Jon Lajoie - WTF Collective Lyrics

[MC Confusing]
Other rappers are comprehensible – not me!
First on the mic – MC Confusing!
I took a piss on my nutsack and called it Jack Black
It’s a fact, I got more rhymes then Zach Braff taking a nap
I attack motherfuckers wearing purple backpacks
And I snack on towel racks and take a shit on your track
Yeah your whack, cause everybody understands what you say
But when I get on the mic, I make milk outta clay
And I play air guitar with a tube of toothpaste
And I say karate pencil case and put it on tape

[MC Insecure]
Yo I’m MC Insecure – what’s up?
I really don’t think that I’m good enough
To be rhyming on this track cause my lyrics suck
All my verses fall flat like a hockey puck
It took me seven months to write the first part of my verse
And now I got nothing left so I’ll pretend that I got hurt
Aw, I think I sprained my ankle
You guys go ahead and finish the song without me

[MC Amnesia]
Yo MC Amnesia up in this bitch
Woke up five days ago lying in the ditch
Didn’t know who I was I couldn’t remember shit
Apparently something happened that was traumatic
I used to have more rhymes but I can’t remember them
Seriously I’m freaking out I can’t remember anything!
Whats my motherfucking name?
(Seriously does anyone know what my name is?)

[MC Public Urination]
Yo I’m MC Public Urination – what – what!
I take a fucking piss on a fucking sidewalk
Anytime, anyplace, I just whip out my cock
And empty my bladder while you motherfuckers watch!
You other MCs can’t handle this shit!
You’re just a little bitch afraid to pee in public
You run into a toilet every time you have to piss
Yo fuck that shit – I just whip out my dick!

[MC Fatigue]
Yo MC Fatigue – yeah that’s me
Every time I grab the mic I fucking fall asleep

[Chorus — Chorus Guy]
I’m the guy who sings the chorus
(It breaks up the song)
My part is kinda boring
(I wish that I could go home)
But they’re paying me to sing the chorus
(And I really need the cash)
Cause I’m unemployed at the moment
(Just moved back in with my dad)

[MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is]
Yo I’m MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is
Walked up to a girl and I gave her a kiss
She said “Let’s go to your place, I’ll suck your dick”
I said “Hell yeah bitch, that’s so ironic”

[MC Gets Side–Tracked Easily]
Yo I’m MC Gets Side–Tracked Easily
My rhymes are badass like Gandolfini
You know he’s known for the Sopranos but he’s also in movies
Like Get Shorty and Terminal Velocity
Which I didn’t really like cause I don’t like Charlie Sheen
Well I guess in Hot Shots, he was kinda funny
But I prefer Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun
You know who else was in that movie? O.J. Simpson
Which is kinda weird, knowing what he did after that
Wait, what was I saying?
I think I got side–tracked.

[MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3]
Yo I’m MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3
I really like those movies but the 4th disappointed me
Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and Joe Pesci
Why did they have to make a 4th?
They had a perfect trilogy!

[MC Lethal Weapon 4]
MC Lethal Weapon 4 that’s me
I disagree with MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3
Although I agree that it is a groundbreaking trilogy
The 4th was also good they added Chris Rock and Jet Li!

[MC Shit My Pants Frequently]
Yo I’m MC Shit My Pants Frequently
It usually happens when I’m walking down the street
Or when I’m hanging out with some fly ass hoes
There we go!
Thank god I brought a change of clothes!

[MC Final Verse]
Yo I’m the MC with the final verse
I’m supposed to sum up everything you heard
But mutherfuckers I don’t really have the time
So fuck that and come back to the Chorus Guy

[Chorus — Chorus Guy]
I’m still singing the chorus
(Thank god we’re almost done)
I hate singing the chorus
(Such a boring fucking job)
I’m gonna take my 40 bucks
(That’s what their paying me)
And I’m gonna go get really drunk
(Masturbate then go to sleep)

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Jon Lajoie WTF Collective Comments
  1. GENERAL 21

    10 year's later I'm still listening to it it's better then before

  2. Brady Ferris

    Did you know that all these mc's are.... actually the same person??

  3. Seppo Seppinen

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    Clearly the greatest rapper of humanity

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    Flawless failure

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    Best parody actor! 2019 we are watching

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    This guy is too brilliant

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    Lil dicky came from MC dick

  11. EbtsOby

    We need more MC Public Urination

  12. shawn Colarusso

    “The League! Premieres this Thursday!”

    God that brought back memories.

  13. redemption radical

    This song makes me want to visit America

  14. TURBOuzbek2009

    the real split

  15. Nopedynope

    He's a genius

  16. Son Dursun

    MC Confusing is just Aesop Rock....

  17. Dad

    Can fight that confusing black guy any day

  18. RegularEverydayNormalGuy

    Where is the regular everyday normal guy?

  19. Newspaper Comitee

    I miss those times in Youtube when this kind of content was more common. These days, its all about commercial stuff of "influencers". Way too safe...

  20. Ali Desch

    MC Fatigue
    Yeah that's me
    Every time I grab the mic I fucking fall asleep

  21. 3rdeyeshine

    "What's my motherfuckn name?!?!"

  22. no youtube name

    Some on on YouTube please make a 10 Hour version of MC GETS SIDETRACKED EASILY.


  23. no youtube name

    WE NEED A FULL MC GETS SIDETRACKED EASILY TRILOGY. He could have his own spin-off trilogy.

    It could even be a series...

  24. ‎ ‎

    that beat is kinda cool lol

  25. James 3RS

    Fuck me 10 years ago this month!!


    better then emienemememe

  27. dreamer4957

    it took whole ten years for me to notice that all these guys are the same person

  28. Chris Gordon

    Can't believe this is 10 years old this month

  29. Chris P

    Just watched Crypt's 2019 Youtube Cypher. It was alright but I gotta say this still holds the title of best Youtube Cypher. Good work Jon

  30. Jnoh D

    voodoo evil motherfuckers

  31. Daniel Augustin

    legendary so ?! FY

  32. Jnoh D

    the magnet stealer

  33. Michael Zehdnicker

    Good old days of YouTube

  34. zach_jpg_

    Throughout the last 10 years, I kid you not, the verse for Mc Public Urination has been in my head. It’s something I’ll sing to myself in the shower or think about when nothing is happening lol. I was 11 when I heard this, now I’m 21 and I can honestly say I can recite this entire song. It’s like backlogged in my head.

  35. blerce

    This shit is fucking epic!

  36. Jnoh D


  37. Jnoh D


  38. Jacob Summers

    He's a fuckin legend !!

  39. Its Logical

    Anyone still listening in 2019?


    Tadas shut the fuck up

  40. ali plevneli

    He gets better every year with each video but also his review's decreasing :D

  41. BlackSuns

    So much flows

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    Mc insecure has better lyrics than every mumble rapper today.

  44. AlabamaRebel1861

    SpongeBob edits brought me here

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    A H E A D O F H I S T I M E

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    Its nice

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    HTF this garbage has 121k likes? It should have been dislikes.

    C McC

    Trolman !!! You don’t understand

  48. Sourav kumar

    Note: all the MCs in this are a single person called MC multiple personalities.

  49. Chad James

    Idk why, but the line “I attack motherfuckers wearing purple backpacks,” makes me laugh so goddamn hard... I’ve heard it hundreds of times and every time it makes me piss my pants hahaha

  50. mbrtoszek

    Almost 10 years, damn I'm old

  51. Sourav kumar

    My favourite is MC sidetracked easily.

  52. Tyler M19

    In 2009 I had a purple backpack. Mc confusing is gonna kill my ass.

  53. Rob Bullard

    yea u guy

  54. Bowl Cut

    Mc public urination what what!

  55. mike hunt

    I hate rap with a passion but If rap was like this I could dig it.

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    Im pretty sure Mc Amnesia's name is Fred Durst

  58. ulqioura

    MA se poes die naai is woelag... MA se kind stiek uit In cpt and Koppel with youngsta.. Aka ygmb... MA se kind... (like dude you one of the most insane sanist mf that exact that, that most of the individuals ask in between the four walls that isolate themselves... I'm from south Africa and would most definitely like to pick your mind to exceed this carbon forms to the next........)

  59. Virus1x

    2019 calling back a decade to say this song is still awesome.

  60. AvariceNA

    2 months until this shit is 10 years old.. FUCK

  61. Dugiyy Gi :)

  62. Zombot

    Damn, 10 years since this was posted. I still remember when I saw it with 103 views... time flies pretty fast, kids, don't waste it!

  63. Talitha Feitosa

    mc amnesia looks like ninja from die antwoord

  64. William Schober

    Hi, 10 years late on this comment but I just wanted to say the MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3 // 4 gag was really original and funny. I come back to this video every once in a while and always love that part.

  65. jahangir khattak

    This song is released 10 years ahead of its time

  66. Maximito

    Chorus Guy looks like Orelsan, a french rapper XD

  67. Alexander Tazh

    You took my lyrics! Awesome stuff!

  68. Alastor Voltax

    Who is still listening to this 2019? :D

  69. WeCozey

    Anyone listening in 2019 ? Generally wondering.

    Chris Walker

    MC Nostalgia



    Tanner rennaT

    Ya, I just noticed Mc Public Urination is Drake, Canadian connection.

  70. John Sims

    Just browsing this nigga stupid rappin😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Marty Wilson

    yo dude ! are you are troll ? first he is white so the N word is off bro ! second for a COMEDIAN his raps are pretty damn tight ! maybe i am off on the throw back but come back and explain if you want your comment !

  71. YouTube TV

    I wish he would release more rap videos, they’re fucking gold

  72. Sabrina O'Connor

    I used to watch all the WTF collectives on repeat after school in middle school till I knew every single word and something reminded me of Jon Lajoie today and I came back to watch these again and I’m still cracking up as much as I did then ...if not more 😂😂😂

  73. George g

    A M N E S I A

  74. Major Tom

    Hey remove your feces, I’m MC Pro-cto-lo-gy
    All my friends they keep asking me
    Why do I choose such a dirty
    I say "You guys will be happy
    To find me the day your rectum gets bloody"

    Cool Guy Who Takes Credit For Things He Didnt Do

    Yo I'm M.C. Bloody Shits what's up, not really good with rhymes but thought I'd write a verse while the other M.C.'s schedule clears up.

    I feel sick, is there a bathroom nearby?

    I really need to go before I make his office look like a bad horror flick, I feel bad for this guy.

  75. Naturalpromise

    MC public urination cracks me up.

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    Fortnite default danced has joined the chorus

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    Dude, you fuckin hilarious man, seriously...

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    "And what the fuck is that? Did someone shit their pants?" - "Yup!"
    The way he puts down the mask and raises his hand is absolutely hilarious! :D

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    Alguien del 2019?

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    Jon is the best !

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    This dude is a great lyricist

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    10 years later. Still just as funny.

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    I was 11 when these came out, and I knew the lyrics word for word. Crazy that I still remember those days clearly and it's already been 10 years. He is a Legend and always will be.