Jon Bellion - The Good In Me Lyrics

1, 2, 3 (Vocalizing)
1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 (Vocalizing)

You know that he trusts you and I know that he loves you
But somehow you convinced me again
My foundation rumbles and all my morals crumble
My father's warnings run through my head

Your heart's a vine that I've bled trying to climb
Yeah, you're making a ruin of me
Try to survive, keep my spirit alive
But like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me
Like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me
Like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me

One temptation sparked this
Now I can feel the darkness
It's my own fault but you had this planned
All of me, you take now, like criminals and shakedowns
Yeah, you make me forget who I am

Your heart's a vine that I've bled trying to climb
Yeah, you're making a ruin of me
Try to survive, keep my spirit alive
But like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me
But like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me, hey
Like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me

All of your good is mine
All of your good is mine
All of your good is mine
All of your good is mine

Like a knife in the woods
Yeah, you hunt down the good in me, hey

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Jon Bellion The Good In Me Comments
  1. Gaming With MusaThe HaloMaster Musa

    I love iRobot and good in me

  2. Shade heart

    1:45 I think that it's plant, not planned.

  3. dapper dork

    why is that child wearing a box ?

  4. Minilisichka Fer

    Я здесь одна русская??

  5. Kiaris Otero Flores

    the best part for me is in 1:02 i love it

  6. vaganuke

    3 adds on a video now FUCKING RIP

  7. Aischen Goldworm

    Why does the pic remind me of Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke?

  8. Alexander Eakins

    Anyone else wanna see an animated film of this?

  9. Striker the drawer

    This song prepares me to move out the house...I must be brave to be with another family imma live good without my real family 😁🙂😐😥😔😞😩😭

  10. bunnycraft 974

    0:00 2:30 it's the meme

  11. SquishKitty


  12. chubby - chan

    this gives me beach vibes, i love it hh

  13. VvV Fluffy Eevee VvV

    Wow, this song is sadder than Happier.

  14. Lime The skeleton

    Can You get copyrighted by using this song?

    Dexter Badger AJ

    Yes you can

  15. Emma Etim


  16. Yesyes I have no oreos for u

    Who else this song was from Stan Lee?

  17. ALPHA XY

    This song tears my fucking heart out. I'm sorry Devin, I should never have let her fool me

  18. oi boi funtime foxy

    the meme!

  19. Some Body

    Why does lady look like angry mustache man

    Dexter Badger AJ

    Cause the song is about cheating they made her look evil

    Some Body

    @Dexter Badger AJ OHHHH

  20. Jessica

    I don't listen to this song, I feel it

  21. garcia elvira2

    This Music,


  22. Lisa De Baere


  23. Pinter Fairfox _1

    Sorry you have 499 comments, so I thought if I add my comment it'll become 500. It's something I can't stop.

  24. Hueyyo

    Acoustic Version bro

    Darted Leaf

    Don't mind me imma just reply to your comment on your comment


    @Darted Leaf lmao, we deserve an acoustic version man!! Jon Bellion is like one of THE GREATEST underrated artist of all time

  25. Kay Sheridan

    I'm getting Owl City vibes???

  26. WaterFox

    It sounds like puppycat.

  27. Catii

    This song reminds me Danganronpa v3..

  28. ItsOliDude

    I didnt know steven hawking sings..

  29. Minty The Mightiest

    This song makes me happy. It reminds me of my boyfriend and how happy he was when I told him that I was happy 😊 I do not deserve him.

  30. D MT

    Got a huge Owl City vibe from this.. Its gloriously beautiful well done. :)

    RK 800

    Omg same

  31. ALPHA XY

    Jesus Christ this is my shitty relationship rn

  32. One Bright Star

    Ooh...I like this.

  33. Hawzie _

    is... is that a snail as the lady's head

  34. SpicyRoyale

    Who else came from the danganrompa meme?

  35. Benji

    N Y O O H O O H O O

  36. Đąřķ Ğøłđ

    Hm...2019? Oh yeah.. i find that's beautiful song ,w,...

  37. Meek King

    This song is my new addiction.

  38. Aphinitis :0

    I can't stop listening to this song yesterday I repeated the song maybe 4 times and now I repeated it 7 times lol

  39. Msur Sur

    Ginny Weasley perfect song

  40. B-atiful!

    Damn animation meme community doing me dirty cutting out the DAMN GOODASS parts of this song

  41. Yari López

    *smack The door* WHO SYAD?!

  42. Off 19

    Song : * exists *
    Animation meme makers : it’s a free real estate!

    Golden Wither Phoenix 13

    Hey now. Were better than tictok.


    @Golden Wither Phoenix 13 anything is better than tik tok

  43. historiana philippiniana

    The meme part

  44. //xoxo Moon -never-ending oxox//

    I remember I was sleeping and sometimes I here music to help me sleep. So once (this is about countryhumans. And the war of 1812 a vid that I saw about countryhumans) Ameriaca went off to Canada. Canada kicked America out. Then America went back. Later on buildings was comeing up. Then Canada wanted to go visit America. Canada was not welcomed. The end

  45. The Cookie

    1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 The god in me 🔝♪♫♬

  46. Josh the Art Critic

    I been seeing a lot of people in the comments saying this song is about a cheating spouse

  47. asher fox20

    can you make like a 10 hour or 1 hour version of this please?

  48. Neow

    Okay, I’ve found this when it came out and listened to it so many times. Never have I figured why it sounded so familiar to me.

  49. Cosmos The Max

    Who else is here from the animation meme?



  50. Take over titans jaden

    Who's that person in the back? Is that a hunter?

  51. Some Body

    I don't have good eye sight and I misplaced my glasses rn. Can someone confirm that the lady in the picture is indeed a mustache man with a sexy body?

  52. ree Alaska and Italy gaming

    This songs about the bible

  53. Brielle Santos

    I ain't gon' lie, Jon sounds like Owl Eyes

  54. Rosirk

    The meaning of this song is more versatile than a lot of other Jon Bellion songs.

  55. Endless 09

    I view this song as the world trying to take away the good in me, my soul and smile. I used to work customer service and in my whole 8hrs shift i have to deal with all types of people. Most of them are very rude, insulting me, making me feel stupid and small, sometimes it can be physical. People who are older than me, who i thought would be more mature and understanding. But i still have to continue my shift with a smile and being polite to every customer. I already quit, but i guess there will always be someone who will try to take away the good in people.

    A little kindness wont hurt💛

    hot cupcake

    Stay strong your beautifull nobody is better than anyone people who think there better then others are ironically pathetic and disgusting people. Don't let anyone get in you're way :)


    Endless 09 That’s absolutely terrible. There should be no tolerance for customers verbally and physically(!?) abusing the employees. :(

    Prison Mike

    Endless 09 ❤️

  56. inkloxillo ÓvÒ

    I like rhe begin ing

  57. Ciel Phantomhive

    I know this song is about cheating but it sounds like it could be about depression and anxiety tbh

  58. Marleny 3807

    I love you Greg!❤💙

  59. Lariena N

    for me , this song is how i feel about my mom. “your hearts a vine that i bled trying to climb. you’re making a ruin of me. try to survive, keep my spirit alive. but like a knife in the woods. you hunt down the good, in me.” to me it represents how i try to please her. and i try to better myself. but it’s never enough. all that’s happening is i’m killing my “spirit”. and “but you make me forget who i am”. every time we argue and every time i try to make her happy i feel like i lose a part of myself. and i don’t want to live here anymore. or be here. i’m tired of fighting her and feeling like this. i’m tired of losing myself trying to be the “perfect daughter” she wants. cause ill never be that. she’ll never be happy.

  60. Hot Sauce

    2019 and still listening

  61. Kiara Adimu

    Heyyy! A new/old animation meme!

  62. Latvii 2 uwu

    Idk why, but this song reminds me of my life :’)

  63. Lone Mai

    Tag your mist loved song of Jon bellion

  64. Dorksterz

    This song always reminds me of Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. I've read the book in 6th Grade, and it's the best book any 6th Grader can read. So many plot twist, the characters are relatable, and the plot is creative. I miss those old days, but i'm making new ones!

  65. snap snap_

    Then they knew.

    They all knew.

    This could be an animation meme.

    Mint Ice

    an accepting furry it actually is, lol.

  66. Brennan Benger

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it

  67. TheOrcaCat

    *_Clicks repeat_*

  68. Asia Lu

    One of my favourite songs <3

  69. Spicy Apple

    someone please make a one hour version of this

  70. Lubia

    To me this song is about how traumatic/scarring events take the joy and excitement from you, and how later in bad situations you don't even act/feel like yourself.
    Basically: mental illness


    Getting ready to spill the tea on my therapy session on Friday. Wish me luck guys. :)

  71. bunnycraft 974

    0:00 2:31 *good in me*

  72. MaKaila Rice

    My ex boyfriend told me to listen to this

  73. miranda a

    I only like the beginning.. :(

    MooMooShico :

    get out

  74. BabyPickles

    This reminds of what it’s like to be a furry and all your friends at first be nice to you but then those same friends abuse me and bully me for being a furry and I show them the best of me but they beat me down

  75. Solar Boy Django

    I’m selling replays!
    1 Like - 1 Replay

  76. Tabitha Flagg


  77. banana cinnamontoast

    Who here watched wilver 1987 good in me meme

  78. Calvin Dinapoli

    Good in me meme anyone?

  79. Kawshik Saha

    Is this guy dead or something!
    Why aint there any buzz around his songs
    The songs are unique

  80. Zigge Hed

    holy fuck this song is thicc.

  81. Madeline Crerand

    Jon+AJR=My happy place (In music)

  82. S.W. de Jong

    Getting some Owl City vibes from this one.

  83. a m a r e t t o s m e l l

    I can't find it on SoundCloud aaahhhhh :"

  84. Itz Izx

    The acapella remembers me Geometry Dash
    And i don't know why

  85. Kobbie Clerk

    jon Bellion is just the best. .

  86. John laplander5105

    Steven hawking helped with this song, I'm kidding

  87. koala bear

    Your music is bad


    This ain't even his account but go off ig

    Ferb Fletcher

    You have bad taste in music

  88. PwincesMR _

    I’m addicted to it dude that’s amazing

    Teddie Bear

    Same lol

  89. Chaii tea

    Why does it- hurt?
    It physically hurts, like, my heart is aching.

  90. Taz60975


  91. 月Tsuki

    Who come from the hetalia meme HHHHMMMMMM


    I did 👀👀

  92. Juliet Wangui

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Cherrie Rosal

    But like a knife in the woods,he didn't create this from my country :(

  94. junk book

    Too good for 2019, Great song:Great artist

  95. Trash

    All of your Oxygen is mine