Jon B - Thru The Fire Lyrics

Down here on the ground people sacrifice just to try get by
It's hard to get past being caught up in the thoughts of flying high
Gone off that girl, everybody's chasing her all of the time
Seems like Erika Kane, she done got up in the game
and have ya scared to try

You may not know it right now, nothing's impossible
And when you try to push along, it seems to far to go
And the way it goes down, seems like the end of the road
But it's not, the fire's gettin' hot hot hot
You can go on right now, search deep inside
You're getting strong right now, I'm willing to testify
You've already won the fight, just stay down and ride
Cuz we all gotta walk through the fire

I walk the block running up the streets looking for a way out
Don't nobody know what I'm running from
Everything is spinning, feel like my world is burning
And I don't know what to do
If I put it all on you to get me where I need to be
Could you really comfort me
There's so much pain that I see


Oh, now what a tangled web I've wove
Lost inside a maze I've made, misled my soul
I often sit down and pray but I can't cause I'm froze
Besides, heavens to far away so I pave my nose
My pains unfold, whispering words to me that remain unspoken
Though some pictures tell a story, must remain untold
It's the same old song Aretha's sanging to me Lord and I can't go on
My eyes are blood shot, my tears run down and I cry til I can't stop
My fears are in war now with my heart and I'm shell-shocked
Trapped in mistakes now
You want me to bail in but I want me the hell out
I make you to feel bad but you making making me feel weak
I do you to hide you but you making me hide me
Every right I make was left so I'm staggered and gun shy
Addicted, I stand still cause she's making feel I'm

I'm in the world alone, trying to get back home
Please come and rescue me
Someone's in desperate need
Trying to shake the pain so I can breathe again
Somebody pray for me so I can finally see


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