Jones, Donell - Forever Lyrics


This goes out to all the women that hold they man down Especially my woman... My 22.

[Verse 1:]
Baby since the day we met
I... feel so complete
Wrap your love round me babe
I don't have to pull for nothin'
As a I can be with you I wanna be with'chu
Baby your my inspiration (Angel Wings)
You put you life on hold to be with me
I can give a day without'cha and been so good to me
I wanna prove, prove it to you

They say a man ain't suppose to cry
But I'm cryin' out to you
Cause I see me with'chu for the rest of our lives
Girl there's nothin' I'd rather do than to be here
Forever baby Ooooooh...
Everyday I wanna be your tomorrow I'm gon' be here
Forever baby Ooh Yeah!
Lead you to a life of love if you follow me to Forever baby

Mean there's no more time left to borrow I'm gon' be here
Forever baby Oooh Yeah!
Sit down I'm waitin' for ya love please don't say no [?]

Forever [x5]
Yeah! Wanna give you Forever, Forever, Forever, Forever

Baby I'm askin' you to spend
Forever with me
All you got to do is just say yes

[Verse 2:]
I love the way you elevate me (to the highest peak) and you never steered me wrong even when I pulled away...
You... brought my focus back to you I'm so thankful

Baby you have, held me down for so many years...
Ooooh!... Good times outweight the tears

I can give a day without'cha and been so good to me I wanna prove, prove it to you

They say a man ain't suppose to cry But I'm cryin' out to you
Cause I see me with'chu for the rest of our lives
Girl there's nothin' I'd rather do (wanna do but be here Forever)
Ooooooh... Yeah!...
Everyday I wanna be your
Forever, everday I wanna be your
Forever baby yeah! Wooooo...
Lead you to a life of love if you follow me to
Forever Say Yeah!

Means there's no more time left to borrow I'm gon' be here
Forever Yeah!...
Sit down and waitin' for your love please do say No!

Cause I want'chu girl

Forever [x8]

Girl I want'cha

Forever [x8]

Ooooooh... Baby... All... you... got... do

You know I love you right [?]

Say Yes

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Jones, Donell Forever Comments
  1. Jonathan MOORice

    I wished he had collaborated with Dino from H Town

  2. T.L. Marbury

    Who still rockin with D.J. in 2019/20?! 🎤🎶👋🏾

  3. Mark Johnson

    Smooth brutha!!

  4. Georgiana Thomas

    Yeeeesssss love this song

  5. flyazzplayboy

    A favorite of mine and video looks fantastic casting to a nice TV.

  6. Moneeka DeCoud

    Gemini swag

  7. Stevie Critique Newby

    One of my favorite artists #Underrated Donell Jones he was Ne-Yo before Ne-Yo with the soul swag hat and singing style...

  8. Jennifer d Parker

    Love him💜🌹

  9. MsCHARLIEgirl6

    I'm just going to be Real.......This Song is about Me. That's just how I feel. 🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚

  10. De Tay

    An artist that NEVA let’s us down

  11. isaac laveaux

    Donell Jones makes the smoothest songs but gets no praise because he’s positive in his music.

  12. magnifecent1swagg

    Legend👆👆 right there

  13. Kane Jones


  14. Asa Shezi


  15. 041Amard

    If you know you know... Wifey been holding me down since 2003

  16. Veronica Taylor

    Love this song only if men were like this in this day and time

  17. Lamont Brooks

    Donnell Jones use to have beautiful bitches in his videos. This chic was horrible

  18. Superman J

    Hands down ⬇️, the most underrated male R&B singer of all time(along with Joe)... I always hoped that them two would do a Collabo album. Now you talk about fire 🔥🔥 🔥

  19. Lula Collins

    When he performed on the Soul Train Awards 😍

  20. Tracy Scott

    Yes omg i hold my baby down

  21. Amina Ismail

    Why am I just hearing this album 😭 😍😍😍😍

  22. Andrea Fulks

    It's something sexy with this song still 🙌🏼

  23. ShrenJ

    2018 and still jamming!!

  24. Cláudia Feitosa

    Donnell Jones 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  25. Lovingthemarriedlife

    Donell cold.

  26. Katetrene Montfort

    My wedding song for 2019

  27. Young Kurt

    Mad underrated one of the best r. and b sigers PERIOD

  28. Nounou Paris

    Under rated? Haha this dude already made some classics on music industry


    I think would everyone is trying to say is he deserves more recognition. He does. He's a great artist, writer, and producer.

  29. Drizzlestick1

    Was My Wedding SONG for my Woman

  30. Regina Khaebes


    Regina Khaebes

    Love this songs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Cherise Wiggins

    To 😍 my love

  32. Emerald Dreamer333

    How old is Donell? He looks exactly the same as he did in the 90’s. Wow, I’m glad I stumbled on this page! Great song! Awesome video! New subscriber ❤️😍


    Donell not underrated.. We all heard of him and his songs b4

  34. Edward Vandross


  35. Andrew Flood

    i love this song !!

  36. Cnd Fifi

    It's so sweeeeet

  37. Dora Brown

    ohhh 😍😘😘😘

  38. Patty singer anew

    Love how you elevate me...Be here Forever, Those lyrics.ALL you got to do is say YES. Forever this man is dope.

  39. LegendMariah

    I want him to collaborate with Jhene Aiko. They would sound so heavenly together

    Tyana Robbins


    Jonathan MOORice

    It would be bomb.

  40. Leopard Kind

    I loved donell Jones since I was like 5 years old. I was so little knowing about his wonderful music & I still do !!!

  41. Temeka Willis

    Loving this song

  42. Latasha Davenport


  43. Stony From Br

    Most underrated r and b artist of all times!

  44. Quinton Woods

    Is that the girl from 3LW 🤣🤣🤣 just asking

  45. Leatitia Mairsx

    He still looks sexy black don’t cry

  46. R&B Beats

    one of my favorite rnb artist, i love the way his voice sounds, real smooth

  47. Edward Vandross



    Gamada nele

  49. Nubian Warrior Goddess

    I'm never tired of hearing this song

  50. Farrah Stanford

    This the man boy

  51. Farrah Stanford

    This my man love all his songs

  52. Cláudia Feitosa


  53. MyaGudâz


  54. CLASS

    Tasteful music

  55. Edward Vandross

    Good music takes my mind off w.e I'm going through :)

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    Some real music

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    AAYYY, this ain't bad. Good stuff, it's got that old school r&b sound.

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    So smooth...🎶

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    Amen, will be, is4evah.

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    My dude still smoothe!

    Jessica Bush

    Janice Evans all day....

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    Love me some Donell Jones...

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    Which album is this song on?? I can't find it

  64. Nique G

    2017 And I still love me some Donell Jones!!!! why can't music be like this anymore!!???!

  65. Brina

    my wedding song


    Brina ain't nobody marrying you


    You're funny...
    I don't know you & you don't know me... 🤔🤔
    So you can Exit👉👉

  66. E Styles

    Beautiful song

  67. Latia Jones

    baby everyday I wanna be your tomorrow 😚

  68. Taneka Bellamy

    love mr some Donell Jones!!!!! 2017

  69. RaiRaiBrown

    So happy to hear Donnell has new music, and Mariah Carey used his voice as a sample in her new song, he has always been RnB perfection​, now give him the Grammy's he deserves.

  70. necio hunt

    y is he so slept on!!


    necio hunt It depends on the era you were born in. Me personally was down with this brother since '99 when R & B was holding "true" love down! Not this watered down fake love with my coco kinda stuff! Love each other respect each other & ride or die for each other! Now that's REAL LOVE family!!! #2017getbacktolove

  71. Cebo Hanise

    one of the best underrated artist....maked u wanna fall in lovee again and again

  72. Amenna Scott

    I Love this song

  73. Latasha Davenport



    this song has lead me to you loretta I have yet walked the beach with you but I'm gona injoy every moment we spend our lifes together I love you loretta thank you for hearing my love calling out to you

  75. Edna Ballard

    love me some donell  jones.... love this song one of my favorites.


    Edna Ballard guilty by suspicion that's heat too. this is hard. that's my dude.

  76. Bobby green

    Donell aways been the best . Respect

  77. Thomas Sparkman

    this is some cold ass shit this is what theses young people need to me listen to just maybe they will get off the dume shit

  78. Thomas Sparkman

    this is some cold ass shit this is what theses young people need to me listen to just maybe they will get off the dume shit

  79. Fenixx

    D.jones he's not underrated at all, he was big back in the 90's and early 2000's he's still one of the best rnb artist and he's still making good music,just because the mainstream media don't promote his music doesn't mean he's not singing anymore..c'mon, D.jones doing concert all across the u.s all year long...don't get it twisted folks! ;)

    necio hunt

    OK that's what's up

    Apryl Gholston

    Frank Fenixx REALLY THOpheonixA

    Apryl Gholston


    Fatimah Mayse


    Titi Obin's

    D.J. is a legend of RnB!!

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    why have you not made anymore music man I swear old artist dont have shit on todays artist

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    that is cold

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    one of my favs

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    Smooth song!!

  92. Enheritance Derrico

    huge fan . so sad that he's underrated .

    CM Perkins

    Enheritance Dorrico the best artists are always underrated. There are a few exceptions, but you have to have a gimmick to blow up in the mainstream.

    Mike Troc

    Dude was a star in the early 2000s

  93. B R O O K L Y N D R E A M Z

    Real R&B! Soo Underated. :-( #Realbeautifuleddingsong


    Donell still fine as hell😍


    Yes he is.....OMG😍😍

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    that hat is cold

  96. wilwat9

    Donell can always bring it!!!

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    I love this tune here cause it explains how important a woman can become in a mans life if that's wat he's fighting for a true forever...

    jackie jackson

    Okay where's the other stuff

    Francis K

    jackson  Lol you mean what she bring to the table?