Jon Secada - I'm Free Lyrics

Do you see what I see
A rainbow shining over us
In the middle of a hopeless storm
Sometimes I'm blinded by my feelings
And I can't see beyond my troubled mind
Afraid of what I'll find
The story of our lives
But there's tomorrow.

Cause I'm free, I'm free
And things are only as important

As I want them to be
We'll have a breath of sunshine
When the rain goes away
I pray, I pray.

Do you need a friend right now
In the road that you're going to
If you get lost just call me I'll be there
Yes I'll be right there
Cause though I may not have the answer
At least I know what I'm looking for.

Yes I can do without sorrow
There's a day after tomorrow
So I'm leaving behind.

I'm free, I'm free
And things are only as important

As I want them to be
We'll have a breath of sunshine
When the rain goes away
I pray, I pray.

And if you want to share my dreams
Well all you have to do is say it, say it
Let me hear you loud and clear
Cause I need you if you wanna be, if you wanna be.

Do you see what I see
A rainbow shining over us
In the middle of a hopeless storm
We'll be safe and warm.

[Repeat chorus]

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Jon Secada I'm Free Comments
  1. Bee Bohar

    Follow christ

  2. Andele Teixeira

    Lindo demais ♥️

  3. Maria Wright

    I'm just so in love with this singer. He should have gotten more recognition, great singer and song writer.

  4. rayana ray

    Я свободен , дептирсиз. Смысл кандай? Бойдокмун деп айткыңыз келип турабы. ? Мен ушундай эле деп ойлодум да. А эмне тоня менен жашагыныз келбей койдубу? Это меня не касается. Не надо мне туда лезть. Но мне действительно жаль. Жаль, что семья разрушилась. Надеюсь я не была причиной. Я просила разводиться , только в том случае , если вы сами не довольны ею как женщиной. Хайр ин ша Аллах. Всё будет у вас хорошо. Пусть Аллах облегчит. Развод это дело нелёгкое. Главное, сейчас ваше здоровье.берегите своё здоровье и свою любовь тоже. Они взаимосвязаны. )

  5. Matt IzChilled

    We need to get back to love...
    cause it's only true freedom

  6. Gabriel Tiki

    love this man. i was in 3rd grade when this song came out. I felt the emotions even as small boy. October 2019 it still gets me emotional

  7. corey Babcock

    I remember hearing this in the car as my mom would drive me and my sister from Appleton WI to Oshkosh to go shopping in that old nasty rickety mustang and it always came on the radio station wroe 94.3 back in the late 80s Early 90s wow I was like 5or 8 I can't remember exactly but I remember hearing this in that car

  8. Angelina Hall

    John is a good person

  9. LaurA Heaps

    Love him. This song makes me happy.

  10. December Leigh

    He has to be a awesome person in addition to a great talent! I love how he represents Latinos.....and everyone in this video....and comes across like he really has love in his heart❤❤✌✌


    Love this song !!! so uplifting !!!!

  12. Doma Bee


  13. WarriorofNone

    I am looking to this song for motivation as I am soon to face the most difficult day of my life.

  14. Lateshia Childs

    I miss the 90s, watching this video make me think of all the great things from the 90s like TV shows, movies, music, fashion of course.

  15. Michelle McDougall

    I'm Free are You?

  16. Rain Coleman

    2019 he is so fine

  17. widjina alferis

    free jon secada

  18. Martin L Smith

    How the fuck does this song only have one million plus views???

  19. widjina alferis

    secada l love you so much

  20. widjina alferis

    please jon l m free when you love so much

  21. widjina alferis

    l love you jon l m free brother

  22. The Otherside

    This dude is Under friggin rated....

  23. John Jimmy

    Put the top down on the car and enjoy life!

  24. Kathy Beltran

    Love Jon secada

  25. Laura Stockwell

    He's so cute

  26. getdown make luv

    TY TRUMP!!!

  27. Jason Sturges

    I've always loved the song "I'm Free" by Jon Secada. He has a beautiful voice. He should be a much bigger star!

  28. Guirlande Eugene

    wawww when you love Someon jon secada

  29. John Behneman

    Things are only important as I want them to be. So true!!!!!

  30. ratna budhi

    iam hear these your song

  31. brianbearco

    loved this song

  32. Guillermo Cañas

    My Like........

  33. Marcus Huntley

    I wish I could get in a time machine and go back to the 90’s!!!!

  34. Laura Pug

    This song is a breath of fresh air

  35. Lynelle Thompson


  36. John Jimmy

    One of the best songs to listen to when driving with the top on the car down.

  37. Guirlande Eugene

    l m free jon secada l love u

  38. Guirlande Eugene

    se widly alferis rinmin atis la anpil paske chante byen wi wawwwwww

  39. Guirlande Eugene

    jon secada atis pam wi

  40. Marc Alexander

    This song will make you feel free even if you don't feel it much in this world we are in today.

  41. Guirlande Eugene

    vreman rinmin l

  42. Guirlande Eugene

    vreman santim beni chak fwa tandel wi

  43. Guirlande Eugene

    wawwww sa se chante pam wi

  44. James Mccord

    This song makes me really enjoy my freedoms here in the U. S. For some reason. I am free.

    Valdirene Francisca Neves

    Adoro as suas músicas você é um excelente cantor

  45. Amber Medellin

    Me when I have completed these chores. Stains are annoying, no matter the size nor color.

  46. Sam Wimoe

    He’s so handsome. Never forget u jon...

  47. Sam Wells

    Yep this guy daughtry Josh Groban and others!!!

  48. Joshua Ehl

    I forgot about Secada till last night at a trivia event where one of his songs came on, and I knew it but not the artist. wow, totally forgot he made some great music.

  49. Anthony Arredondo

    Jon is an awesome vocalist ! Can stand tall and proud ! 😁👍

    Amber Medellin

    Tell me he sings like an angel.

    Anthony Arredondo

    Amber he sings like an Angel ! God bless you Amber !😁👍

  50. Robert Word

    Great throw back song

  51. Thane Music

    Been trying to find this song for so long! Thanks for posting.

  52. devonferris

    Music was so great back I haven't heard this in ages.

    Amber Medellin

    Tell me about it.

  53. Rita mor

    Jon Secada is still singing ?

  54. Christy Chambers

    So beautiful!

  55. Marc Colonna

    Film ed in Miami definitely!!!!

  56. Andrew Flood

    i love this song !!!

  57. Al Guevara

    One Of The Best "Feel Good Songs" Ever.

  58. Claire de Luna

    I'm Free!! love this song. makes me feel happy hearing it :)

  59. dinesh samararathne

    Please help me to find HD quality on same video link

  60. leide pereira


  61. Virginia Segurs Lopez

    Se te agradece tu excelente pronunciación!

  62. Christina Bogues

    Your free alright...ya your in heaven.ya your so good looking look in the mirror.

  63. SecretAgent67

    "Rainbow shining over us", We are free.

  64. Benedito Leão

    um excelente cantor por onde andará?

  65. Jeff Steele


  66. Mor Ktn

    מדהימים נפלאים ומרגשים בדיוק כמו פעם לא רק ב-🇮🇱 אלא גם ב-🌏🌍🌎...

  67. Mor Ktn

    תותתח,אילו שירים...😘😙🤗🙂🙂😆😆😚😥☹😕😕😒🙃🐎🇮🇱🇺🇸

  68. poshko41

    I remember listening to this song on the last day of school once. 😂

  69. Alan Cordeiro ACCA ACCA

    This is music!

  70. goldetta

    what a legend! Jon, come back!

  71. aralsea1

    Awesome song. I loved it when it came on the radio. I used to wait for it.

  72. Christina Chambers

    So beautiful.

  73. Danny Ramos

    Come BACK!!

  74. Christina Chambers

    Wensday I seen a beautiful rainbow!and moon.

  75. Christina Chambers

    Thank Lord thank Jesus!!!

  76. Laura Pug

    he's too cute

  77. Christina Chambers

    So beautiful!

  78. Omar Romans

    Love his songs I am free I am free just great singing

  79. Isabella

    Liebe 😍und höre J.C. auch noch 2018....immer noch einzigartige Stimme und Künstler 👍

  80. Vernon Crandell

    We are free...
    We need to depend on each other

  81. Andy Albert

    2:34 You are not!
    But Its a nice song... anyway.

  82. Judy Rizo

    great video

  83. Nina Nina


  84. Nina Nina


  85. Reginald Dove

    The first time I heard this song I began to cry..I love this song.This a personal anthem for me!

  86. PE D

    They won't let positve messages like this on the rasio because they need to control us. THANK YOU TRUMP!

  87. beauty diva rock star

    He got sexy voice 🍀

  88. Brandon Adams

    This is my uncles faviort song he passed 2 years ago in the hospital 2 years ago and we played this song for him in the hospital while he passed R.I.P Uncle Anthony Love Brandon

  89. Tricia Frazier

    The most beautiful man ever!

  90. Renee Blackwell

    I listen to this song everyday. Thank you Jon. My salvation song.

    Renee Blackwell

    Listening now

  91. listen2100

    I stand up for DACA!!

  92. Manuel Ulloa

    amazing song i remenbered when i heared from the firt time i made a connection with his song

  93. Gwendolyn Hall

    i like jon secada i would love for him to sing me a song

  94. Al Cd

    Love the song's message: I'm free! A lot of us take freedom for granted.

    Tony Wellington

    He’s not talking about that kind of freedom

  95. Beth Spaulding

    when i feel low, this song brings me up!

  96. Marvin

    "Things are only as important as I want them to be" true, so true can't wait till my "Divorce" is final

    Renee Blackwell

    This is my feel good song. It ALWAYS makes me happy. There's always tomorrow and another chance. 😄😎😋



  97. shean991

    just graduated and been playing this song all day!


    Dr. Frasier Crane

    shean991 that’s not what the song means

  98. john larson

    I love this song .

  99. Henry Eastman

    He can write songs and singing them....pure talent