Jonathan Wilson - Lovestrong Lyrics

Mystic music come and save me from my memories
I was so alone this time
Cosmic harmony
Perfect harmony, the
Mystic frees inside my mind

Hold on...
Love... strong...
Love... strong...

Just a while ago went up the road a piece
Fanfare when you are born
A ballad when you are released
And all the while are the lyrics that you sang
Every lifetime plays the song of every living thing

Hold on...
Love... strong...
Love... strong...

Now I'm hearing about your bourgeois life out on the beach
Coyote'd chew off his own paw to get out of what you've tried to achieve, lady
And all the while you could have laid here in my arms
And all the while we shared this mystic in our hearts

Hold on...
Love... strong...

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Jonathan Wilson Lovestrong Comments
  1. Marc T

    Did anyone else come here from "the Bachelor"? lol

  2. FrançoisG

    Pink floyd <3

  3. sayazdir


    Mr Slave

    all day long, yeah.

    Nazifa Taha

    Right! 3:35 Thank the life I am not the only to see "echoes" in this

  4. MandrillST


  5. Olivier Guitton

    Un pur bonheur cet album

  6. Pookaboost

    i just love this song. It will never get old.