Jonas Brothers - Out Of This World Lyrics

It was cloudy on that night
There were no stars in sight
Then the planets all aligned
When i saw her eyes

One look that's all it took
To send me, to another galaxy
And she said

She was on her way to mars
Then she ran into a star
And she fell into my arms
Thank you gravity

Never let her go
I'll hide her ufo
She'll never have to know

She's my space girl
And she's out of this world

We were watchin star wars
She looked kinda bored
Said she'd seen it all before
Made me wonder even more

Which universe was hers
What galaxy did she call home

She was on her way to mars
When she went into a star
And she fell into my arms
Thank you gravity

Never let her go
I'll hide her ufo
She'll never have to know

She's my space girl
And she's out of this world

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Jonas Brothers Out Of This World Comments
  1. graysay

    listening in 2019 crew

  2. Allii Mariie


  3. Beatriz Louzada

    2019 and i just found out about the existence of this song. (i’ve been a fan since cr) omg

    Lauren Pierson

    Beatriz Louzada girl me too I’m b l o w n

  4. Erin McIntosh

    I wish this was on Spotify US 😭 All my friends thought I was the coolest when I found a rip of this song on Limewire back in the day since it was a Euro release. 😂

  5. Chanie Feldman-Levin

    Anyone know why this song isn't on spotify?


    I remember being geeked as hell because this song was available for European fans only, lol.

  7. Zayn Malik's Girl

    It's not fair The US did not get very many JB bonus tracks.


    y'all got plenty of tours instead lmao,,, they came to spain like 2 times

  8. Kristine Joy Aquino

    Hello space girls! I'm still in love with this song! 😍


    Now they’re baaaack

  9. Tiffiny Barragan

    Miss the old day. Want jb back.

  10. Re Ross

    A bad part of living in the US is not being able to listen to Europe single releases. Thank you uploading

  11. Abigail Hensley

    this song changed me as a person

  12. suweni nethni

    i lv this song

  13. suweni nethni


  14. sooly 95

    😭😭😭😭 I want the old me back

  15. criZZ croZZ

    is THE best SOng !!! jOnaS bROThers

  16. attic in the universe

    I haven't listened to this song in YEARS! I just woke up with the song title in my head.. quick trip in the past

  17. TJMusic98

    Nick sounds so young in it cause it was most likely one of the first songs they recorded for the album  

  18. TJMusic98

    this is a great song but i can see why it was basically scrapped/bonus track because compared to the songs that made the album it sucks but its still good 

  19. tinseltownchick

    omg i remember this song!! so freaking cute and amazing! JB FOREVER

  20. Janileth Echenique

    I remember this song when I was younger... so cute! :) They have grow up so much! Just as much as I did..


    How grown are you now?

  21. nichole mae madison

    i really love this song :D

  22. Caitlin Moore

    I loved this song when I was younger and I still love nick <3

  23. Savannah Buck

    Why does the freakin USA never get a bonus track.

  24. ninanaily

    my fav song when i was 12 :')

  25. ILoveJoBros4Yever

    Thank you for that comment! I've never read such an awesome comment from a non fan :)

  26. paula valdiviezo mogollon

    amazing song

  27. Sara Torres


  28. kawobunga

    dont cmpare miley cyrus to lil wayne or justin bieber! wtf! yes hannah montanna sucks but she actually has a good voice n shit

  29. Sofia Ibarra

    i absolutly loooove this song!!! <3 <3 <3

  30. Génesis Valenzuela

    i've never heard that "they are the worst band ever" i've heard that they are one of the best band ever , even people compare them with the beatles ...
    and those songs are not "serious" but thet got alot of serious and really touching songs and this song is really old hahaha but it's great , they have both types of music c: They're really good musicians .
    and i agree with you they are way better than justin bieber and all those people c:

    try :A little bit longer , who i am and + if you want (:

  31. Gol D. Money

    This is one of the best off the album . Lucky UK >.<

  32. xoxoxo547

    I love all the brothers, but there's something really special about Nick's voice. Especially in this song.

  33. Haley C

    I love the album cover for this! It's so amazing haha, I could stare at it and try too find all of their songs. I really just like.

  34. S M

    Olld jooooonas

  35. LivexBreathexMusic

    thats kinda my question..idk how i dont know how i dont know this -.-

  36. Guppy Directioner

    Really this song is like years old. Me and my friend used to run down the halls in our primary school screaming this outloud.

  37. Ana sofía

    This is one of my favourite songs from them :D

  38. KAKACHIA 777

    they are cool

  39. KAKACHIA 777

    Bring this Jonas Brothers back!!! :(

    Rachel Lazenby

    Do I have news for you 😂


    Rachel Lazenby crazy news 🤪

  40. Jamaika Lyze

    They'll be coming back. Soon enough. And they're not out of this world. A lot of fans are waiting for them.


    You were ahead of your time

  41. Giullia Gomes

    OMJ i never listen this song. But now i'm in love with it. *0*

  42. soURfunnyYOUthink

    thats for sure theyre out this world literally.....theyre not known anymore

  43. LivexBreathexMusic

    @korni0703 i will NOT calm down! you dont understand. i should be considered a stalker not a fan. i have loved them since 2nd grade. never stopped. and i dont know HOW i never heard this song.

  44. LivexBreathexMusic


  45. LivexBreathexMusic


  46. LivexBreathexMusic


  47. Bjørnen Rasmus

    Nick Jonas take me out of this world <3

  48. Natasha Ryan

    I forgot about this!!

  49. Eva M

    well, I love this song ! It's amazing !

  50. RobinMane

    When i hear one JB song i can't stop listening!

  51. Elizabeth C

    ♥thank you gravity♥

  52. sarah wastlon

    I love this song!

  53. Kim

    #3yearsalittlebitlonger :)

  54. McCartney sunshine

    @WilliamsRanchVA It's not that famous,and i it wasn't on ALBL ..

  55. Marymar Esparza

    I lOvE SoNg

  56. Andreja Vela

    Love this song!!!!!!!!!

  57. Kili

    "One look... That's all it took, to send me to another galaxy" ... Joe must be easy ;) lol jk! ♥

  58. Koldolmen

    @nickjismine105 Im not listening to it, it was on the youtube front page and i just clicked it because i didnt know how the new layout worked. Im not trying to piss off any "fans".

  59. Marie Marin

    this is one of my fav songs. I don't understand why it wasn't put on ALBL or later on LVTT...
    anyway... I love it!

  60. Corinne Elizabeth

    I love this song so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Andreja Vela

    @GotEmSkills why r u wasting you time then if u dont like them

  62. smashleyy5

    @UltimateMoron i just fell in LOVE with your comment! i think its awesome that you are backing them up eventhough that was the first time you listened to them. i really dont understand how people say they are bad either.. i think its just cuz they are a boy band.. idk, its dumb. but i'm in love with them!<3 but i also liked that you threw in the fact that the jonas brothers are better than MILEY CYRUS! hellll yesss!!! sorrry, i cant stand her. haha. and justin is a little over his head too. ha

  63. CyviVitoria

    @UltimateMoron I Totally agree all their songs has meanings<3

  64. Corinne Elizabeth

    My favorit part is 0:00-3:11 and the best part of the song

  65. UltimateMoron

    Just listened Jonas Brothers for the first time. Why people hate this? People say this is the worst band ever and I don't get it! It's fun pop-rock, not too serious but enjoyable. The guys write their own songs and even play instruments. These guys are not that annoying or horrible as I thought because everybody hates this. So, my favorites are Alice Cooper, CoB and Billy Talent so this isn't that kinda music I dig but it's still MUCH better than Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or Lil Wayne!

  66. 8hrisi

    0:00 - 3:11 <--my fav part ^^

  67. Karla Bradley

    Just for the uk?! I feel honered go jo bros!!!!!

  68. Corinne Elizabeth

    @becky309203 I know what you saying it's really gets me mad when I listen to song that I want on my Ipod and they're not on itunes they should have all the Jonas Brothers songs on itunes they're huge why should'nt they have all of they're song on itunes!

  69. Corinne Elizabeth

    I love this song so much and I did'nt know it was a song until like 10:00 tonight but I still love this song so much

  70. Tin Jonas


    I LOVE U SO MUCH !!!


  71. Tin Jonas


  72. Chris Duncan

    @TWINANGELS20101 omg and they are human and so am i :)

  73. Elisa Soeung

    i love this song so muchh!! ♥

  74. slfur0813


  75. Marissa Johnson

    @brm2030 i love it too!! nick jonas is so H O T!! :)

  76. Ggirlangel93

    I love the Jonas Brothers soooo much!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

    I love this song soo much, but I love all jonas brothers songs soo much!! :)

  77. No andno

    wow, i never even knew about this song til now. i have "live to party" as a bonus song, not this.

  78. Rachel Brown

    world war three is wierd not there best

  79. kayla rt

    This is like my fave song and of course im out here in Canada

  80. Romina M.

    i love this song ... it's so cool how they can make such an amazing song out of UFOs and Mars... love them!!!

  81. Isabelle V.

    i love this song this is why i love them they have outrageous and crazy songs and it helps that thier HOT.

  82. Britty Jean

    I absolutely love this song ; )

  83. carisha fountain

    i luv this song n jb. jb forever♥

  84. Renata Gagliardi

    haha what can i say? im open minded when it comes to music lol

  85. Arely Xochiquetzal

    hahaha crap!

  86. Renata Gagliardi

    well um. let's see...tokio hotel, good charlotte, simple plan, oasis, ftsk, nickelback, paramore, metro yeah haha and others of course. is early in the morning i can barely think lol

  87. Renata Gagliardi

    hahaha i don't know which bands are ok, you tell me and i'll tell you if i like them lol

  88. Renata Gagliardi

    Um, just because we are fans of the Jonas Brothers doesn't mean we don't listen to another bands.when lady gaga said that the jonas brothers were the next beatles i was like: OH NO SHE DID NOT!
    I love the jonas borthers with all my might and hopefully they succeed and keep writing songs for more years (:
    BUT COME ON, jonas brothers and the beatles? the ebatles started fourty years ago and even though they are separated people are still listening to them just wanted to say that

  89. Renata Gagliardi

    I'ts ok i mean just because you don't like them it doesn't affect me at al, just your opinion (: At least you did it a polte way not like those people that come and ay: UGLY FAGGS FUCK you
    and stuff like that =/

  90. Esmeralda Salgado

    ♥♥♥I wanna be that space girl...I love that song..♥♥

  91. Kirsty Spencer

    Oh no you did NOT just insult Nick Jonas' amazing voice.

    Psh, wouldn't know talent if it jumped up and bit you on the ass. Nick Jonas is AMAZING at singing, kk?

  92. Renata Gagliardi

    GUYS, please. You're just being immature. Just because one person doesn't like Jonas Brothers you don't have to give that person SEVEN THUMBS DOWN! come on, please don't be childish, she's just giving her opinion.
    For god's sake

    BY THE WAY i love these boys (:

  93. DaniqueXOXO

    i love this song.
    and i love the Jobros. <3

  94. xSalmaxNxJonasx

    sooo in love with this track right now <3
    god can they get any better?
    i think NOT!

  95. davonie09

    i totally love this song.

  96. kpurity1

    It's a bonus track on A Little Bit Longer in UK

  97. dramaprincess69

    the lyrics are sooooo good
    nick's AMAZING.
    my newest favourite song!!!! xoxo

  98. Daesai_Elani

    If you are from the U.S like me, you won't have it. the UK has it on theirs though. I luv it. Go to laurax's page to download it.

  99. randomgal13

    this is a weird song..

    but who cares... CAUSE I LOVE IT!