Jon Lajoie - WTF Collective 2 Lyrics

MC Confusing back in this bitch
With a parking sandwich and a chicken ticket
I got a liquid face lift from a fig with big tits
And my wrist got twisted by a Brit with fake spit
And you don't understand it, 'cause you're not supposed to
Like a candy cane snake in a jealous cartoon
And I'm gonna leave soon, but first I need to
Drink a Chevy chase face and rape Robocop 2

Yo, I'm MC Historical Inaccuracy
I drop lyrical bombs like Hiroshima in '73
I write rhymes like Shakespeare when he wrote Ann Frank's Diary
Which is about the civil war of 1812 in Germany
I'm like the Spanish inquisition when they killed Jesus
And Abe Lincoln's suicide was the theme for my thesis
Like Moses when I focus I can split the Red sea
Like he did in 1950 with the Chinese army

I'm MC Don't Know How to Pluralize Word
I got so many rhyme and I sleep with all the girl
When there's more than one of something you're supposed to pluralize
But I never learned that through all the year I've been alive

Hello, I'm MC Canadian Stereotype
I'm about to get started, so let me get off the ice
But I don't want any trouble, and I am always polite
Now let's hop on my snowmobile, and I will tell you what I like
But first I'll turn of curling and turn down Avril Lavigne
Et j'vais dire une phrase en francais, parce qu'ici on est bilingue
Oh boy, I fell of my igloo and I hurt my knee
Let's go to the hospital, don't worry, here in Canada it's free, eh

MC Fatigue, did you miss me
I'll be awake for five minutes, 'cause I had a coffee
I'll try to get through my verse, but I really don't know
I drank that coffee about five minutes ago

They hired me again to sing this motherfucking chorus
I haven't found a fucking job yet so I gotta do this bullshit
(I can't take it, I'm done)
I don't think I can sing another fucking chorus
I think I'm gonna jump off a bridge, or shoot myself like Kurt Cobain did
(I think my dad has a gun)

I'm MC Knows Too Many Facts About Bees
15 miles per hour is their average speed
A queen can lay up to 3000 eggs in a day
Just because I know a lot about bees doesn't mean that I'm gay
I'm also MC In the Closet Homosexual
I hide it 'cause it's easier to be heterosexual
We can't even get married in most states here in America
It's fucked up

Gay marriage is legal here, in Canada

I'm MC Homophobic Fucking Asshole
Being gay is evil and it is unnatural
Jesus said to love thy neighbour, but only if they are straight
Penises go in vaginas, anything else is just insane

I'm MC Extremely Inappropriate Rhymes
I shake things up like J-fox when I get on the mic
And I drop my enemies just like Christopher Reeves' horse
Then I put them to sleep, like Heath Ledger of course

I'm MC Extremely Politically Correct
I disagree with the previous MC's lyrical content
It's offensive, insensitive and in very bad taste
Just like that guy who wrote that song when Michael Jackson passed away

Yo, MC Final Verse here to end this song
One was enough, we didn't need a sequel Jon
Make a fourth Show Me Your Genitals or another Normal Guy
But for now let's end this stupid song with a suicide

This is the last time that I will ever sing a chorus
My dad's gun was in his closet and I'm gonna end this bullshit
(I had a good run)
I'm gonna pull the trigger as soon as I finished the chorus
Sayonara and farewell, I guess I'll see you all in hell
(Four, three, two, one)

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Jon Lajoie WTF Collective 2 Comments
  1. Pablo Sebascobar

    I remember when this first came out.. I was soo stoked to see mc vagina(?) ... and then he wasnt in wtf 3 :(

  2. Arkadien

    It’s been 9 years and I still can’t decide whether I’m more in love with MC Fatigue or MC Too Many Facts About Bees. Both extremely swell fellas.

  3. Sascha Esch

    still feeling pity for chorus guy in 2020
    always wanted to that stupid comment, and now I´m the first haha

  4. Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    MC Historical inaccuracy has a cousin named MC Alternative Facts working at the white house

  5. Solomon Kane

    I really like MC Homophobic Fucking Asshole. I can really relate to him.

  6. BeLight

    My brother shot himself shortly before this was posted. He was a big fan of yours, man. Suicide is not funny.

  7. AltotheX

    Tbh this is better than the first one IMO

  8. Sir Optimized

    4:40 Who gonna wait for:
    "HEY!...Did you miss me!?"

    I still gonna wait for this...😞

  9. Marrolin 24

    It was epic jon

  10. L.J. Lim

    Just like John Lennon, JFK, and Jeffrey Epstein

  11. AcolyteFlo

    We really want that Normal Guy 3 :(

  12. Ray Lanza

    Mc dont know how to pluralise word is every rapper now

  13. Jérémie La Porte

    If I had to choose to be any MC in this video I would choose MC Homophobic fucking assholes because of my Religion.

  14. Varsutheous

    I was instantly reminded of "MC knows to many facts about bees when i was watching minecon this year. had to come straight here and listen to this again.

  15. Daniel Augustin

    legendary so ?! FY all

  16. Yohn2King

    The song wouldn't stick today..

  17. FelineBlue

    to this day i frequently remember "MC knows too many facts about bees"

  18. SomeGuyWithAChannel

    I either like MC Canadian stereotype or MC don't now how to pluralize word

  19. Filipa Amaral

    Final verse type of guy...hmmm, sexy😉😊🇵🇹

  20. nothing at all

    Man i fuckin love wit the chorus😍😍

  21. 123

    1st comment

  22. Ricky Rubio

    MC Politically Correct would thrive nowadays

  23. Adoniskörper wien Profisurfer

    Back at it again in 2019

  24. Murphy Chris

    Dude I'm a huge fan !!! 🧡🖤

  25. mike hunt

    I saw your youtube and your Old songs are GOLD WTF. I watch 5 of your old songs and they hit 6 mill each. You doing it wrong. Post Melone is doing better then you yet you are a bomb with this.

  26. deCode666

    Still awesome in 2019!

  27. 15sixmedia

    “I’m gonna go call an ambula-Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    MC Fatigue, the real hero of the group.

  28. Ask a Physicist

    I'm MC knows too many facts about gays. Their Queen can lay 10000 eggs in a day. 15 miles per hour is their average speed. Just cos I know a lot about gays doesn't mean I'm a bee.

  29. Kitsuki Kitsune

    The melody.......i came

  30. Claph

    8 years later this is still the best series of songs known to mankind

  31. jordzmelo

    im convinced mc historical inaccuracy is soul khan

  32. MahirJabbar89

    You are god❤️

  33. Dany Greenlee

    why he quit

  34. QuantumAstronavt

    2019 anyone?

  35. Marcelo Rocha

    This guy is a genious... too bad that back there almost none of my friends understood the critics behind this videos

  36. Big Mike

    Jon Lajoie is reincarnated Elvis

  37. Chaz Hegstrom

    Et j'vais dire une phrase en francais, parce qu'ici on est bilingue

  38. #teamMAB #RookieMan

    2019 ?? sub my channel hahahahahahah

  39. greatmemes92

    I’m like the Spanish Inquisition when they killed Jesus


  40. Jean แม้ว Miserendino มิเฃอแรนดิโน

    U da best dude

  41. Jean แม้ว Miserendino มิเฃอแรนดิโน OJ Simpson’s wife 555555

  42. Magrathea666

    2019 still mourning Chorus Guy.

  43. A B

    Nowadays MC Extremely Politically Correct wouldn’t be allowed to rap because that’s cultural appropriation.

  44. Roni Mathew

    *You CANT spell chorus without VAGINA*
    Me: already dead at 0:20🤣🤣🤣

  45. Allan Dedino

    I laughed with this video when I was 13 yo. Now I am 21. Still laughing

  46. D3RRANG3D

    Damn mc chorus guy is is the shit

  47. Un Melc

    this guy is a genius!

  48. Anthony Copeland

    I remember rewatching this so many times as a kid. It was so amazing to me, and made me realize what you can do with lyrics, and music in general. Early YouTube really was the shit 😂

  49. blunt005

    this was 9 years ago
    the internet was still fun 9 years ago

  50. Zameer Ansari

    Duuuuude the climax is epiiic 😂😂😂 MC vaginaaaa

  51. Walter Lathlin

    2019 Anyone

  52. Sharya Dahlinsimo

    I love that MC Homophobic Fucking Asshole is self-aware with that name

  53. Devon Drake

    Ah the glory days of YouTube.

  54. Martin D

    You remember when MC extremly politicaly correct was just a joke and not reality?

  55. amarildo kajo


  56. micky dee

    Aaaah yes, the good ol times.

  57. Roloyum

    This was the best out of the 3!

  58. Black batman

    holy fuck this is dope i saw him in a meme and now i search all his songs xD

  59. Lifted State

    YouTube as a platform now will never support creators capable of cool shit like this anymore lol gonna miss this shit

  60. Daniel Salas

    This guy is a legend

  61. My Pet Rock

    I actually like chorus guy 😂😂

  62. Musistics

    Jesus was / is transgender.


    Everyone has a twin soul of the opposite sex. We all express our dual genders differently in the body. Hence, everyone is transgender.

  63. Musistics

    Badass new rendition. I love you Jon. 🤣

  64. thisthings ibelief

    Mc Confusing reminds me of Beck's lyrics

  65. Mrcantfapenough

    I had a good run...

  66. Dirk Diggler

    Dude mc historical inaccuracy is actually pretty fucking dope

  67. Marcitus Tangens

    what is the plural of chorus?

  68. Steam Condenser

    Part of me wants a WTF Collective album with each track done by a different MC.

  69. Mang Dingle

    MC Extremely Inappropriate Rhymes learned from Crazy Town,
    “Fuck the Critics, we leave em
    Hanging like INXS

  70. Lotlarz

    "Theres more blood than a rubber hoes bottle of foot"

  71. Nathan Coleman

    MC Historical Inaccuracy

  72. Vincenzo Lefrancois

    Why does he has ans english accent in french

  73. Hippie Joe

    This guy looks good in everything he dresses in

  74. Edgar E. B.

    i never thought mc politically correct would be this relevant nowadays

  75. C Utuber

    Underrated video more people need to see

  76. Simo Myyr

    Lets get this trending !!!!!

  77. Tonigrin

    Man he called out PC culture before it was a thing.

  78. MrOrmanley

    You cant spell chorus without...


  79. Unamused A. Hole

    I love chorus guy!

  80. Jönni Heinistö

    I still sometimes keep watching all your videos, because youre simply the best comedian ive ever seen, literally. Do more stuff man PLEASE :D :D :D

  81. Macrons

    MC Extremely Inappropriate Rhymes 👐

  82. Androidigon

    How does this not have over 50 million views

  83. Kevin Cruz

    I want a full album of MC Confusion.

  84. Niall de Barra

    MC canadian stereotype will always be my favourite, just brilliant XD

  85. Galactis

    What happened to this Jon. Miss this stuff

  86. Random Mando'ade

    Chorus guy is best

  87. Michealdud

    MC fatigue to this day makes me pee myself a little😂😂😂

  88. Victor Raepke

    Okay, ich.bin chorus guy fan boy.... Diese nicht schlimm happens all the time

  89. Victor Raepke

    Ich hör den Song jetzt zum xten mal wegen chorus guy

  90. 69TwistedPsycho69

    "I'm gonna go call an ambulan-" MC Fatigue

  91. Will IsWill

    2018 anyone?

  92. Dep Dicius

    Ch()rus, well he's not wrong

  93. debicadude

    Part 2 is the best no doubt. The beat is just incredible. Rapist glasses !

  94. Roko

    MC Fatigue is my favourite. Final Verse is also good. Chorus guy is funny. But most of all I like how Jon Laorie changes with every charachter.

  95. thebrunssss

    Mc don't know how to pleuralize s word(s) deserves a full song

  96. TlGBC

    mc historical inaccuracy did 9/11

  97. Cinemama Media Reviews

    Jesus and Thesis ♡

  98. Wrestling Warrior

    Kids today will never know how epic MC Vagina showing up at the end was.

  99. Tommy Kavanaugh

    The bears in the WTF collective are fucking ill lol seriously some of my favorite instrumentals