Jonathan Wilson - The Way I Feel Lyrics

The way I feel is like a robin
Ho's babes I've flown to Condor Mall
Like a tallow tree alone and crying
The babes I flown and the beds

Now I'm all alone
And is like a young bird
In a tallow tree
Like a young men's heart
Among his mind you'll find her missing
When the nights are cold
She's warm and dry

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Jonathan Wilson The Way I Feel Comments
  1. hydrargyrus

    qué temazooooo!!!!!!

  2. joseph mcclure

    How did he decide to do a different version for the album, great stuff !

  3. Icarus Windjammer

    Watch these guys open for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and it was a great mix.

  4. Иван Дубровский


  5. Bruno Santos

    Music is alive

  6. Richard Kirton

    if you dont think that is cool you don't know what kool is

  7. Leo Ihlow

    Come to Australia, we need you


    in Love
    with himm

  9. Professor David O Siebra

    the tone of the voice sounds like George Harison...

  10. Dani Knabl

    Dat Bass is soo ultragroovy...

  11. Ушко Рупи


  12. tjalve93

    Dan Horne for president!

  13. tps607

    sweet...and only 6 years behind! oh well...I am here now and diggin it


    so it is... xo


    don't forget to breathe

    tps607 know what I meant...


    you're killing

  14. George

    Real music for real people!!!!!! I am sure this is not the kind of music plays on the mainstream radio of America

  15. Acoustic Music Store

    this is just amazing - absolutely gorgeous

  16. Jake Welch

    Is that rainn wilson on the keys?

    Kidd Karibe

    No - Adam MacDougall - from the Black Crowes

  17. scott pierce

    I was looking for an early live Gordon Lightfoot recording, found this. Sounds good,I'm not crazy about straight up retro shit but the band can play. Kind of a Doors feel to it.

  18. VanLuedewich

    That is an awesome lift at the beginning!!! I have a lot of vintage lift videos on my channel

  19. Stanko Petrovic

    kick it breeeeee

  20. Vasco Bicker

    anyone knows the name of the album this song is from?


    vascobicker Gentle Spirit by Jonathan Wilson. Its originally a Gordon Lightfoot song. You should hear Fotheringay's version too!

    Vasco Bicker

    thanks man!


    Thanks Christobal!

  21. grrrr


  22. Maria Diaz

    now the way i feel little like a robin
    whose babes have flown to come no more
    like a tall oak tree alone and crying
    when the babes have flown and the nest is bare

    now a woman lord is like a young bird
    and the tall oak tree is like a young man’s heart
    among his boughs you’ll find her nesting
    when the nights are cool she’s warm and dry

    Manuel Schmittla

    Maria Diaz wat?

    Maria Diaz

    Wat, what???

  23. Tristan Truebody

    This is so godamn fantastic it blows my mind!

  24. Lars M.

    Beautiful. A little too much organ in the mix, but beautiful!

    How to Faint

    Great. Now all I can hear is the damn organ.

    Pete Schork


  25. Aleksandra Ilijevski

    love this

  26. mark deamer

    i'm going to see him play on Thursday :)

    mark deamer

    he was great

  27. Yngeldorf

    It's like the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan had a weird three-way baby.
    Groovy as hell!

    jane k.

    Yngeldorf ❤

    Joselin Veramendi

    And he's actually touring with Roger Waters. I just saw him last saturday and it blew my mind 😍

  28. Bicho 65

    Esta me recuerda mucho a Deep Purple,me encanta,temazo!

  29. Dochotshot

    Does anyone know what amp he is playing?
    And furthermore, maybe what kind of pedals?

    Painis Cupcake

    +Dochotshot I see a Fender right behind him, possibly Band Master. Then there's an Orange stack to his right, but that may be the bass amp. Probably not a great deal of effects. Some kind of wah, maybe mild distortion/overdrive. Seems to be Fulltone Tube Tape Echo on top of the Fender. Bottom line is you don't need all this gear to get his tone. 345/355 + any fender amp + some mild distortion and wah will do

  30. Colin Greenwood

    the playing doesn't match the recorded track. methinks there's been some post-fiddling. shame as they can all really play.

    dark zaku

    +Colin Greenwood This is a session, not the studio cut

    Ian Meadows

    +Colin Greenwood yeah man, doesnt really make sense. this was recorded live, as you see it. thats the point, they CAN all really play, and they're really playing!

  31. Kittenclaws Guitar Videos

    this is so cool

  32. İbrahim Beyazoğlu

    One of my all time tunes. I have fond memories with this song

  33. TheONLYFranzl

    reminds me of Tom Petty

    Francis Deighan

    +TheONLYFranzl His vocal phrasing is Dylanesque (which Petty copied as well) and the ubiquitous Rickenbacker 12-string has the Byrds sound (which Petty copied as well). The keyboards are also very Heartbreakers-like as well.
    Great song regardless!

  34. plantium1000

    Very cool sound.

  35. abu Chill

    does anyone know where to buy his ´jacket?

    scott pierce

    That's a sweater and I would suggest your local consignment shop. Or you can be bourgeois and pay like 300 on some swag site.

  36. Brittany Lonsdale

    One of my top 5 favorite bands. This band needs way more recognition. I want this band playing at Coachella next year! Make it happen! One of the greatest artists in this era. Takes you back to when rock was real. Thank you, Old Soul, for bringing back intellectual lyrics and the beautiful sounds of the late 60's and 70's.


    Absolutely right my friend


    Brittany Lonsdale you're not wrong, I only heard the desert raven. What are some more good songs by these guys?

    maxwell pollon

    @schmittza the Album Fanfare is next level

  37. cuttygrass

    great song, and his jacket is my everything!

  38. Lc Young

    this should have 76 million views!! what is wrong with this world!?

  39. Flaming Flashback

    He did this justice. Gordon Lightfoot would be proud.

  40. Giorgos P

    SOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!!  ! ! !!... ..

  41. cameron demarco

    Why isnt studio version on here?

    Laura Dn

    who needs studio versions? this is awesome :)

  42. Maya A


  43. Kenneth Giorgi

    Camel sound... like it!

  44. Richard Eubanks


  45. commandcenter

    Don't mean to be a nerd, but really curious of the effects he uses during the first solo.. Anyone any idea? thanks guys!

    John Krull

    Sounds like an envelope filter/auto-wah I think it might be a mutron micro (which I know he uses per an interview search for gear in google) and some sort of OD/a rangemaster set low or boost. Maybe a touch of reverb... 

    scott pierce

    Agreed, there are websites that will break down a players rig/gear for you.

  46. Montgomery Anderson

    What!! Who is this dude,, man. Shit is amazing…..Gear,Sound,Look.. That bass line is killer never mind everything else….Feck…..

  47. nino brown

    Franchement .. Pas mal :)

  48. TheBluesman62

    I hear some heavy Peter Green influence in his music.


    I really hear Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd vibes throughout most his songs, especially during the instrumental parts on the Pink Floyd side.
    But that's a great thing. But then again, Wilson also has tracks like Fazon that totally surprise me. He mixes some great sounds to make his own.
    Definitely hugely influenced by the psychadelic vibes and rock/folk but his sound and tracks are fantastic.

  49. Toni Francis

    Was introduced via TRIStudios.  Am in awe!  WIll follow....

  50. Sophie Bates

    more like

  51. Sophie Bates


  52. Ronan O'Shea

    terrific cover. look forward to seeing these guys next month.

  53. Fred Flange

    I want to be Johnathan Wilson ( I only came here for the cardigan ) and stayed for the music OMG AWESOME !

  54. bitspacemusic

    Is that Sam Rockwell singing?

    Natalie Brown

    no-jonathan Wilson...

  55. Antony Kein

    Brilliant - Amazing - Astonishing !!!!!

  56. Jacobo Pares


  57. George

    From which album is this song?


    Gentle Spirit


    dryad Thank you

  58. Claire Doonan

    fucking amazing

  59. Ronaldo Wyllian Deitos

    Muito bom!

  60. Marina Gonzales

    These guys are all groovin, but the bass player kicks ass (:


    Dan Horne is an amazing bass player! :D


    @Alejandro Agudo Gómez YEAH! He's really great!!! ; )

  61. todaslasnoches santy

    Que buen tema !!!

  62. David Havas words.)

  63. Hugh Haworth

    These are stunning musicians

  64. Steveuploads

    #Bill Lomey ..... rubbish

  65. Bill Lomey

    How come I can't seem to dig this guy? He looks good, he can handle a guitar, he's perfected the "California cool" thing, but I've heard a bunch of his tunes and they're all kinda sucky. I WANT to like him but I can't live a lie, I think it's very mediocre stuff.

    Help me understand!

  66. sophistikittenlin

    Not sure what you are asking ... but the song was written by Gordon Lightfoot. :P

  67. Masteroftheomniverse

    dire straits?

  68. Simon Haulrig Andersen

    Anyone with an answer that will be not removed by youtube?

  69. TeraMil


  70. Ross Riddell

    Brilliant musician he may be, but this dude seriously needs to wash his greasy fuckin hair.

  71. soniccolour

    It's a fulltone tube tape echo.

  72. Rob Craig

    Camden Town..

  73. theguyfromParis

    hum... great drummer... thanks ! Love it !

  74. misterjack22

    A psychedelic man named Dan Horne.

  75. Ryan McDarby

    My thoughts exactly :)

  76. Nick van der Hout

    The 70s.

  77. Mixtape

    Who's the bass player?

  78. Rico Adventura


  79. Ian Reinders

    The world must know about you. wow.

    - sincerely
    - Ian Reinders

  80. MusicZhon

    I can tell you feel the music you're playing... you make me feel it too. Thanks.

  81. Jessica Irlanda Ortuño Calderón

    Cool, love it.

  82. The Bublight

    off of a corpse in the middle of the desert

    Mike Kin

    Glob Waterfall SCORE!😉

  83. Ross Riddell

    Second-hand shop most likely :)

  84. Rob Young

    You guys are killer.

  85. offthewall214

    Transworld Perpetual Motion

  86. Ryan McDarby

    5 stars for the cardigan alone.

  87. Douglas Honeyman

    Does anyone know where I can find a cardigan like his? It is awesome.

    twindick sucks

    Douglas Honeyman the 70’s?

  88. JodieLynette

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, etc.

  89. paul burgess

    Roskilde is gonna love Jonathan Wilson, i for sure will be watching him. RocknRolla

  90. Daniel Westö

    Anybody got the chords?

  91. Mattias Svensson

    These guys are amazing. Cant wait to see them play at Roskilde festival in July.

  92. gil*movies

    trop cool ! aux vieilles charrues

  93. TheJohan2201

    How do I get this version? It is quite different from the one on the album and I really like it!

  94. Azshaix

    In my opinion he is very underrated and has every quality to become one of the greatest artists of all time.

    Jack Shaw


  95. Jasmin Melton

    come play at barley's in spindale. pretty please?

  96. Christobal

    ah, found it. It's called full tone tube tape echo.

  97. rippersk8er

    Didn't he brought back the 1969 jack casady to play bass in his band haha

    John Kemp

    Jack played the eyebrows...

  98. muscmp

    most likely the white box on top of the blonde bassman head. it is either an binson echorec or, i believe, guild, made a U.S. version of it. similar to an echoplex in that it is a delay.