Jonathan Wilson - There's A Light Lyrics

There's a light
A light that's over me
And all my friends and family would agree
Hey look! its over you
Its shining brighter still
Hey man it's overdue
But its your spotlight still

There is a feeling in the California air
There is lust for peace
And righteousness everywhere
Lust for me and you
And for our spirits too

There is a reason that we play among the stars
A reason that we are just who we are
A reason that we thrive
Belief to keep alive
A reason that we sing
Our song and everything

There is a garden
In the expanse of your mind
The harvest will speak volumes in due time
Flowers they will bloom
And brother so will you

Teach us
So we radiate
Return us to our
Newborn living state

There is inspiration
In everyone you meet
Every human being on the street
They all sing a special song
And when you sing along
You are this for them
One note will start the feeling

Today you will grow
And though your heart was filled with stone
The chains that were so limiting
Well now they're gone
You cut them right n half
With your dream
And with your laugh

You are the sky
You are the sun
You are America and you are everyone
You are the miracle of love
With all your children at your feet
You are the ocean from above
So dear so deep

Keep us
Floating in mid air
In service to the feeling
Of creations precious secret: love
Believing in each other
As we dance into eternity

There's a light
A light that's over me
And all my friends and family would agree
Hey look! It's over you
Its shining brighter still
Hey man it's overdue
But its your spotlight still

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Jonathan Wilson There's A Light Comments
  1. Beth Brown

    Good vibes☀️

  2. Carlos Menegucci

    Great song!

  3. Bob Mustachio

  4. João Paulo Chagas

    Soft music to my ears. Great song!

  5. Paul Revelli

    Man. Did I need this just now.

  6. Andranik Sargsyan

    That announcer speaks Armenian. Nice to hear that, but WHY and HOW?

  7. EvilStepDad_0331

    I needed this more than ever right now.

  8. Juag

    I love this!!!

  9. Alessandro Barberini

    wow grande sono contento che esistono ancora persone come voi! grazie!

  10. sean siegler

    This is the perfect song for right now.

  11. Burleism

    Glad to see someone following in TP's footsteps..........

  12. Azure S

    Been obsessed with Lucius for a while now, recently found this song on a suggested Spotify playlist and have really been getting into it. Just now found out Lucius is doing the backup vocals! Mind=Blown

  13. Jackson Forsey


  14. Texas Commtech

    CBS NEWS LIVE SATURDAY SESSIONS...THANK YOU from an old 60's hippie-cowboy. .....the Light is still Alive!

  15. Kathy Steele

    Finally - some wonderful new music sounds!!! Way to go!!! Just watched you on CBS This Morning!!!

  16. davido bissonette

    now we know there's 13 people out there with absolutely no taste!!!

  17. jesse7187

    Lucius! <3<3

  18. caroline

    Je retrouve des sonorités façon Pink Floyd, et that's good !!

    Nuno Fernandes

    especially in the last 30 seconds, right?

  19. Stella Nazieblo


  20. Hendrixleft

    JW you are so amazing just ordered the vinyl !! Can’t wait. Love the Armenian introduction. That really surprised me !!

    Andranik Sargsyan

    How did you recognize the Armenian language?

  21. Eduardo G.Garcia

    This song is perfect

  22. Anne Lahti

    This! Is! Fantastic!

  23. Dj Masterbafunk

    Good job ;-)

  24. david jonathan

    love your stuff Jonathan! bought every LP you have out.. Cheers!

  25. toast

    cool video but i noticed a few glitches in it

  26. Stewart Cruickshank

    Saw JW and band at the Brudenell last night in Leeds.Awesome.

  27. Dejan Ilic

    Браво Џонатане!

  28. Karla Hernandez

    Wonderful song. Does anyone know who the lady in the into is? She opens for JW at the moroccan lounge in LA in December last year (2017) and has an angelic voice. Been trying to figure it out since then.



    Karla Hernandez

    Ohh thank you <3

  29. welderbones

    The new album is fantastic !
    Went to see you in Toronto at The Great Hall a couple weeks ago, and you were amazing (as always).
    My 16 yr old nephew is a huge fan, so I picked him up the Rare Birds LP and mailed it out...spreading the love brother.

  30. shawn mansfield

    Damn i love this song, also shoutout to bedouine in the beginning

  31. Matthew Bown

    I got the album yesterday,I love it thank you from the UK

  32. Shunya Music

    Is that Turkish at the beginning? So much respect to JW, keeping it fresh with every promo. And finding the light with the lyrics. See also page 50 of April Mojo for one of the best rock portraits ever.

    Väinö Karjalainen

    I believe that is Armenian! Such a great vid; I wanna shoot and effect something on Betamax too!

    Kyle Khandikian

    It is indeed Armenian! Western Armenian to be precise :)

  33. Andrei Huhtala

    Fucking amazing song!

  34. Asaf Shaked

    Taped mics are cool (421 & 535... right ?)

  35. Joan server alonso


  36. Carlos V

    Cool song indeed, I´m happy you tried something more uplifting and vibrant. Also, the lyrics are beautiful. Thanks Jonathan 🙏

  37. Matthew Madsen

    You make me feel really good Jonathan.

  38. Boy Azooga

    beautiful song and video!

  39. carusoe_

    this is awesome! props to the videographers.

  40. Luis del castillo

    what an amazing song and album!

  41. PureRiffery

    This is one of my favorite tracks off the album so i'm happy to see this!

  42. Keith Brown

    Hoping that J. Wilson has a KEXP performance for this album like he's done for the other albums.

    Jonathan Webb

    Keith Brown I’ve been wanting that to happen as well!

  43. Bobby Paltauf Music

    Awesome video!!