Jonathan Wilson - Over The Midnight Lyrics

We are traveling over the midnight
We are holding our hearts
We are in flight
And our shoes might as well be nails!
In our minds play 1000 pretty songs (for us)
And there's nothing up here that could be savage
There's no fear, no hatred, no killers, no guns

And besides, you're wearing red ruby lipstick
So I touch you and smile while you laugh
While these idiots all lose their power
And we dance as we cover our trail

Yeah this world it is burning
But don't it feel incredible?
Whisper in my ear
And tell me what you see in the flames

There's a freak loading out of my driveway
He's a stranger with a kind hippie face
There's the muscled ghost
And it's riddled with torment
Can you roll babe?
Here's some papers and grass

And besides, we've got the whole town to roam around in
And they've overdubbed our voices in French
To the Beverly Hills for our Margaritas
You look so pretty in the polo, but you're smashing in pink

Yeah this world it is burning
But don't it feel incredible?
Whisper in my ear
And tell me what you see in the flames, in the flames

We are traveling over the midnight
We are holding our own, we are in flight
And our shoes they might as well be nails
Our minds play 1000 pretty tunes (for us)
There is nothing up here that could be savage
Theres no fear, no hatred, no killers, no guns

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Jonathan Wilson Over The Midnight Comments
  1. Jack Shaw

    I am here because Jonathan Wilson is the raddest cat on the planet. Period. (Well, if you’re a music head.)

    And I like to get really, really high on mushrooms to great records like Rare Birds and Fanfare. #HellYeahFuckYeahJW🧙🏼‍♂️

  2. lostsoul 77


  3. Angel Jordan

    Your band is amazing!!!

  4. Mariano Laguzzi

    marlene kuntz brought me here

  5. Mike Kin

    JW is incredibly talented. Every album is beautifully crafted. I love the immersive sound he creates. Really something special.

  6. Manuel Fernandez

    Coldplay,empire of the sun,Roxy music

  7. Alessandro Barberini

    bellissimo sei un grande!

  8. Артем Пасічник

    AVVESOME!!!! THX MAn For this masterpiece. <3 u all!

  9. khris

    Life changing

  10. Anselmo Echeverria

    El músico y productor Jonathan Wilson lleva su psicodelia folk-pop un paso más allá. A veces puede resultar empalagoso, pero en este caso "Rare birds" es un disco redondo, en el que se adentra en un pop-rock elegante. Presta atención a piezas como "Munholland queen", el sonido ochentero de "Over the midnight", el pop de marcada influencia beatle de "There's a light" o el medio tiempo en el que colabora Lana del Rey titulado "Living with myself". Un disco de tono confesional, en el que Wilson ha sofisticado los arreglos. Al fin y al cabo es un artesano, su nombre como productor o músico de acompañamiento se asocia a artistas como Jackson Brown, Father John Misty, Bonnie Prince Billy, ... de hecho ahora está de gira con Us + Them de Roger Waters, que después de recalar en Barcelona llegará la próxima semana a Madrid.
    Música independiente novedades.

  11. Saya Angel

    Wow I just saw them on CBS This Morning. Just gained a new fan :)

  12. Olo Mpali

    A great cover for Bobby Ace?

  13. Christian Barraco

    I love it

  14. the whelk

    absolute banger.... whole album is extraordinary. nice work, Jonathan. Look forward to seeing you in London this evening. Got a bit of a War on Drugs feel this one. Love them too.


    @shenkaed only rap music and be "bangers"

  15. Sérgio Freitas

    Antena 3 ✌️

  16. The Scene.


  17. Peter Andersen

    Veak voice, thinlegged melody, shitty lyrics and a complete idiotic drum


    Why you Peter Andersen put here the description of yourself, its all about Jonathan Wilson here sorry.

  18. pdubbbz


    Jack Shaw

    pdubbbz Laurel Canyon in the 80’s 🤙🏼🌞🌱🍄

  19. EnosEverything

    Excellent song and a precursor to what will be another astounding album I'm certain.

  20. Kyle Dalton

    It’s the dude who sang at Roger Waters’ show as David Gilmour, and he really sounded amazing. I sense David Bowie here, tho.

  21. Er Sl

    Thanx Steve Jones.


    Hell yeah brother!

  22. Aaron Wacker

    Beautiful song! Mapped the chords so others can play and sing along:

  23. XQCmoi

    Yak. An ordinary pop song? Don't hope the psychedelic Wilson is gone.

    Christian B

    XQCmoi This is ordinary? Lol Did you even watch the video?

    Mike Kin

    Far from ordinary

  24. Giacomo Schmitt

    Che tristezza.
    Voglio ricordarlo così:

  25. Oom Tier

    Same melody in verse as Audioslave - I am the Highway.


    Yeah..... no. Also the main difference being that song sucks and this one doesn't.

  26. Pepsho

    wilson on drugs?

    Jack Shaw

    Pepsho does it matter?

  27. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Over the Midnight" is #36 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week:

  28. SManao

    No beaver still chops the pine... now it's a party for everyone. Good luck!

  29. blessedwithbeautyandrage

    Amazing 👏 I love everything about this song and I’m trying to get tickets to see you live next year 💕

  30. WoogieBoogie

    You have completely sold out.

    Christian B

    MsRabbitt how?

    Mike Kin

    To who? Or what? And how so?

  31. Kevin Tatum

    WICKED yet ANGELIC at the same sweet sweet melody! TALENT!
    Plays guitar for ROGER WATERS on his recent tours and being great Solo too has to be a sweet gig brother!

  32. Leonmanso

    Looking for a new sensations, i respect who changes because wants to enjoy what he does.

  33. Turtle Recall

    Who directed this?? I LOVE IT!!

  34. Giacomo Paita

    Sembra proprio un pezzo dei war on drugs. Sinceramente non ne sono entusiasta: il video poi si vede che è fatto con due lire e pure brutto...

  35. It'sPogioTime

    I wasn't convinced yesterday when I first listened to it, maybe I wasn't in the right mood. Today it's been on repeat mode for hours.

  36. Mike Shee

    So cool that my favourite artist is releasing rare birds on my birthday! Whata gift! Roll on whelans! JW the man! ✌️🕺🏻🔭

  37. Mike Croft

    Start sounds exactly like Michael Jackson’s Beat It and the rest sounds like the war on Drugs.

  38. Laurin Hofmann

    This really sounds like the war on drugs, I hope there will be some tracks which have the good old Wilson-style...

  39. BloodyBlues

    Great song and video. Jonathan Wilson reaches my soul like no other musician these days.

  40. Isaac Sharon

    I cannot wait to hear your entire album and your song with Lana Del Rey 'Living With Me'

  41. Rac

    Come to Brasil !

  42. Elliot Pecora

    really cool, excited for the new album
    are you going to have the deluxe vinyl at the Detroit show? I don't want it to be sold out by that time but shipping to Canada costs just as much as the record itself

  43. Mattia Caroli

    What a fuck is this Jonathan?

    Giacomo Paita

    Mattia Caroli agree with you! Come back to 70s covers like previous - great! - albums!

    Christian B

    This is great. WTF are you crying about?

    Mattia Caroli

    Good for you. Missing 80's so much?

  44. bryant de groot

    Am I the only one who got Coldplay vibes from this? Not sure if that's in a good way or not, ill let it grow

    pao cap

    This's true, man


    I can't see it. Sounds like the war on drugs a bit to me.

    White Buffalo

    i'm actually getting pretty heavy matthew good vibe... anyone else?

    Geoff Burt

    Funny, but I got some Radiohead vibe from "Gentle Spirit" here and there with those crash-and-burn studio effects he added to a couple of tunes.

  45. Pete Schork

    elixir for trying times. can't wait for the full release

  46. Boy Blue

    Love the song , and interesting video, can't wait for the album . Always loved your voice so much.


    Can’t wait for the album!

    Arthur Thao

    heard the news too? Lol excited

    carol Oliveira


  48. Blue Collar Shred


  49. Lars C

    What is this, an even better version of The War On Drugs?

    Mike Kin

    I'm really digging "Over the Midnight" and it does most certainly remind me of The War On Drugs... particularly "Under the Pressure"

    Tedd Roundy

    Repair your soul and beg Jerry's forgiveness, Lars C.

    justo martinez


    the dude abides

    Your crazy to think this is better than the war on drugs

    Thomes Maisling

    Musically it's as good, but lyrically not as good as The War On Drugs IMO. Don't get me wrong though, I do like it.

  50. Josh Thompson

    Beyond excited for this one.

  51. Jonathan Webb

    Loving it! I only just bought Fanfare but I think Jonathan Wilson is my next favourite artist! Keep on writing!

  52. commandcenter

    In JWilson I will always trust. Can’t wait for the full release.

  53. Recensioni musicali Hot Case & Cold Case

    mmm Interesting... waiting for album

  54. Asaf Shaked

    Cool song & video... waiting for the album :)

    Asaf Shaked

    More than few listenings later, found myself addicted to the freak on the driveway... aha ;-)
    I really dig the punchy BD crisp OH mix... beautiful work !
    (thank you for replying... made my day)