's. I like both but Dolly's a Country version and Whitney's not. But even Whitney had a little country twang in it.

  55. Alan Lundberg

    I love all of the twists in the versions of this song. Recently, I was impressed with VoicePlay's a capella version. Check it out.

  56. Lototele Lavega

    0:56 looks like Jim Carrey

  57. Manny Badabing

    Good ol' Possum. In my opinion, the greatest country music artist of all time.

  58. Sunshine Girl

    This is the best version of this song! Sung simple letting the beautiful lyrics speak for themselves. I know some feel Chris Stapleton done it better but to me I just feel her over sung it and just wanted to show his runs and vocal range.

  59. Jim Smith

    real country music.

  60. Wyatt Blackwood

    This is the absolute best version of this song

  61. Tanner Steele

    Aye this is 100x better than Chris Stapleton version

  62. Rusty B.

    Jim Carrey's cousin? Haha

  63. Ruth Morgan

    Love his voice.

  64. Southern Belle

    I grew up listening to my mom's George Jones records there was only one George!!!!!! While I love Chris Stapleton's version, this one will always be #1 to me!

  65. baby girl

    Best version ever!

  66. Brianna Busby

    I met a person yesterday that was friends with George Jones it was so cool. He also knew Hank Williams.

  67. star killer

    Chris saved this song

  68. jbarty party

    It's cool that Chris Stapleton made the song his own singing it his way, but man give me this or DAC's version any time and twice on Tuesdays! And pass that whisky!!

  69. Kathy Garber

    Who ever thumbs downed this song and George singing it.....i can't be made to understand why

  70. JMUSIC

    This is the best TW. Chris S, is great, however different style.

  71. Lynda Carter

    This is the REAL Tennessee Whiskey.

  72. Lili Doucet

    I don't drink but I sure love me some possum..... Miss you Mr. Jones.

  73. TrollinYouNiggas

    Jim Carey could play him in a movie

  74. Jan Et

    Love this version because it reminds me of simpler times. Love Stapleton's version because it is soulful.

    RAS 123

    Jan Et Jones all the way... nothing beats old country from yesteryear...

  75. molly mojave

    When he was really young he looked a little like jim Cary


    Haha!!! Thats who i was trying to think of!


    molly mojave So true

    Indianapolis Jones

    Jim Carey looked like him.


    @Indianapolis Jones So true, I got it backwards my bad. Chris Stapleton did a good job but I'm used to listening to Mr. George Jones singing it right. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

  76. Alvin Kamara 41

    I'd rather Chris Stapleton

  77. Heath Barnett

    I love Chris but when I search this song don’t put him above George Jones thats bull shit he should always be first

  78. Choff C

    Country God and The Only Mr. George Jones.. Rest In Peace Up there Possum..!

  79. skinnysteve713

    Hands down the best version.

  80. Mac Dawg

    Just because Chris rocked this song out, doesn't mean George isn't a wonderful talent. Let's be honest, Chris Owned this song!!!!!

  81. jean carlos

    Não tem brasileiro igual eu aqui que sonha ir pro texas

  82. ReXrig G R

    I love this man #MichaelJacksonofCountry🎤🎶💕😍


    George’s version is way better than any other

  84. Christopher Dibble

    they ask'ed johnny cash who his favorite singer was, johnny replied you must mean after george jones,ask alan jackson or george strait i'll bet you will get the same answers.

  85. Yeah you're right Here's my stupid opinion:

    Y'all wanna talk how this is far different from Chris's version? Listen to the original version of I remember you then listen to the björk version

  86. Lo Peezy


  87. Stanley Chounard

    All are good

  88. Jeff Tappan

    This is the version I grew up with. Chris Stapleton's cover isn't bad, but I'll take the Deacon any day.

  89. lawdog1918

    I stay stoned on Jones.

  90. Blixx

    I miss my dad😞

  91. Larry Moore

    We enjoyed your christmas lights at Nestledown Farms ! Listening to the Opossum on the radio . Miss the good old days Sir !

  92. Paul whiteman

    R.i.p Mr jones

  93. Terry Daniels

    I wouldn't give (1) of George for (100) Stapleton.

    bigbellybubbahaha 3

    could not have said it better myself

    Terry Daniels

    @bigbellybubbahaha 3 bahahaha go & sing it to ya girl. Haha lol Haha lol. She wants to reminisce you singing this song ta her while you guys ride ya bike so her hair be blowing in the wind. Bahahaha

  94. Roberto Velez

    Atleast I can sing along to the original with out losing my voice

  95. Bleu Skye

    How stupid!You don't have to drink to enjoy these music.

  96. Sarah

    I love this song George Jones