Jonathan Wilson - Mulholland Queen Lyrics

You are perched up on the ridge of town
Mmm, you are my lookout
Will you sing the secrets in all twelve keys?
Ah dreamer, have you dreamed to leave?
I've been looking for a maker to take me in
So pretty lady, where do I begin?

Up Mulholland
Travel by machine
Carve the canyons
My Mulholland queen

Show me all the world behind those eyes
Oh baby, you're so blue and wise
Oh, test me baby, make me wait
Teach me what to appreciate
A thousand glances, a thousand days
Sweetheart, let me count the ways
Arrest me honey, make me smile
Let me make this worth your while

Up Mulholland
Travel by machine
Carve the canyons
My Mulholland queen

A miracle those two souls would meet
On some Angel's Point where the hearts they speak
With the babies breath in a crown-like shape
Just framing your features; your neck's very nape
I'm lost as we drive down the canyon road
You lean over, you tell me that you're in love
So I toss and I turn and I smile in my dream
Where I've been there before, where I've felt like a king
Through your laugh, I can breathe in a childlike air
With you dear, I'm in awe of a creature rare
With your tender smile and your pretty little dress
With your jazz in your heart, you don't need all the rest
As the days pass, the nights are our silver screens
From the curves of Bel Air to Topanga Creek
As we hear what the masters have sang us before
All the Billie and the Chet and the Pharaoh of yore
Through your touch, I can feel where your heart has been
Through the flashes and fog, I can see where and when

Under those big eucalyptus'
Where your grasses are green
Where you sway under the heavens
And your dominion is every...

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Jonathan Wilson Mulholland Queen Comments
  1. Pete Schork

    two soulmates on the open road...what an outro

  2. graphicbrew

    I'm informing Al Stewart of the rip of his "Merlin's Time".

    Icarus Windjammer

    How did that go?

  3. Asaf Shaked

    Honest... Touching... Beautiful

  4. Leri waters 71 Carrasco Ximenez De Sandoval

    Thank you Jonathan!!! Another one of yours... what a way to start a weekend...please, next one sooner!!