Jon Bellion - He Is The Same Lyrics

Still living in his dad's house, 24 years old
He could buy a few pads, but he just like to stay home
No, he never took the fast route, now the plaque’s on deck
But they still make him take the trash out, keep his ass in check

Same kids from the high school, jump shot still flame
Couple million in the bank, but
Nothing has changed, he is the same
Nothing has changed, he is the same
Nothing has changed, he is the same

His assistant is his best friend
Lost his dad that day
Really puts it in perspective
What the fuck's a bad day?
Sister told him "Keep your head right," 24 years old
Real women need love, fake bitches want gold

Same kids from the high school, jump shot still flame
Couple million in the bank, but
Nothing has changed, he is the same
Nothing has changed, he is the same
Nothing has changed, he is the same

All he needed was a platform, built a real fanbase
Took 'em with him when the deal came
Selling out in every state
Signed a deal after his first tape
But he kept it on the low
They can never say he sold out
So why they come to every show?

Same kids from the high school, jump shot still flame
Couple million in the bank, but
Nothing has changed, he is the same
Nothing has changed, he is the same

Nothing has changed, we are the same
Nothing has changed (nothing)
All the same, we are the same
Nothing has changed, we are the same
We are the same

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Jon Bellion He Is The Same Comments
  1. Noah Campbell

    I wish I could go back to 2016, this song makes me the happiest me I’ve ever been in my 14 years I’ve been a human. Thank you Jon Bellion.

  2. DSmash

    FaZe Up

  3. Jo Marie

    I freaking love this man

  4. Lassi

    Why aren't these views on his channel?

  5. Danny Shot


  6. Pineapple zombie

    Alissa and banks have broken up

  7. Pineapple zombie

    Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup

  8. Pineapple zombie

    Faze banks 😋 back and better then ever

  9. Brxzzy

    im keeping my mind open and listening to every song on this album and up

  10. seamus henry

    great song

  11. Twocrazyfrogs

    Im just here because im a huge Logic fan and they are both signed to VMG

  12. Lawrence Daw

    Omg Jon billion, you're A true artest. I'm here because "hands of god" and I'm glad because this track is wonderful. Keep doing the good job . Love ❤️

  13. Mamta Sehrawat

    I love this guy
    I want to be like him

  14. Xx_MaX_x X

    the moment when you get more views than the real video.

  15. Suri Bell

    This Is my new favourite song

  16. Epic Child

    Still my favorite album of all time and I listen to hardcore rap

  17. Joshua Holmes

    Who in 2019

  18. Pineapple zombie

    Who is here because of ricky banks aka faze banks

  19. Sanchez 81

    I love his songs

  20. JaeHey Parking

  21. Christian Billman

    the intro makes me think of game grumps.

  22. BenInGame

    This reminds me of a friend and it’s so sad

  23. idk

    I first heard this song from tanner but now I’m actually listening to it

  24. Lizard

    I hope i dont change

  25. Seba Kielak

    AJR is stupid

  26. Abigail Johnson

    Nothing has changed he is the same #word

  27. Viper

    Anyone came form faze banks video

  28. Iregbeyen Victory

    2018??? ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Tristen Rahn

    Why does everyone keep talking about Banks? That's Audra Mae at the end.

  30. moses rajab

    Jon you are a legend can’t wait for the next album

  31. Lisa Samuelson

    I want a music video for this song! Love it.

  32. Alana

    Nobody can tell me anything bad about Jon

  33. Kyle Cimino

    700th comment

  34. Virginity Swiper

    Wait is this song based on faze banks

  35. Michael Wolfe

    I came from banks and tanner lol

  36. benjamin adegbe

    This guy is my role model

  37. Chain Marker

    BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaanksssss 2018

  38. Kelsey Salazar

    Jon Bellion needs a bigger fan base!! Although I like the small concerts! Luv jon

  39. aph twi

    he is back

  40. a eddie brokes

    Such a great song

  41. Sadikshya Bhattarai

    What the fuck is a banks? I'm here on my own. Someone tell me what it is LOL

  42. Drag

    🅱 🅰 N K S

  43. Anticolor Official

    good job

  44. BARZ TEDx

    👑 🔥 👑 🔥 👑 and then there's Jon Bellion.. Dude your production n skill set is banana's..

  45. Calvin Quick

    couple million in bank but

  46. Rose Royston


  47. Hannah Worrall

    here from my boi banks :)

  48. Alicia Vogl

    who tf is banks

  49. Jacob Maynard


  50. Sophia Mele

    I don’t know who banks is, I’m here cuz bellion is ❤️

  51. Kamil

    Best song😍😍😍

  52. Truthful Peach

    whos here from faze banks lol

  53. Name




  54. Amie • Amie

    ''still livin in his dads house, 24 years old.'' that will be me XD

  55. Ryan Rampersaaud

    The decimation of music absolutely real and amazing music

  56. Ryan Rampersaaud

    From banks

  57. Truthful Peach

    Who's here because of banks?

  58. Yxng Dexter

    B A N K S

  59. Dilan Campos

    F a Z e B a n k s

  60. Lisa Brumbeloe

    I think we can all agree that this song is hard to not dance to- I found myself dancing in my bedroom and knocked over basically everything 🤭🤫🤐😅

  61. DawsGamingYT

    I love this song

  62. Bri C

    I love the chorus. The rest of the song sucks

  63. Team Cringe

    Who’s here from banks

  64. guitar chem06

    faze banks lol 🤘🏻

  65. Ulises Mantilla

    Faze Banks

  66. TornadoWolf

    Any one here from faze banks?

  67. ybo 2k


  68. Misha Stanovko

    faze banks thank you 😊

  69. Yxng Dexter

    b a n k s

  70. Leilani Morris

    b a n k s #cloutgang


    Why the fuck the video is not working?

  72. Cave Lion

    Banks brought me here. Nothing has changed.

  73. Bliink 69

    1 year later still remember when Banks came back<3 his bigger then ever right now and still growing. Much love.

  74. Ally Clash King


  75. Ally Clash King

    Who came here because Banks outtro

  76. AnasIsBoss

    FaZe Banks anyone?

    Studio Space

    AnasIsBoss na

  77. tommy train

    is this dedicated to banks or does this song just match him

    Ptolemy Carnell

    song just matches him, banks has no relation with jon bellion apart from, using his song :)

  78. RimoBG

    Why is it called ,,He is the Same,, when he says she is the same

    Ant Honey

    RimoBG it’s says he is the same he just says it weird

  79. ddoublees

    Anyone here cuz of banks😂

  80. cacky jacky

    Who came here from banks


    Bob Duncan are you the real bob duncan

  81. imood funny

    I only came because of banks this music is fire

  82. Cindey Reyes

    Came from BANKS❤

  83. Obj Master

    Bro jon bellion fricking beast

  84. Shaan Athwal

    faze up

  85. Aris Dhanani

    Banks eyeee


    Who else came here from faze banks

  87. Trinity Entertainment


  88. Ey it’s Manny

    I fukin lov this guy


    ѕαмє ѕαмє ѕαмє :3


    I agree so much i found out about him from his song all time low ( love that song )

    Victoria Romeo

    DemonDestroyer36 that’s my favorite song :,000

    Victoria Taylor

    I fuking lov this guy too