Jones, Donell - Do What I Gotta Do Lyrics

Gotta do what I gotta do
Do what I gotta do
'Cause catch use Everything around me
Take a look around
Take a look at was goin' down
If you can see what I see, baby
Why act the way I do
'Cause you can understand
And you don't really know a man
I've to turn and I've been

Lose the things I've lost
And can you change the
Way that you look at me

[Verse 1:]
All that you can say to me
The things I just can say no more
What I say is got and I use to be
We don't need the dog nomore

Donna give up everyday
Donna wing home of my pain
Donna do, whatever it takes
He thug just keep my baby at the ghetto

[Verse 2:]
Gotta do what I gotta do
Move when it's time to move
See what I gotta see
'Cause catch use everything around me
Do what I gotta do
Be who I gotta be
That's was enough for you
'Cause we can live without enough money

She is afraid to get involved
She know her in a fallin' love
I see you wrist take in a big mistake
By the way I made my livin'
But I let you know from the door
That's the way it is
And that's the way it goes
Only like I know
To think nothing has changed that day

[2: x2]

Just try and understand me
Look at if my point of view
Laugh in this world as free
So I do what I gotta do
Dignity, use big cars and big planes
I kept you, let's dance
The fun thing, baby what you think?
It was coming from stop at the gum
I knew you knew, but you played it all
I play it too, like I had it all
I was a man gave you everything
So don't act like you don't understand

[2: x2]

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