Jon Langston - Prob'ly At A Bar Lyrics

I could be hitting my limit in an old duck blind
On a flood rise field in the delta sunrise
With a few good back-home buddies I ain't seen in a while
Or I could be standing knee-deep with my toes in the sand
On a Carolina coast with a pole in my hand
Reeling in reds, popping tops, and dropping limes
Ya I reckon there's a chance but chances are

I'm probably at a bar
And drinking 'bout you
And driving this heart like I got nothing left to lose
I could be anywhere under the sun, over the moon
But chances are I'm probably at a bar

We were seventh inning stretching at a July Braves game
Watching those fireworks high above the highway
When you kissed me, you knocked me right out of the park
These days I'm just wondering where you are
But me

I'm probably at a bar
And drinking 'bout you
And driving this heart like I got nothing left to lose
I could be anywhere under the sun, over the moon
But chances are I'm probably at a bar

I could be anywhere in the world
But chances are I'm probably at a bar
Drinking 'bout you
And driving this heart like I got nothing left to lose

I'm probably at a bar

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Jon Langston Prob'ly At A Bar Comments
  1. Jon Langston

    Thanks for checking out "Prob'ly At A Bar"! We had a good time making it. Be sure to check out my new EP Now You Know! —>

  2. Sally Louise

    I’m drowning my heart daily trying to get over him.


    Slowly waiting for him, Riley Green, and Scotty McCreery to go on tour together

  4. Belinda V

    This man is killing it and making country sound real. He’s a talented singer and songwriter and that voice n smile . He’s my New Go To in Country Music ❤️

  5. LeeSa Hernandez-Hall


  6. Atlas The Ghost

    Been on repeat since Sept. 23rd. It's Oct. 6th. Still amazing. And I still miss her.

  7. Cynthia Dillard

    🥰 love it

  8. Jody Dupont

    This guy doesn’t have a bad song. Can’t wait to see you in Baton Rouge 9/20.

  9. Sean B

    This is the gayest shit I’ve ever heard

  10. it's true

    Everything is blue, literally.

  11. Edward Hons

    omg fuck there should be so much more

  12. kirsten rissling

    I just fell in love!

  13. Sherry Chase

    See ya soon! August 8th! Excited 🎤🎸🎶🎵😎💞🙌

  14. Jamie Stephens

    Love!❤️ I can listen to your songs over and over!

  15. Mark Lewis

    First time hearing of him only looked him up cause he is coming to Memphis with Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell... this is the only song of his that ive heard that I actually like... im mainly going for Cole ive seen him plenty and all his concerts been great

  16. Jacob Catalano

    This guy is just so cool!!

  17. Vicky Burleson

    Love his voice,song & HES HOT

  18. Tara Page

    I'm probably at a bar 🍺🍺🍺

  19. Laura Cortez


  20. Melanie Roberts/LadyCiera/ PubGBoomSquad


  21. Ian Wells

    God I love this song it makes me think of all those first nights I met a girl

  22. sarah m

    I saw him at a Luke Bryan concert back in October... I think he's pretty good ☺

  23. Jacob Hunt

    A show with Jon Langston, Brantley Gilbert and a 30 pack of beers would go down good.

    Brittney Cork

    Jacob Hunt oh my god. This would be amazing!!

  24. Melinda Coomer

    like this jamz

  25. Jessica Harper

    Love it

  26. Elana Carlson

    This man is absolutely amazing and I love his voice soooo much! One of my favorite country music singers, Jon Langston, Adam Craig and Jake Owen and Chris Young are my very favorite country music singers of all time well especially now days!! I love my music!! 😀😀😍😍❤️❤️😘😘

  27. Maprang Sundqvist


  28. Guy Smith

    Dude has amazing talent and it makes for damn good music!!! Thanks brother keep it up!!!

  29. Lenora Angie Attakai

    Love it!

  30. Tommy Davis

    Go Braves!

  31. Alfonso Roque

    JL is one of my favorites.

  32. Vans 1990

    Great song

  33. Sissy McDaniel

    I'm in love with this song!!!

  34. Armand Dreyer Dreyer

    This is great,really love it!!!!!!!!

  35. Sterling Dennard

    Jon Langston going in good MUSIC CUZZZ

  36. Steffanie Marie

    Love this song,I've requested my local radio station to play it❤️❤️

  37. Edward Hons

    fuck that this is a great song and viv and i see like a mil likes for the never mind fuck lol

  38. Derren Hill

    This guys awesome.

  39. Redangel Forever

    Wow this man has an amazing singing voice.

  40. Kathy Crider

    Jon Langston you are so handsome and you are an amazing singer you inspire me so much you make me feel better when you sing love you jon Langston 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  41. colex87

    Im froam Italy and first sorry for my bad english 😅but this guy is gonna kick some ass is music is so beutiful and emotional need more views american people is not stupid and this music is the real american music i want to listen!!!im so disappointed ti se how “lil”someone singer have million follower😖Jon you are awesome cheers froam Italy 🇮🇹🇺🇸

  42. Cyle Marshall

    Don't see how this dosnet have more views!

    Old Fashion Mommy

    Everybodys too busy listening to Drunken me song😂😂😂

    Brenda Desiree

    Heck Its 2019 and I just found this 🤦‍♀️

  43. Aaron L

    My friend invited me to go see his show in Raleigh last Friday happy he did bc this guy is awesome

  44. Ryan Hallman

    This guy is straight from rock coming in to tear up country music. I'm a fan of the these rock/country crossovers.

    Catherine Hamilton

    Ryan Hallman. Brantley gilbert needsto bring him on tour

  45. blake miller

    This is how me and my potential someone else meet.

  46. Brenna Sperry

    Wow! This young man is going to make the big time.

  47. The Godfather

    Great song. Cheers.

  48. Paula Riddle Wright

    @JohnLangston you’ve got a #beautiful #voice




    discography & download?

  51. Adam Gilmer

    Great concert at the Dusty armadillo this past Saturday keep kicking ass Jon love your music

  52. Jessica Harper


  53. shawn monigold

    It is a amazing song

  54. Bent Halo

    Where I'm headed. I'll be in black. Mwah

  55. Kelly Dodson

    he is cute and sings goood

    Kathy Crider

    I agree with you and he is very handsome

    Kelly Dodson

    thanks I agree too :)

  56. Quinten Moore

    Play this song everytime i go to the bar

  57. Readyman

    I hope I make it back at 4. I'm suppose to be at axis for interview n swab test too.

  58. adam holder

    love it!

    Brandy Fay Irwin

    adam holder hey

  59. Britney ODonnell-Pragle

    LOVE this song!

  60. Nik Collins

    Met my beautiful Girlfriend at a Bar when I was at my worst so This song hits me deep!

  61. William Baker

    So this is what Paul Jr. Been doing since O.C.C

  62. Edward Hons

    fuck greatest song why not more likes or viewes

  63. Edward Hons

    wow this song is so fucking good and only shit views fuck that they must be at a bar lmao

  64. Natalie Canipe



  65. Edward Hons

    its a great fucking song

  66. Carnevalemusic

    Great tune! If you like this then check out my new Lyric Video for I Found You - Steve Carnevale

  67. Adam Miller

    I love this guys music

    Brandy Fay Irwin

    Adam Miller hey

  68. Tanner Herrington

    Go Dawgs

    Tanner Herrington

    Agreed, go Dawgs

    nick moore

    Tanner Herrington roll tide

  69. Lori Schwencer

    first time hearing him!!! love the songs!!

  70. beautyyvlogger

    I seen him in concert and I'm honestly blessed I seen him. It was one of the best days of my life.

  71. Margo Doty

    Love it!!!!

  72. goodDrummerman

    Fantastic song!!

  73. SharperAdam

    From Instagram! Great song, Jon!

  74. CamoRose91

    Wow! I'm stunned by just his voice. Give me then feels good chills. 😍👍🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶

  75. Kathlyn Nazaroff

    love love love it, cheyenne is awesome, glade to see her in a video again

  76. Edward Hons

    great fucking song and vid but u get like these omg like amill like and it sucks this song better get alot its really good

  77. KLeigh Rocket

    Love u Jon...good artistry

  78. Macy Landscaping

    Awesome song Jon!

  79. Nathan Wallace

    Jon Langston my man your on a high speed track on your way to greatness!!! Your making country music country again!!! Your Instagram is more pictures of your dogs, your old 6.0 and your new Ford 6.7, you never forget to post how beautiful your mom is! Stay country Please!!! Cause your about to go big...bigger then you know!

    Great job Jon!... You just had "right girl, wrong time. Now this! The moment you hit the west coast my wife and I will be there.

  80. Daniel Bienapfl

    Amazing song. Great job Jon

  81. Zack Basson

    This is me. Right now.

    Great stuff man.

    Justin Marshall

    I feel ya brother

  82. Debbie Briar

    When does it stop.. I tell you everyday i love you how you make me feel but i have to twll a fake you i have to talk to a fake you.. WHY do you not see what it does to me hurt me... I love you with all my heart you when i need you arent there cant you see when i said we were done..You couldnt stop for just a. Hour to let me tell what who i thought was my best friend im so hurt sad because i just needed you YOU for even a short min. YOU have never even tried and you get mad becausr i dont turn to you. STOP JUST THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF

    C Raeee

    I Hope Youve Moved On Love. Life Is SO Short. Dont Regret Wasted Time In 20 Years.♡

  83. Jordan Williams

    This guy is gonna be HUGE!! Mark my words!! Why isn't he on the radio yet??:(

    Brenna Sperry

    Jordan Williams he got a record deal this week. God is good. He deserves it.


    Hes been on the radio maybe change the dial once an awhile us Kansas boys been listening to him for close to 4 yrs now

    Steffanie Marie

    Jordan Williams I've said the same thing! I've even requested his songs on my local radio stations here in northern ny

    Brenna Sperry

    Jordan Williams finally on the radio. This is my favorite song of his so far.

  84. Keith Hill

    Sounds pretty close to "Right Girl Wrong Time" the basic tune and Melody at least. There's very subtle changes to make them different songs

    J. A Morse

    Keith Hill you not notice fade out clips from the video to that song?

    Keith Hill

    ClashRoyale's Demon-Spawn I don't think I noticed anything like that

    J. A Morse

    Keith Hill yeah at like 0:42

    Keith Hill

    ClashRoyale's Demon-Spawn ahhh I see... I think that's just because it's about the same girl though I did see her at a later spot in the song and was thinking maybe that's what your talking about. But was sure. And I'm not sure those images really justify basically rewriting a song that was already successful... Think about it like this would you still consider the Mona Lisa art if that's the only thing people painted sure by the actual definition it's art but it would start to lack creativity and imagination to just repaint the same painting a dozen times. Or in this case rewriting a song.

    J. A Morse

    Keith Hill sums up my thoughts but I can't relate to paintings at all because to me they are just pictures of stuff only a select few call art... I fail to see what's so good about vahn gos starry night it's literally swirly nonsense...

  85. Betty Owens

    Love it

  86. NigelLau420

    Meaningful song