Jon Langston - All Eyes On Us Lyrics

(She's my ride or die
All eyes on us)

She walks in like California
Talks more like Tennessee
She was raised to find a gentleman
Her Mama sure loves me

She's a little bit of hip-hop and country
I'm a little more rock and roll
When you mix in a little bit of whiskey
We sound like a radio

I buy the beer
She calls the shots
Pouring that sexy right on the rocks
Just like stars up in the sky
We're burning just as bright
I play the songs
She cranks it up
Partners in crime
We're kicking up dust
Just like Bonnie had her Clyde
She's my ride or die,
All eyes on us

It ain't nothing like the way we party
But we can dance to it all night long
Everybody gonna try to copy what we've got going on (going on)

I buy the beer
She calls the shots
Pouring that sexy right on the rocks
Just like stars up in the sky
We're burning just as bright
I play the songs
She cranks it up
Partners in crime
We're kicking up dust
Just like Bonnie had her Clyde
She's my ride or die,
All eyes on us

Yeah, everywhere we go its like we're putting on a show
Bottles popping, bass is dropping, we can't get enough
All eyes on us

I buy the beer
She calls the shots
Pouring that sexy right on the rocks
Just like stars up in the sky
We're burning just as bright
I play the songs
She cranks it up
Partners in crime
We're kicking up dust
Just like Bonnie had her Clyde
She's my ride or die,
All eyes on us

(She's a little bit of hip-hop and country
I'm a little more rock and roll
When you mix in a little bit of whiskey
We sound like a radio)

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  1. Smokey _TripleOG

    Tiktok brought me here

  2. Corey Pruett

    Who was here before tick tok?🙋‍♂️

  3. Nick From Cleveland

    ROFL who is subjecting themselves to this shit?

  4. Tobiaz Ray

    Who searched up shes a little bit of hip hop and country to find this cause u heard it on tik tok

  5. Ashley Kelly

    Love this song! Seen him in concert twice!

  6. Elizabeth McBride

    I love this song

  7. Sharon Joke

    Omg this song needs a VIDEO !!💙💙

  8. Bobby Black

    I love this song

  9. Menothegamer

    I haven't fully sat down and listened to this song yet when my girlfrenid showed me this. I'm in love with it but today I put my best headphones on and wow, it's just such a powerful song about two different people of two different worlds coming together as one, and loving each other no matter through how many hardships that life throws at them and still loving one other through their ups and downs and hopefully getting to know the other one in the near future.

  10. Isabelle Stark

    I finally found it, it only took 3 months!

  11. Mar Sereno

    Country boys assemble

  12. Marilou

    I am just a humble European having to do nothing with country music, or the South, but why am I jamming so hard to this? 🖤


    😢🗽😢 The Church does NOT REPRESENT NOR IS IT THE BRIDE!

  14. Donna Naquin

    He needs to come to Louisiana like if agree

  15. Sun.D Lite

    Can I get a yee yee?

  16. Heaven Leigh

    My boyfriend told me to listen to this❤️❤️❤️

  17. Misty Dobbins

    Wow first time hearing this song DAMN IT'S GOOD LOVE IT 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🍻🍻🍻🍻🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃❣❣❣


    2Bona - All eyes on us BITCH🖕🏿

  19. The Talent House All for you

    I came here from taylor swift ready for it video

  20. Emily Swanner

    I want a relationship like this guys. I love this song sooo much

  21. emilymorgans49

    I love this song. Makes you want to have a relationship like this ♥️♥️♥️

  22. Malisa Edwards

    Why is this song not a hit?

  23. Amalia Aziz

    Came here from YYU in Kurtis Town!! YEE YEE!!

    thymus serpyllum

    i cant believe there are people who actually enjoy this song lol

  24. Pash


  25. Jojo Diamondhead

    What is a ride or die??

  26. Four Season

    If Dean Winchester was completely straight

    Kyle Bentham

    Hes not completely straight?

    carolina shoemaker

    Not as far as the fans are concerned Kyle. Lol

  27. Melanie Roberts/LadyCiera/ PubGBoomSquad

    ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘. Love It!!!!

  28. tia wakefield

    I love this song ❤

  29. Crypt Kingdom

    Yee yee

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  31. Simon Little

    How does this song only have 1,399,100 views????   
    This is a GOOD song everyone go share this video...

  32. Star Valentine

    Came here cuz of tik tok cringe compilation

  33. Melanie Roberts/LadyCiera/ PubGBoomSquad

    Oh my goodness!!! 😳😊😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Charlene Mullen

    12/27/18 ❤️

  35. Robin Coy

    my ride or die Dwayne Stewart

  36. Bella DeSanto

    I automatically thought about me and my husband because this song is us a country girl and he's a rock star ❤ I absolutely love this song

  37. Kelli Hackworth

    Omg I wished I could like this a million times over!!! Love love looooove this song!!!

  38. Life Of Chey

    This came on a country station on my Spotify a few weeks ago and I had never heard this song until then, I listen to it almost daily now 🥰

  39. Zach Gerrald

    First heard this song and him when he was at The Farm Tour in North Augusta and I loved his music since! Keep bringing the hits Jon

  40. Lucia Reiter

    Does someone know how to get this Song out of my head?

  41. Charlene Mullen


  42. only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    Who came here from tick tock ???

    Stephanie Long

    only one Mr X Only one Mr y _ I did in all honesty

    thrush monster

    Yup I did

    Christina hoyt

    @celia mendez Me

  43. Queen _Tina

    Okay damn nice ass song

  44. Wendy H

    Love it!!!

  45. EK Thomas

    I'm more of the rock and roll and my husband is the country but he is definitely the Clyde to my Bonnie

  46. Sleazy 615


  47. Jr Edwards

    Dam good song I can't stop listening to this song

    Gabrielle Parker

    Jr Edwards same, I think I broke the repeat button lol

    Jr Edwards

    I did to

    Jr Edwards

    I love this song

  48. Noah Pourciau

    My friends showed me this song and I have loved it ever since

  49. Tori Reed

    My boyfriend showed me this song because it describes us😍 I completely fell in love the first time I heard it💜

  50. Colt Lastshot

    where's the repeat button, i want to break it -- this song is lit!

  51. Tamara Milbourne

    She could talk like Texas if she has a country accent

  52. keeley halls


  53. Coty Camp Fishing

    0:38 if your coming from

    Steph Long

    Coty Camp Fishing - It's tik toc now

    Mama Vamp

    Yep found this song myself on tik tok lol

    Janetta Stover

    Yep here from tic toc👍👍

    Steven Handler

    Yep! Here because of Tik Tok lmfao

    Depressed Pnda

    Or tiktok

  54. hailee lovell

    This is me and my boyfriend's song❤️ Edit: we broke up😭

  55. Jessica Lynn

    Is this country? He said he was into rock..and it sounds like country but it’s that electronic pop ehhh kind. Idk some people here are saying it’s not and if it’s that confusing than the job has been failed

    Dakota Harding

    But it sounds great

    Chicken tender Gang

    Its a little bit of all three thats the point

    Rocky Huffman

    Lol why overthink it!? If u like, hit the like button if you don't move on ! Its music and a damn good one. Dont be soo dramatic geez! yall young ppl fuckin kill me with ur boo hoos and omg im confused and offended lol. No hating.... Just saying get drunk and enjoy girl lol.


    Well he could be into oldschool rock, its just that he decided to perform country. So in this song there are small elements of rock whether its hard rock or not. I guess its how I love rock bands like Alter Bridge and its my roots. However I'm deciding to produce edm because of the technical aspect. Not arguing with you. Just trying to shed perspective lol

    Sara Cram

    Sounds like some hickhop music

  56. Matthew Roeder

    All these haters watching us wishing they could be us love you corree roeder

  57. Natasha Neideffer

    I love the song

  58. Natasha Neideffer

    I love the sonh

  59. Assassin Master

    This,song is really great

  60. Carol Mccombs

    Not country

  61. William Daniels

    Bro this shit is straight fire and fits me and her perfect

  62. Desiree Terry

    I just found this song love love love it can’t get it out of my head

  63. Anastasia Smith

    Love this song!

  64. Scott Macmillan

    no thanks

  65. stephanie summerhill

    A lil hip hop a lil country... we're the best :)

  66. Bobby Valber

    You have no rights to use ALL EYES ON US...THATS MY CAR CLUB NAME...

  67. Stephanie Donahue

    Where did you go, baby?

    Jamie Ferrini

    Abcde Faqurls. If I didn't know better i would of known better

  68. Stephen Beaghan

    I've loved Jon Langston's music ever since he opened for Cole Swindell at the Filmore he's such a great artist

  69. Jessica Harper


    Micky Harper

    Jessica Harper is that you can use my phone number to call

  70. Jacob Wandless

    This song has been stuck in my head for 3 days now

  71. Jeffrey Marks

    Thts me and u Pamela my love

  72. Saira Storm

    Still listening to this xD

  73. Kathy Blizzard

    Love this song

  74. Teilor Poirier

    :))))❤️❤️ honestly have listened to it 100 times and it's still as good as the first time I listened to it

  75. Teilor Poirier

    This was my cousins wedding song. they got married in September and I've been trying to figure out what song it was until now I finally found it.

  76. Alissia Vdb

    Found my wedding song 😁

    m j

    Alissia Vdb actually great pick 🤠 yee yee

    Dave DO

    Same, when do we get married?

    Cassi Nova

    Alissia Vdb you must be country....

    old white dude

    Have a good wedding with your cousin

  77. Jade Gallahair

    Roll tideee

  78. J. A Morse

    He's got a great rock and country voice....

    Angel OfTheWorld

    J. A Morse Right

  79. Lisa Thomas

    This man is practically perfect! My dream man that's for damn sure! ... can't get enough of his music, or him. :)

  80. Tim Matzke

    how are you not on the radio bro! This shit is bitchen!!! love your style Jon!

  81. Sierra Blevins

    This is one of the greatest songs out there

  82. Kailie Booth

    i love this song

  83. Kailah Hernandez

    OMG you're awesome😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  84. Ashlyn Fowler

    love this!!!

  85. Dawn clark

    everything Jon sings is great! Could listen to him all day long....oh wait I do💚💙....but would still do anything to see him live

  86. FeaR Themis

    This song NEEDS a music video

  87. BrittleProductions

    This is going to be stuck in my head!


    Been listening to his stuff for awhile...Awesome to see him making a comeback..Bring everything you got !

  89. Treena Stoneberger

    This is one bad ass song

  90. v8R580Scania

    Shit! How has this taken me 4 months for me to know about this song? I love it.

    EKKOZ Razor

    v8R580Scania I know right! What the fuck have we been missing out on!

    Kira Mott

    It took me 2 years lmao

  91. Dread_Head_7

    This ain't country... or rock n roll

  92. Ondřej Musil


  93. Cheyenne Hogan

    I can't get enough of this song

  94. jayden kraus

    love this song, but needs a music video

  95. Cody Deckert

    one of the best voice I've heard in forever every songs great!!!!!

  96. Joshua A Mc Kinnon

    older songs are better then this pop shit!

    Matt Strudel

    Joshua A Mc Kinnon then don't listen to it and shut ur mouth

    Joshua A Mc Kinnon

    wasn't talking to you!

    Emma Mommerency

    Joshua A Mc Kinnon ssshhhuuytttt up

    SouthsideSerpents14 !

    Then why are u listening to it. This isn’t pop. This is COUNTRY. if you don’t like it leave

  97. Lane Copple

    he's better than chase rice is

    Big T 120612

    Hes atleast better than Sam hunt

    Emma Mommerency

    Lane Copple no no no god! Please no!!!!!!

    Emma Mommerency

    But true!!!!

    Jerry Watts

    Lane Copple almost


    They're both good. But, i prefer Langston because he sounds more rugged. To each their own.