Jon Bellion - Ooh Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Jon Bellion:]
Drunk off your kiss, life turns sideways
Drugs from your skin, high like skyscrapers
Where your soul goes, you will find me
Follow you there, I will blindy

[Pre-Hook - Jon Bellion:]
I don't believe that you're from New York
You're from the sky, past our view of space
Don't bullshit me, tell me you're an angel
And this ain't gon' make no sense no sense but I'll say

[Hook x2 - Jon Bellion:]
Your lips they taste like June
Your eyes are a rocket to the moon
Those legs gon' put me in a tomb
Praise God when you hit me with the Ooh
Hit me with the Ooh
Praise God when you hit me with the Ooh
Praise God, praise God, go, praise God
When you hit me with the Ooh

[Verse 2 - Jon Bellion & Christianne Jensen:]
Drunk off your kiss, tastes like absinthe
King size spaceship
Hips crash landed
Scream out my name, ring like sirens
Lights in your eyes, gladly blinded


[Hook x3]

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