Jones, George - I Always Get Lucky With You Lyrics

I've had good luck and bad luck
And no luck, it's true
But I always get lucky with you

I've been turned on and turned down
When the bars close at two
But I always get lucky with you

I've had two strikes against me
Most all of the time
And when it's down to just a phone call
I'm minus a dime

There's been good days and bad days
But when the day is through
I always get lucky with you
Oh, I always get lucky with you

I've had two strikes against me
Most all of the time
And when it's down to just a phone call
I'm minus a dime

There's been good days and bad days
But when the day is through
I always get lucky with you
Oh, I always get lucky with you

I always get lucky with you

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Jones, George I Always Get Lucky With You Comments
  1. Vintage Ben

    We were all lucky to have an awesome singer like you George!

  2. fingersmcgee

    george jones last number one single

  3. Paul Gavin

    George Jones, always a better man than his reputation

  4. Mona X

    My mum introduced me to George' music. Thank you mum for letting me play your precious cds while you were cooking on a Sunday afternoon. I play George for your grandson now and tell him about you. RIP.

  5. Kenny Webb

    What a flow the Real King George get sucked in around here a lot and I am thankful to YouTube . I'm in Surround sound in the right spot❤️

  6. someguy9897

    Whenever I hear these classic country songs I get reminded of my late co-worker Jerry Hall. He kept his radio on the classic country station for about a year straight 3-4 years ago and I know the melodies to almost every one of these songs without knowing a single lyric because his radio played about 75 feet away in a noisey shop. I just found out what this one was today after hearing the tune play in my head ever since those days lol So glad I got to hear the songs when I did, I'll always have memories of working in the blistering humid heat and dry freezing cold listening to these songs. But it was good times. I learned so much and made so much progress and got to meet the crazy characters I did. Light one up and crack one open for Jerry Hall from the Georgia bodyshops, if you knew him or not

  7. Kenny Webb

    The True King George ❤️

  8. F Honke

    He is the best ever!!💋

  9. Gardner Brannon

    One of the best songs by George Jones!

  10. Harvey Manfrenjensonton

    I'm a huge Merle Haggard fan, and few can best him on any song, but I gotta give this one to Possum.

  11. Gardner Brannon

    We were so lucky to have you! The very best country artist of all time!

  12. Gardner Brannon

    We were so lucky to have you!

  13. Janet Swain

    This was "our" song in the 80's when i met my forever love. We parted ways for some 30 odd years and have now rekindled the white hot flame. How lucky are we???

  14. David Kidd

    The Ron Paul Liberty Report

  15. Ruth Brafford

    I love this song, it is my husband's and my song, We are both George Jones fans. We are married 53 years. Back in the 80's I ran a night time paper route and he worked nights for a doughnut company, both of us would dedicate this song to each other on the radio. He would say from the "Doughnut Man to the Paper Lady". It made my night.

    Travis Middlebrook

    Simply the best singer ever to be

  16. Martha aka/ Marti Whipple

    I Love this song!!! I've been so Lucky with My love for ever

  17. Mary Roucloux

    my unborn baby really loves listening to George jones


    Mary Roucloux Yeah gotta teach ‘em early


    I love ole gorge I love this song and a lot of his songs thanks to my husband of 32 years

  19. murp h

    he remains a great great singer rip soul man

  20. Lena Andersson

    Looooooooooove this song❤ so much.R.I.P🍃Lovely George Jones.❤🌹🍃❤🌹🍃❤🌹🍃❤🌹🍃

  21. Huguette17

    I love George Jones' songs and he has a special way of singing that I love.

  22. Kenny Webb

    Love it and you can't just play it one

  23. janetwon

    my favorite GJ song

  24. Dennis Wilson

    LOVE THIS, shared on y face book

  25. Mary OKeeffe

    No one will ever compare to the possum! Miss him every day!
    Mary O'Keeffe

  26. George gifford

    Love me some opossum

  27. Lance Martin

    I miss "The Possum".
    Now Merle is gone too.
    " Who's gonna their shoes??? 😢

    Lance Martin

    +sue Harrisms9
    Indeed, Sue.


    Lance Martin Nobody... country music is DEAD. Killed by Garth Brooks.... That's when everything started changing into this yelling b******* they call singing and you can hardly understand a damn word of the song. Today's country music Ain't Country!

    Johnny Allen Smith

    rebelfrom1944 Chris Stapleton and other REAL country artists are making a turn for the better

    Kenny Webb

    Lance Martin Jamey Johnson and Stapleton are gonna. Help us a bit.

    Cordis LaRocque

    @Kenny Webb Love you Ken

  28. Ruthann Brafford

    Mine and my husband's song, no one can sing it like George. My favorite by him.

  29. MrMusicguyma

    Freddy Powers is an incredible writer. Writing great songs for George, Merle and Willie.

    Tadia Powery

    my favorite singer too bad he gone


    Yep, the best country singer there ever was, in my opinion.

  30. Paul Schuster

    Say a prayer for the great Freddy Powers who wrote this song, and is suffering from advanced stages of Parkinsons.

  31. Dave Wollenberg

    George hit #1 on ACC, 7-30-83.

  32. Amanda Henderson

    Simply one of a kind! George was in the class of a select few who represented country music and this is what it is all about!  Country music is simply not the same without him.

  33. Tony Ridlen

    Even as good as the sounds of Jim Reeves and Don Williams are no one in any genre of music can compare to the sounds of the man name "The Old Possum" who will go down in history as the best country artist to ever record a country hit. He died two years ago and I miss him so much.

    Anea Marlivana

    If someone asked me who is the greatest singer ever, irrespective of genre, I'd pick George Jones, because he's so far and above anyone else in the country genre. There is no other singer in any genre who is that far above anyone else in his or her particular genre.

    paul hulgan

    George the greatest

    paul hulgan

    Love George Jones music

  34. Lilly Anne

    When I was young and foolish, I thought I was too cool for country music. You know, the old ignorant "just a bunch of people holding their nose while they sing" comments. Then Ray Charles introduced me to the songs and I really started listening. When I really listened to George, I heard one of the greatest voices of all time. Range from high to low effortlessly, great tone, soft to raucous. Understanding of the song and an ability to transfer his emotion to the audience. He was one of a kind and one of my all time favorites.

    Carl Rocco

    +Lilly Anne I can relate. I was a teenager driving in the car with my mom when she asked me to find the George Jones 8-track tape and put it in. I found it and saw the cover picture of this gray-haired country guy and thought "ugggh, this is gonna suck!". The sounds I heard next changed my taste in music forever, he had such soul and was so believable.
    I am a big Ray Charles fan for the same reason. Have you heard the song "We didn't see a thing" with George and Ray?

    M W

    +Lilly Anne IMHO, much of the modern country sounds a lot the same. The various artists blend together for me. Someone like The Possum though, his voice, style, etc was very unique. No one can copy him. He was one of a kind.

    Anea Marlivana

    I've always thought that if someone asked me to name the greatest singer (all genres of music lumped together) of the 20th Century, I would say George Jones.  George had a great voice, incredible vocal range, brilliance of interpretation, connection to the audience...George had it all.  By the way, I'm a fan of many genres of music, including opera.

    Anthony Fell

    Lilly Anne i


    You have to have life experience to get it!

  35. Jan Wemple

    Its been a song thats made me cry because i've been so lucky! 41 year's! Love ya an miss ya george!

  36. elvis presley

    listen to the way he sings this. you probably won't ever hear anyone better, except sinatra or Elvis or Aretha, maybe.


    Love ole George R I P you are truly missed

    Scott Allen


  38. Dennis Martin

    I really like this golden oldie.  It really makes me feel fortunate to still be in love with my wife after 36 years of being married.  We still date and we still love being together.

    Dennis Martin

    Thank you very much.


    Dennis Martin that's awesome!!

    Justin Barrett

    Dennis Martin
    awesome, but how?

    Richard Byrne

    That's a beautiful statement. You are fortunate indeed!

    Monica Livesay

    Dennis Martin I feel the same about my husband! Together 30 yrs , married for 28 in July 2018!

  39. Cody Henry

    Composed by Gary Church! Great guy in Arizona!

  40. Rick Taber

    Love this song....sang it for years when I was performing....

  41. David Frost

    This song went to number one on the Billboard Country Charts the week of July 30, 1983.

  42. Dave Wollenberg

    RIP, Possum.

  43. Mary Tueller

    I think this is the best song he ever recorded

  44. Lee Stamper

    If you have lived in Nashville you know George always hung out at Pee Wee's club on the West side of the city..those were the days...

  45. OwnMySunrise

    George was a legend...hell he still is. He took this song that was written for him by yet another legend, Merle Haggard - a great friend of his - and poured some big feeling soul into it. Losing Jones was a huge blow to the country world. Let's hope Haggard continues for a long time, and let's people know of the great man Jones was.

  46. Riley Cooper

    I want to make my first child to this song.

  47. Jim Cholley

    Happy Thirtieth Anniversary..!

    "I Always Get Lucky With You" by the legendary George Jones was number one on the official BILLBOARD entertainment magazine 'Hot Country Singles' chart for the week ending Saturday, July 30, 1983.. :-)

    This would turn out to be George Jones' very last number one selection..

  48. Jim Cholley

    I do not think this is the original studio recording..not to say it is 'bad' in any way lol. :-)

  49. Jim Cholley

    This rendition sounds slightly different from the original recording. I wonder if George rerecorded this song at one time?

  50. Julian Cortes Calle

    muy bella

  51. MrDon Railey

    And with this voice..I've been lucky more than a time or two Thanks George..Ain't nobody gonna' fill your shoes. RIP

  52. starberry585

    Seriously, how can you not love this sweet, beautiful song :)

  53. Dave Wollenberg

    RIP, Possum.

  54. aylward48

    god bless you my friend

  55. elvis presley

    RIP George Jones, you will never be forgotten.

  56. Kimmy Page

    REST IN PEACE Dear Mr. Jones... I'm sick to hear of your passing today... :( Thanks for all this beauty..

  57. 388moonlight

    It's that good clean living! One of my favorite Jones songs.

  58. kyle jeanotte

    3 ppl started crying

  59. elvis presley

    @KC9SYJ if i can find an organ ill do that and sent it to you

  60. elvis presley

    @kclair8 you can just hear it in his voice eternity

  61. elvis presley

    @arpeggio1358 wow youre singing my song

  62. elvis presley

    @Mintzcondition amen what a tearjerker!

  63. Dave Wollenberg

    @elvispresley718 You're welcome. Have a blessed weekend!

  64. elvis presley

    @DaveWollenberg wow thanks for th info

  65. elvis presley

    @arpeggio1358 cant you say anymore about the man? lol

  66. elvis presley

    what a fantastic american singer forever and ever!!

  67. elvis presley

    @arpeggio1358 they dont cover him in the public schools or merle either!!! why is that my friend?

  68. elvis presley

    oh great master would you teach me to sing like this

  69. Robert Creasey

    @kclair8 "Stnning" (sic) if that's all you can say, you should shut up.

  70. CATniteOwl

    I hate comments about someone's looks but since this features a slideshow of George over a period of time, I'm going to make such a comment. To me, George has gotten better looking with time - maybe it's the white hair. And, of course, he still has that wonderful voice!!!

  71. Dave Wollenberg

    the Possum hit #1 in Billboard, 7-30-83. God bless!

  72. Mintzcondition

    Let's hear a big hand for Freddy Powers, who wrote this great song.

  73. blindsight1987

    Great song

  74. Ken Clair

    Stnning thats all I can say, wow

  75. mdmeyers1982

    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in my no no spots