Jonathan Wilson - Me Lyrics

Me, let's look at me
Did I pirouette again
Out of the dream?

Just me
And all that I could be
And have I sang of peace at least?
Have I helped my fellow man at all?

Just a song with me in question
A cry for deeper understanding
Botticelli's angels flying
Don't mind living, don't mind dying

Just a song with me in question
A cry for deeper understanding
Botticelli's angels flying

Will I live forever?
Playing cards with Jesus
In some gold salvation army
Making plans for the future
Surrounded by celestial mothers

Where will we be when we are?
I think I need a cup of tea
I need everything
In the leaded mirror I was crying
I think I need a cup of tea
I need everything
Why would we be where we were?
Where will I be when I am?

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Jonathan Wilson Me Comments
  1. Michael strakA

    Fuck yea dude. Processing the video was like meditating on a previous nights trip.

  2. Nik Novakovic

    Reminds me of John Lennon. Nice

  3. Yilmas VEVO

    Are you the resident hippy Roger Waters was talking about in his concert?

  4. Andranik Sargsyan

    Only 8,415 Views, 301 Likes and 0, yes, 0 Dislikes for the moment.
    The numbers speak about this artist. An honest, a strongly talented and skilled person!
    I had an honor to see him in Russia in 2018.
    I also have all 4 albums by him.
    Finding and purchasing the real "Frankie Ray" album was stressful :D
    Still hope to meet him once upon a time.
    Good luck, Jonathan!

  5. Jilly

    Resplendent ♥

  6. boomspring

    the video is a masterpiece !!!!!!


    great songs, I see influence from the Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison and a bit of Pink Floyd.

  8. Mike Kin

    This is probably my favorite song off of Rare Birds. Thank you Jonathan! 🙏

  9. Tallulah Bird

    See the ral now!

  10. Google User

    Beautiful song & lyrics!! Love to see an 8mm or 16mm type video.. With JW's love for the old sound & use of the old school equipment that produces it, it would seem a natural marriage!?. ..🎼🎥✌

  11. Sterling Music

    The albums are getting better and better. Rare Birds is a real high water mark. Took me a few listens. The first two were more immediate for me but Rare Birds is now my favourite.

  12. Aa. Hartley

    JW is transcendent in every way. Stoked to see and hear his music. Feel very blessed when I see him play live. This album is amazing as well.

  13. Lia

    I saw you in us+them CR and I was amazed by your voice

  14. bobstar76

    Braw vid

  15. commandcenter

    hey Jonathan.. would you ever consider making a whole studio live dvd of all your greatest hits (including the ones from Frankie Ray of course)?

  16. Andranik Sargsyan

    Does anyone know if there is a possibility to contact Jonathan Wilson directly? Or at least meet him before the concert?

  17. Kees Tel

    Great piece of art. Visualy & musically.

  18. Abrildel85

    Como siempre , Jonathan Wilson es sinónimo de calidad y esta , como casi todas sus obras , está llena de simbología ❤️

  19. Kenneth Giorgi

    Where was this filmed?

    José Faure

    Kenneth Giorgi New Zealand

    Kenneth Giorgi

    @José Faure Thanks!

  20. James Davis

    Is that Kamasi

    Raimundo Arriagada

    hope so ! but have that "sound" haha

  21. Big Boss do Paraguai

    This is awesome, I loved it

  22. Paul Kelly

    Love it man. You deserve more plaudits and accolades. True maestro at work. Come back to Dublin soon, we can hang out, drink Guinness and have a jam.

  23. Vladimir Mihajlović

    One of his best songs in my humble opinion

  24. Rac

    more guitar as in the beginning

  25. Shitpost Island

    Some fucking good shit.

  26. Euan Goethals

    I'm really digging it, just like Jonathan at 2:56.

  27. overdosedani dani

    amazing visual art, amazing sound effects and combinations, so unrated

  28. Gabriel H Silva

    Getting some El Topo vibes from this

  29. Alejandro Fuentes

    Amazing Vibes 😍😎👽

  30. Jonathan Webb

    lovin the vibes, thank you