Jon Lajoie - Why Did You Leave Me? Lyrics

Why did you leave me girl? I don’t understand … is it because I killed your dad?

Oh, it is!
Oh, I see …
(uhm) (ah)
I guess this sorta makes sense …
(uhm) … (dididi)
So, uh, you wanna stay friends?

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Jon Lajoie Why Did You Leave Me? Comments
  1. F*cking Crusader

    that s so good bruh


    So good :D

  3. nikoincroatia

    Shoutout to Amata from Fallout 3


    Looool yes

  4. StarDragonJP

    I can't help but imagine that one guy from Misfits singing this.

  5. M C

    2019 fuckyabud

  6. Inspector #6607


  7. MrSpeedyAce

    I still play this song to people randomly! Gets a laugh everytime 😂🙌

  8. młody socjalista

    It's your outfit, dude

    James Williamson

    młody socjalista I feel like shit because I know where this is from.

    Beo Weapon

    młody socjalista R.I.P

    Wai Moe

    @James Williamson rip papa franku

    Literally Hitler

    Lmao best comment

  9. pauliina ylisirniö

    i think i just died

  10. komozeck

    actually there is a folk song in turkey like this one : they say: "why did you frown? m i killed your dad?" :D 

  11. Danny B

    tabs, chords, anyone?

    Santeri Kettu

    Am, E, Am E, Am E, Am E, Am E, Am. You could just try. :D
    On the Am there is always a hammer on from the open b to 1st fret of b.


    Am, Em,.... !

  12. Musistics

    Awww boo boo...

  13. dave giroux

    too much ha ha

  14. Jayko4

    these girl.. always crying for anything...

  15. Moa Vallén

    I love his sad face in the beginning hahahaha

  16. Rencudia

    This gets funnier everytime I watch it! He even pulls heartbroken, depressed sour faces at the start to make it seem all the more angsty XD

  17. UltraGaivalas

    well, he actually has PhD in singing

  18. TheMRN9

    Fuck me, this always makes me crack up xD

  19. TheMRN9

    that was fucking hilarious

  20. Benny Schwartz

    What do you mean "still"? this is such a terrific love story, where the girl even overcomes the loss of her father by love... And yes, I AM drunk while typing this, not even joking

  21. TheInsertName18


  22. TheInsertName18

    this video is jokes, akways makes me laugh my ass off loooool :D

  23. OH NO That Guy!


  24. inchaoswetrust

    heartless bitch

  25. Some Guy

    hes actually a pretty good singer

  26. Olunari

    lol like it!

  27. ScottyMagiK

    I know right?

  28. ScottyMagiK

    *SPOILER ALERT* English.

  29. Vitor Roberto Schettino

    idk, I was drunk

  30. Vitor Roberto Schettino

    and by your response, you don't seem to be much older too

  31. Szpulenso

    Still an unoriginal comment

  32. Hippow Don

    My hand can't leave me, it's attached to my body.

  33. Alexa Hernandez

    if I had a nickel for everytime a girl broke up with me just because I killed her dad

    I would be rich

    June Bug

    Alexa Hernandez I hope god forgives me for my sins but it all depends if I keep killin my girlfriends

  34. Интернет Аристократ

    Everyday normal guy 2.

  35. Allan Waldon

    This song got me through a break-up

  36. Joe Cornell

    that stupid bitch

  37. abreugus

    Everyday Normal Guy

  38. Garnilator

    What's the song by the ending?

  39. modnaR

    And then you realize this video was made beforehand, he was dating saddam's daughter

  40. mersi2140

    Because he is a US Navy SEAL

  41. Hitler Lover

    what a bitch

  42. Paul Towns

    i have that guitar :D

  43. UchihaHelena

    This is officially my favourite video on YouTube x'D

  44. salor99999

    Because your video isn't rapping anymore...

  45. Ari K

    @aliki148 Spotting the Greek people when they put "x" instead of "h" when they laugh...axaxaxaxa Geia sou re aliki..kai egw to kanw auto ... :P

  46. Marquito467

    lol Shredder

  47. Smygli

    i just fking love this randomness :D

  48. aliki148

    xaxaxaa killed her dad???? i think so xaxaxax

  49. ThePeacemakeur

    King of the thieve pic a the end....WTF? O.o

  50. Ioan Pop

    you want some of this, bitch??? xD

  51. Pablord able

    women... less talky talky, more sucky sucky

  52. supermoe1985

    @supermoe1985 10,000 idiot!

  53. supermoe1985

    I was 1,000th like! :D

  54. Greg Beelen

    @seriousfreak100 Yeah indeed, goddamn arrow! But don't worry about my knee, cuz I'm a medical student now!

  55. Greg Beelen

    I used to kill her dad like Jon, then I took an arrow in the knee.

  56. kevin corson

    i wanna be like u wen i gro up Jon AHHHHH

  57. dinosaurzez

    only 500 more views

  58. Mike

    The Shredder approves

  59. Dylan-lel

    top comments have so much likes!!!!OMG

  60. Cale Scrimgeour


  61. Rachel Sommerville

    @yanstar274 It was uncle "bob" wasn't it?

  62. Moises C Hernandez

    @yanstar274 guns don killl people uh huh JOn Kills people, With GUNS, POW!!!

  63. darren kong

    @yanstar274 stfu

  64. Gabe Nubby

    you the man jon

  65. tbonius95

    teach me to play tjat song jon!!!!

  66. VHOCambier

    The end of this song is diferent than before!! Isnt it?

  67. DasTheToilet

    you should make make this a full song xD

  68. Nikolai Steen

    hahaha LOL XD

  69. Mike Goulette

    LOL at the "two girls one cup" tags on this video

  70. lovetolisten1313

    funny i love it thank you

  71. Isiah Torres

    @zaeke5 ha?

  72. Medalaganario

    not funny

  73. Niactz

    LOL random.

  74. Hokays

    i just love that tune at the end... ENG

  75. Nicholas Stevens

    My girl left me for the same reason. Stupid women.

  76. jsmmount

    shredder at the end = awesome

  77. freddy2t

    definitely a genius!

  78. TheMrANNA

    saying after a break up :
    "wanna stay friends ?"
    is like when your dog dies and your dad says
    "But you can still keep it ?!"

  79. CSEmber

    ... what? The? FUCK!?

  80. BatHunterofDevon

    I've only just noticed that Shredder from Ninja turtles appears at the end!

  81. Kevin Hosley

    I'm guessing you were dating Osama's daughter?

  82. 3Chain

    He killed 437 peoples dads

  83. Sophia Pavlou

    you should have a relationship with josef fritzl´s daughter

  84. seanfloler

    i want the lyrics....... i have alzheimer.....

  85. Jason Todd

    @Ironriver57 And when they get mad at me for drowning their kid? Why?

  86. Bargal

    @lynn80461 So does your mother.

  87. TheDeserteagle95

    just 1 of 7000....

  88. Gythal

    I love how Youtube suggests me a video "Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman's Perspective: How to Guarantee a Girl's attention" while I'm watching this one.

  89. TheKarp

    Music: Jon Lajoie
    Lyrics: Lelouch vi Britannia

  90. EyesOnTheSunrise

    Thought this was going to be an epic sad song...ended up laughing my ass off

  91. SickerThanThou

    @Ironriver57 Yeah it sucks, I've been through this before. What you should say to a girl that's obviously overreacting to her father's murder like that is: «Hey, think about it for a second ! Leaving me won't bring your father back !» You just gotta go with logic, you know.

  92. MrStonedJosh

    @yu66akjgt3 that's what all the chicks tell

  93. MrStonedJosh

    this video is longer then my longest relationship with a chick.......LMAO

  94. Adam K

    I was just watching the I can dance video and I guess the line about other people having parents that are still alive is about Jon - he killed her dad to make the girl have more in common with him