Jonas Brothers - Burning Up Lyrics

I'm hot
You're cold
You go around
Like you know
Who I am
But you don't
You've got me on my toes

I'm slipping into the lava
And I'm tryin' to keep from going under
Baby, who turned the temperature hotter?
'Cause I'm burning up, burning up
For you baby

I fell (I fell)
So fast (so fast)
Can't hold myself
High heels (high heels)
Red dress (red dress)
All by yourself, gotta catch my breath


Walk in the room
All I can see is you
You're staring me down
I know you feel it too

[Chorus x2]

[Big Rob rap:]
Burning up in this place tonight
Gonna sing it loud
And we're feeling right
Get up and dance
Don't try to fight it
Big Rob's for real
And that's no lie
Stop drop and roll
And touch the floor
Keep on burning up more and more
I got JB with me
Layin' it down
Come on boys lets bring the chorus around


Burning up, burning up
For you baby

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Jonas Brothers Burning Up Comments
  1. Victoria Poole

    Merry Christmas

  2. MinJR1

    at 2:11, if you pause as "Kevin" lands from his flip, you can see the face of his stunt double. Obviously Kevin can't flip like that but just a cool thing to look at.

  3. GiGi Masman

    Selena ❤️

  4. Adam M

    As a drummer, I appreciate this song so much.

  5. Steven Couling

    love the song so muchhhh

  6. Mia Locket

    Wait..... Why is Bill from Kill Bill in this????????

  7. Celesta Jae BATES

    who else thinks that the thumbnail should be a meme

  8. Taryn

    selena looks so gorgeous 🤩

  9. The Byrd’s Nest

    End of 2019 who still here listening?

    Ana Sophia Roub

    The Byrd’s Nest yup

  10. Ericka Turner

    I was just thinking about how back in 2008 if you said anybody but Big Rob was your favorite rapper you just automatically got disowned lol

  11. RCIII

    Ngl. The reason this song is so popular is because of big robs moment. Love ya big rob

  12. Hodan Hassan


  13. Hodan Hassan

    Holy shit Selena Gomez??

  14. Hodan Hassan

    Holy shit Selena Gomez??

  15. Hodan Hassan

    Holy shit Selena Gomez??

  16. Sophia Monserrat Ibarra Jaramillo

    someone listening at december 2019?

  17. Layla N

    Oh my god I wanna be 8 again

  18. Rajesh Chandna

    Awesome man your my fan

  19. BoilingHotCoffee

    wait did this just recently get remastered?

  20. Kaylee Grace

    i love the way nick says red dress

  21. Rodrigo Loza

    I always thought jor jonas was the superstar. How I wrong I was. Without Nick they woulndt have had success.

  22. Miranda Cullens

    1:17 yw

  23. Malarie Avina

    Reddd dresssss

  24. •Peachy Devils•

    Who’s watching in 2019?

    Oh just me ok

    Sarah K

    Cloudy Stars almost 2020

    I love Kingdom hearts and other video games

    @Sarah K marry xmas

  25. jewel mubbala

    I loving Jonas’s brother wen I was little girl still loving Jonas brother I still love right now I am so glad jonas brother back together

  26. Believe Aldc

    now that i know that this song is about sex, things will never be the same...

  27. Madelyn Rodriguez

    Selena Gomez lol

  28. Solomon Low

    Only two is vocal only

  29. Heaven Leigh

    Singing this to my friend and even putting him on. 😂😂😂😩

  30. Chuuqie Soneclairé

    Here after Conan Gray sang this during his tour

  31. Angelica Sudberry

    Miss this

  32. anniestudyign

    is that selena gomez in 1:13 or is it just me


    anniestudyign it is back then nick and selena dated

  33. SimSimsTECHcrunch

    I swear to got this video wasn't in HD when I checked it a year ago let alone 4K :0

  34. rhatz dy2629

    Younger days- burnin UP

  35. ѕj cσvєrѕ

    Fac( off

  36. Mariely Martinson

    Forever a Jonas brother fangirl, and I know my husband is also a low-key fangirl as well.

  37. Erin Sharkey

    December 2019

  38. Will Filla

    Danny Trejo is in this mf?

  39. Makinnon Goldie

    Thanks for the home browser jacob

  40. sara martinez

    Jo Jones hot omg

  41. sara martinez

    Omg memories love this song

  42. Ryan Martin

    Came here from Alpharad Plus! Any Plussies in the chat?

  43. Lanie Willis

    God loves you so much no matter what!!!!!

  44. Baybee Ari

    I’m soo glad they back together 😭

    Xx. Awooosh

    Baybee Ari me tooo

  45. RetroFuMasta

    Is that Bill from Kill Bill in this video!?!?

  46. Félix IR

    Doubt: what is the place's name of the first scene when they are talking about the girls? it looks beautiful!

  47. Hey You

    I was so in love with nick 😂😂😂😍😍😍

  48. אביטל ברזילי

    SONG NO 12

  49. Ana Sophia Roub

    I was six when this came out 🤔😵

  50. Ana Sophia Roub

    Joe: IM HOT

    Me:::::::: YEssSs UUUUUuuUUu RRrrRr 🥵🤤


    Selena Gómez 👑💋

  52. Giovana Arduino


  53. VickyToria 667

    1:23 Sech??

  54. Celine Terra

    *Rob grabs the mic*

  55. girlsruleme8

    ROB ROB 🤩 makes it awesome

  56. Loretta 253

    I find it funny that Joe wears the same suite here in their tour pictures, Kevin's karate teacher is Bill (from Kill Bill), and Nick is all about *RED DRE§§*

  57. Khyanni

    This song came out when nick and Selena were dating🥰🥰 time flies man

  58. L M

    I cant be the only one who gets a nostalgia storm right now 😍😊😢i cant believe our decade is over

  59. TheOnlyShanex

    Who is still here in 2019??

  60. Steffy Elf

    I LOVE This song 😍😊💙

  61. Mil The Real Baddie

    😍😍😍😍😂 memories

  62. Nali2013

    6 years later and they still have the same vibe in their music videos

  63. Leatherface Fan6894

    1:08 that is clearly joe doing the flips I can see his long hair

  64. Alison Rolling




  66. Nathalia Dhanraj

    Good days.miss the old Jonas Brothers

  67. ZEMA

    Nick & Selena!

  68. Ashutosh Jadhav

    Corollary of this video is, to defuse a bomb just cut two wires at the same time and everything will be fine..... 😒😒😒😏

  69. Shery Arroyo Oporta

    November 2019??

  70. Veronica Alanis


  71. Eva.


    After so many years, I realized that Nick's girl is Selena

    why I never noticed that?

  72. tj johnson

    Selena should have chosen Nick over Justin😂

  73. Marianna Carvajal

    Hoy 28 de Noviembre de 2019, yo toda aburrida haciendo declaraciones patrimoniales, que mejor para despertarme que escuchando a mis amores de infancia, ILY Jonas, saludos a todos desde Venezuela!!

  74. Lauren

    Kev's sideburns remind me of the ones sponge bob had on at his grandmas house to prove he was an adult.

  75. CoolSheep Plays

    I finally heard “baby who turned the temperature hotter” like what Nick said it was on Twitter

  76. Mikee Cork

    My favourite one

  77. Adrienne Adams

    2:09 I love the old white dude is from an actually kung-fu movie like that’s hilarious

  78. Kayley Hornsby Nicholls

    Guys it nicks way of singing his part in the song we don’t have to bully him for the way he sings he has got a powerful beautiful voice that everyone loves so don’t hate please 🙂

  79. Bear's Playlists

    2:09 no, we didn't notice

  80. kim chicken

    still here for you guys

  81. Tóth Balázs

    wow 4k what the hell

  82. Megan A

    When I was younger in dance we performed a dance to this song 🔥🔥🔥

  83. Lila


  84. Ashley Dalberg

    how did I not remember that selena Gomez was in this video...

  85. 「WNOVUT」 mochii

    I really like the thumbnail

  86. Morgan Cooke

    2:11 Are we supposed to think that's Kevin...ooorrr

    Aleks Monoxide

    Morgan Cooke well of course we are because it is xD

  87. Rexxy Hinshaw

    Hey what are you doing

  88. Jack Spedicy 2

    Guilty pleasure of mine

  89. yeffry yo sordo si Cepin

    🇩🇴💪🐓🧔👍 yeffry yo sordo si 👍 bien 👍😎 Jonás brotners si 🇺🇸 si 🤝 si 🧔 sordo yo yeffry si

  90. pobalex

    so iconic

  91. Matthew R

    1:17 , your welcome

  92. rhiannon mendez

    When you realize after all this time that SELENA GOMEZ IS IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!

  93. Kano Hoseok

    los hermanos brothers

  94. Dusty Rose

    ReD dReSs 1:16
    I only come back for this part... and so do you... ❤️❤️❤️😂