Jon Lajoie - Merry Christmas Exclamation Point Lyrics

You're the dude from high school I see at the gym
Or a friend of a friend, or a second cousin
You're a co-worker I sometimes eat lunch with
You're one of my many acquaintances

You know Christmas is about spending time with friends and family
But just because you're not in one of those 2 categories
Doesn't mean that I won't still do something special for you
Cause Christmas is about giving
So here's what I'll do
I'm gonna send you a Christmas text (Christmas text, Christmas text)
I'm gonna send you a Christmas text (Christmas text, Christmas text)
I'm gonna send you a Christmas text (Christmas text, Christmas text)
I'm gonna type Merry Christmas exclamation point, and then press send

Maybe I'll just copy and paste it (From a previous text)
Well it's only two words, I might as well just type it (Less complicated)
If you're thinking of calling me to thank me, oh please don't (That's not how this works)
Texting is as far as this relationship goes (And keep your response brief)

I have way more important people in my life, you're not even in the top fifty
It's not that I don't care about you, well yeah I don't really care about you
But, doesn't mean that I won't still do, something special for you
Cause Christmas is about giving
So here's what I'll do
I'm gonna send you a Christmas text (Christmas text, Christmas text)
I'm gonna send you a Christmas text (Christmas text, Christmas text)
I'm gonna send you a Christmas text (Christmas text, Christmas text)
I'm gonna type Merry Christmas exclamation point, and then press send

I don't care enough to call, but I don't not care enough to do nothing, all
I don't care enough to call, but I don't not care enough to do nothing, all
So I'll type Merry Christmas exclamation point and then press send
Merry Christmas exclamation point and then press send
Merry Christmas exclamation point and then press send

And to all of my non-Christian friends, I will text you: "Hey, dude what's goin on? We should totes hang next week".

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Jon Lajoie Merry Christmas Exclamation Point Comments
  1. Royal Allred

    I give people pot

  2. PeteRoyJackson

    “I’m gonna type Merry Christmas Exclamation Point, and then hit send”....goes musically right into “She’s covered in vomit and human feces, that’s how I know that she needs me” (from his 2 Girls 1 Cup song)

  3. Bartek Szczerbiak

    What an great wisdom is in rhis song

  4. templeofbone

    I send this to everyone. With the message "Merry Christmas!" of course.

  5. SebWayStudios TM

    Lol fuck

  6. habs4life41

    just got a bunch of these!! how dare they!!!

  7. lbmixpro

    666 people got that Christmas Text.


    Merry Christmas Exclamation Point

  8. FootyManagerTV

    It’s that time of year again
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  9. Ra7man 964

    Happy Christmas lil fuckers

  10. Lightnings

    The time has come again.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. markosgraveyard

    Chris Moustace.

  12. AlexisDBY

    I listen to this and the best christmas song every year since 2013. Joyeux Noël ! from France Jon I love you.

  13. Jo Katan

    Merry Christmas!

  14. chattycathydoll

    I got a Christmas text from Jon Lajoie. It said Happy Easter!

  15. Vicky Kaplan

    Here in 2019, still relating to this

  16. Ryan H, Jung

    This is my Christmas song for this Christmas and maybe from now on.

  17. Laurus Nobilis

    Am I better or worse person if I just share this on facebook instead of sending "Merry Christmas!" to

  18. mossbreath90

    Love how everyone is low on battery

  19. Shi Luo Yizhuo

    Him in the suit is hot

  20. Robin P

    For the last 5 years or so, every time someone sends me a Christmas text, I reply with a link to this vid. Thanks Jon.

  21. VIO

    He isnt a regular, everyday, normal motherfucker anymore😂❤

  22. Joker

    Stop singing crap and show me your genitals

  23. Arda Bayraktaroglu

    Still watching in 2019. Merry Christmas! Even if it’s not Christmas 🎄

  24. Aarstyn Vlogs' Dad

    I am so, so guilty of this :/

    But hey, at least they know you're thinking of them :)

  25. NJASZN

    Man I miss this guy.

  26. Dusan Jevtovic

    Merry Christmas!

  27. n00body88

    Merry Christmas Jon Lajoie!

  28. Azhiru

    Every Christmas, five years running, in five countries.

  29. pixelwad

    Every year.

  30. Gaston DeBiedma

    Merry Christmas from the year 2018! No, please don’t reply.

  31. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Merry Christmas everyone let's get texting lol.

  32. FloppytoKey

    it's finally here

  33. jeanpierre rivera

    Merry Christmas! (am I too early?) LMAO

  34. Kilian Kayser

    Merry Christmas!

  35. Trenton Fowler

    I have yet to receive one of these from anyone. Ever. Oh God, I'm so alone...

    Megaglow Z

    It's not Christmas......But Happy Halloween man.

  36. ReNz0r

    pure genious

  37. Izaak McCullough

    youre one of my favourite people

  38. Michał Kiwiało

    that's a shame you don't make songs anymore :(

  39. Pearl Polanski

    This is exactly what I did for Christmas, lol. I even copy and pasted. Feel like such a schmuck now.

  40. iceteasahne

    Merry Christmas!

  41. Christopher Shawn Shaw

    Jon, this is hilariously brilliant. But I'm sure you already knew that. ;-)

  42. PapaGeorg10

    I wish they would play this on the radio and at department stores

  43. Sancho Nyberg

    jon lajoie reminds me of a musical will ferrell

  44. MelviniTheGreat

    Can you tell Anthony to come back

  45. rosemary cohen

    This guy looks like Josh Peck

  46. J P

    Taco looks grown up.

  47. thsudy

    This is every Christmas since I turned 18

  48. Trey Lehman

    well he obviously did care a lot because he made a whole song for this person

  49. MustardSeedish

    It's Christmas and I'm getting a bunch of these Merry Christmas with an explanation marks today. I'm going to eat more and go to bed. Thanks.

  50. Matt C

    song suks

  51. ChaoticMatters

    This song was pretty much the inspiration for my new Christmas song about getting bad Christmas presents D: it helped me think outside the box

  52. zorahna


  53. Jennifer Stafford

    Love This ....I post it every year

  54. Hrnek Bezucha

    I can't even be arsed to send a text.

  55. FloppytoKey

    It's that time of the year my dudes.

  56. therobotuner

    This is my favorite Christmas song. Three years later and it still is.

  57. The Big Yeet

    what happened to funny videos like "show me your genitals" and "guns don't kill people"....I'm disappointed :(

    Princess Pinto

    Jo Nunez he grew up.


    This video IS funny, actually. It's satire. It's more subtle than the things he previously produced. I think this song is ingenious all around!

  58. Tyson Tomko

    Merry September! (stress the exclamation point)

    still loving this shit

  59. restlessfrager

    I huh... Send merry Christmas exclamation point texts because I feel it's awkward to call acquaintances out of the blue... But I'd like a call back as a thanks though.

  60. JojiTrash01

    I am absolutely in love with this song! I've really gotta give you props on this, and all of your other songs! Although something really caught me eye in this video... Jon's jacket when he was outside in the snow! I'm actually very curious as to what type it is. Dx Does anyone know what type of jacket Jon uses when he's outside? :<

  61. Anton Johansson

    I told my girlfriend Merry Christmas thru a text, and sent the video 2.

  62. Doug Dimmadome

    In the future I'm going to send this song instead of typing 'merry christmas' 😂

  63. KingSteelo47

    what happened to jon

  64. l Esposito

    Eugh Christmas Texts are annoying, someone I spoke to a few times 5 years ago and hung with once still sends them and never talks to me otherwise. How disingenuous can you get....


    l Esposito at least he sends you the text. maybe you should break the ice?

  65. Alvin J Hunt

    John where did you get that coat? The black pea coat?

  66. Spritzer Hayden


  67. Rian Shadik



    merry xmas!

  69. k1m0s

    We need new stuff Jon, you are a great comedian. RIP The League

  70. Zoltan


  71. Manuel Popp

    Merry christmas everyone!

  72. Lost In Space

    Merry Christmas! haha I just had to play this for the family


    just played it for the wife as she was doing this exact thing. Merry Christmas!

  73. joyeux rouge

    Merry Christmas!

  74. qoto

    I'm here every Christmas!

  75. Themiddle Child

    It's that time of the year again...

  76. heidel420

    Merry Christmas!

  77. 87OmegaXis

    Merry Christmas!

  78. Elp Smith

    I thought he was gonna say "so maybe I'll give a fuck" after "Christmas is about giving".

  79. Lori Thessa

    You're the best Jon :) Merry Christmas to all :)

  80. mehmet rasim inceoglu

    But this is not the best Christmas song ever... :)


    I dont( plz, elaborate further


    But still better than the best christmas song ever. :D

  81. Taso Zoitas

    I already have my text copied into clipboard for maximum efficiency.

  82. Andrei Simionescu

    Funny enough, I think if Jon could pull out some good music if he were to care enough about it, his voice is not bad.

    Kieran O Sullivan

    +Andrei Simionescu This IS good music


    +Andrei Simionescu Lol, yfw, his latest video. Good call bro.

    Mar Ben

    Wolfie's Just Fine

  83. la mari

    can I suck on your neck beard. thanks

  84. Robert Colby-Witanek

    She tells him she thinks she needs to be free...

    anyone else hear it?

  85. Danial Cousins

    His voice wasn't bad

  86. ASDFGH200

    WHAT WAS THAT??? the person that shows his genitals and been super famous for killing ppl ended up making commercial advertisements ????!!!! this was lame, i have supported every video you made but in this one you were trying to hook easy chicks.... get your ass back and give them hell man!!!!

    Bugsy McCoy

    +ASDFGH200 This was like 2 years ago are you late to the party?

  87. Andrew Oaksin

    Hahaaaa i love this guy!

  88. Sabrina Magoski

    My history teacher kept playing this in class today........ Lol

  89. Wenni Tang

    He looks like a guy from one of those happy toy commercials whoès acting as a happy neighbour who gives random gifts and fades out with a thumbs up

  90. Jordan Gibson

    "guns don't kill people, nu uh I kill people... with guns"


    MCVagine is right in that b**ch

  91. Rosie Riz Martinez

    I'm so in love with you in that pea coat and scarf. Goodness. You're so hot lol

  92. Reza Ghazanfari

    Genius .

  93. loring proctor

    He needs to go back to Canada for lying abiut being in one of the twin towers on 911. only a sick asshole would lie about that

    Squirrel Gang

    +loring proctor That was Steve Rannazzisi dummy

  94. Piotr

    601 people got a Christmas text.

  95. Simma

    show me your genitals

  96. Crunchy the Goblin

    This guy made the best song ever and then just went downhill from there

    This is the best song ever made in the world
    This is the best song ever made in the world
    Other songs are good
    Even some are really good
    But they are not the best songs ever made in the world


    Lol, that's the first vid I saw from this guy


    Jesse Redberry And he made the Best Christmas Song Ever too

  97. Baltovv

    I miss this guy

    Elp Smith

    +Baltovv He moved on to TV. He's in the big leagues (get it?)

  98. Amanda Marie

    Lol I like this!