Jon B - Multiple Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Positions might be perplexed but flexibility is a necessity
Come on girl, join me in this ecstasy
Meet me in a place where your moaning ain't no faking
They comin' back to back cause with me there ain't no waiting
It's running down your leg, you're crawling out my bed
I see your eyes roll into the back of your head
Girl, I swear right now, you feel like heaven, oh

How many ways can I love you
And how many times can I do it to you
Step one, kissing you, you came two more times
Off three soft touches between your thighs
How many ways can I love you
And tell me how you like it done to you
Is it fast, is it slow, can you reach three or four
We can go on a journey called multiple

[Verse 2:]
All you wish is my responsibility to keep it real for you
Let you get the best of what I can do
Make sure you can't get enough
And tell me boo, is it good to you
Spin around, break it down
So I can hit it the way that I really want to girl
And you're gonna get it all tonight baby girl

Once the job in done you're gonna feel heaven


If I kiss my favorite parts of your body, just like you like
I can pull your ponytail hard and soft, play your favorite tracks
And in a minute I'll be back, make some breakfast, hey
All the different things that we can do
So many positions that I want to get to
And all I'm trying to see about you
Is how many times I can do it to your body baby


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Jon B Multiple Comments
  1. Nidia Luccioni

    Thank You Jon B for your songs we enjoy con amor

  2. Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans and me love your song Multiple Jon B your songs your voice your music from the fans from around the world and me Besitos
    Jon B _ Multiple

  3. Arthur N

    Well said in the description. This is now 11 years later ....can you imagine the fake R&B there now?

  4. Betty Leblanc

    I envy you Ms Donetta. 😑

  5. Omarr Koroma

    What an industry!

  6. Michelle Johnson


  7. angela ifalase


  8. J Diamond

    I forgot all about this song man. Jon B is the truth 💯

  9. B T

    Reminds me of a romantic evening in the Bay Area or looking at the water. I love my beautiful sensual queens.

  10. Tracey Glover

    Did anyone see his unsung episode it was awesome 😎

  11. Tracey Glover

    One of my favorite Jon b tracks!!! Sorry I missed this when it was out!

  12. MrAshar6933

    Oh don't worry he got his props

  13. cresta _

    me on mirage

  14. Joseph P.

    This is such a sexy song.

  15. Monique Simmons

    loving this song still💋💋

  16. Tonya Jackson

    smooth R&B sound the way I like it🎧🎶🎶🎶

  17. Tasha Cooper

    this is the girl stealing music

  18. Enheritance Derrico

    i love his music ! he is so underrated .

  19. Matlock universe

    Saturday Groove🎶🎶🎶🎶📻

  20. Youtube Dude

    jon b why are you too cool lol j/k bro i hope you come back to phoenix arizona

  21. Demetrius Spencer

    I gotta get back up on Jon B!!!!!

  22. PayMe SK

    Mr B please come back to GA!!!

  23. Kofi Ankamah

    Why the hell am i just hearing this song? What Album is this track on? Some body please tell me, Cause I thought I had all is CD' s

    PayMe SK

    Naw Jon b still been working just really overshadowed by being independent! And all the other foolery. but it's off his stronger everyday album!


    Kofi Ankamah It's on the stronger everyday album ❤

  24. K B

    One of his best songs

  25. K B


  26. Rachelle Caldwell

    His voice is amazing and he's sexy as hell. I love me some Jon B. I can listen to his music all day which I have been the last few days.

    Lacrecia Cox

    Jon B is one of my favorite artist and yes he is sexy ass hell grown folk music

  27. Youtube Dude

    much respect to jon b thanks for all your cool ass records 💯💯💯✌✌✌✌

  28. Nicole Chambliss

    I been missing real R&B

  29. Xaviera's world

    sexy as hell

  30. Jandyta Scott

    o.m.g this men is so pretty

  31. Aaron Medel

    real R&B ..!!!!!

  32. Chanika Atencio

    ......this is gonna be hella awkward but also hella true....i could get pregnant to this song.
    but really, what song of his could you not get prego to?

    Char J

    lol! when I was in JR high I'd sleep to his first CD bonafide then all the CDs he put out I was sleeping to that or Chico DeBarge

    Kofi Ankamah

    He's God sent. An Angel of child production.

  33. Cynthia Gonzales

    Sweet lips can sing his heart and soul to the touch ..

  34. Nick Giordano

    Jon Bugatti that's my daygo go head Jon b do your thang!!!

  35. Aj Soundz

    He should have made the beginning of the song a full song that would have been dope ! But overall this a awesome song

    B. Smith

    YASSSS! I said the same thing. that beginning part is fire


    I uploaded just the begining of this song and looped it . The video was up for 3 years and youtube decides to delete it.

    B. Smith

    I think I remember that b/c I was looking for it


    @MissB2483 I think i will reupload it..ill send you the link here as soon as i get it done 😊

    B. Smith

    +records1990 cool thanks!

  36. Heather Ruffin

    Jon B is a musical GENIUS!! and that's putting it mildly- people still have positive feedback on songs that are years old. (LR)

  37. Fall For The Scotts

    I've always love this guy's music from way back in the 90's... I wish he had a whole song on the beginning part of this song...!

  38. Gerald Garrow

    Digging this song by Jon B! An underrated artist no doubt!!

  39. Daniel Henderson

    I guess he didn't sell his soul yet...smh.


    awww foreal that is so true....dang

  40. MrJadreemah

    Unlike most of his peers, Jon B is formally trained songwriter/composer/musician. Which means there will always be a place for him in the music industry, because contemporary R&B artist can't read or write sheet music. Except for, D'Angelo, Alicia Keyes, Raphael Saadiq and a few others.

  41. Afua Williams

    It would be my lifelong dream for Jon B to get the recognition he deserves. Brilliant artist

  42. MrAshar6933

    So so underated

    K B

    He gets a lot of respect

  43. MzMiaRoseTV

    Throughout the 80s & early 90s, when it came to R&B there was way too many ballads and not enough hip hop/R&B joints for the clubs (mid 90s to early 2,000s R&B had the best of both worlds hip hop/R&B and R&B/soul). But nowadays it's the opposite, way too much hip hop in the R&B genre. As far as new soulful R&B music, I don't think it's ever coming back. :(

  44. malisa robinson

    This is the best song

  45. Katrice Bryson

    I sooo love Jon B music he is an original artist. definitely his music takes me back !

  46. Lalah Land

    Luckily I'm on birth control

  47. Lateshia Childs

    I noticed that too. He didn't give credit in the album booklet maybe he did to the people that wrote the song.

  48. blaqjade13

    "Meet me in a place where yo moanin' ain't no fakin'..." Ahh, yeah, his swag is out of control. He can get it whenever - however!

  49. nubianlegalmind

    "B-Sides" dropped today! Go get it, support Jon B.!

  50. Teandra Toffee

    So glad my icon is back

  51. ELM2015

    This brotha (yes he earned it) got it goin on.

  52. M G

    You make me feel good <3

  53. MsiLOveDrakepOoh

    He fine

  54. La Toya Jackson

    This is one of his best songs. But all his songs are his best. Luv u Jon B

  55. THEPHX96

    Some of us need no education at all.

  56. THEPHX96


  57. THEPHX96

    "R U still down" will still always be his best ever!

  58. THEPHX96

    Jon B was around sssssssssooooooo long before Robin ever showed up. Keep trying Robin......

  59. JuanitaBrummell

    i love him....still in 2012 !!!!

  60. victornewman06

    @monibby415 school your peers LOL

  61. Moni Coulson

    I'm 17 and I'm glad I grew up listening to him. I loveee Jon b.

  62. Rangel75

    robin thicke who ?

  63. angela lamb

    OMG! I love this tune..Jon B has always been an excellent artist..he is so sincere and true to his work..he is one of the best R&B singers..he has serious soul ..we love you Jon B keep up the good works

  64. sharon jones

    This song is.....theres no words. Jon B is a living orgasam. He's pure sex, I love him.

  65. Reesecup0688

    Love me some jon b

  66. A Coleman

    Thanks for posting but I'm the biggest Jon B fan hands down...his eyes are not blue- I get that it's a just "term or saying" but I think that sends the wrong impression. Sounds like a label, and labels aren't good for unique artist. I agree with everything you said except for "Blue-eyed" soul.. This music isn't about color, its about feeling..thumbs up if your a fan & agree.

  67. Monica Jolivette

    Jon B is still putting it down smooth and sexy

  68. dirtylilpig98

    this brutha dont play around skin mite be white but his soul is black....dude was ahead of his time in r & b how he's sexual but tasteful and respectful jon ive been listening to u since i was 15 (1995) im 31 now i still cant get enough muahhhhh

  69. Steve Brandon

    Man, I heard this song back in '04 and didn't know who sung it. Just happened to find it today. This song is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. angelveebumblebee

    wel shit.wot can we say.after all the preachin victor, 2years later and its completely gone more donell,no more montell(and i even know some who may say he even HE werent 'real' ! but im reppin him all the same) usher and alicia sold out 2the dark side(who'da thunk it!) jagged & glenn have all but disappeared.i was watchin a kenny lattimore vid the other nite.wot has happend god tell me? 2011 is officially a sad sad time. xx

  71. P1NkLoVe88

    i want him for my birthday <3 lol

  72. Angie Zuiderveld

    THis song makes me feel good and relax s me :) awwww

  73. crelady

    I like how this is like one of those old songs, like an Isley Brothers song. Where you have to decode the words to figure out what they're talking about. And when you do, you find out they're talking about some pretty freaky stuff! As a kid, you just be singin the song not knowin what you're singin about. lol Cause it's in Grown Folks language.

  74. ThatOldBathMagic

    sweet! thanks

  75. B. Smith

    @bboykapone HELL YEAH!!! And how his voice sounds on that beat, that would have been a perfect song itself.

  76. Ryan M

    @MissB2483 haha great mind think a like because i def agree that he should have made a song with just that intro. that intro for this song was to smooth and how he came in was just right.

  77. Ryan M

    @CommunityWraith: the album was called "Stronger Everyday" it was his 4th album. im sure u can find it on amazon.

  78. crelady

    @moniquitaas WHOOOOOW! He is serious. I just got my fix.

  79. ThatOldBathMagic

    OMG! what is this album called and where can i get it. this guy is SEXXXXXY!!!! i actually just discovered him thanks to a game on facebook lol

  80. kgsunshine

    One of the BEST songs, he's ever made. My cd died along time ago from overplay. :)

  81. MrJozay

    yes! YESSS!!! exactly.preach brother!!! FAKE!!! JUST cos ur black,DONT make u rnb.and its getting worse i notice.... :S we need u jon b!!! this is a SICK slow jam.absolutely fantastic.....

  82. Angie Zuiderveld

    I have been a fan forever! I got to meet him three times n been to many shows in L.A I love u bogotti :) how many ways can i love u?

  83. Aseop

    @heman32 Actually, this song was off of PUL, not SE which was under Matthew Knowles Sanctuary Label. But your def right he didn't promote ANYONE of his own label which was why Angie Stone and Glen Lewis left. Smh

  84. ericakane02

    Jon sooo needs to come back and help R&B out... we need him

  85. B. Smith

    My boo, my boo. Love me some Jon B. I love the first part of this song. He should have made a whole song off that

  86. msjuicy ツ

    @areyoureadyforchange what is he black n white lol???

  87. Aseop

    "How many ways can I love you....and how many times can I do it to you...." Lord Boogotti put his foot in PUL was listening to this earlier today!! Plz Robin step aside sir. lol

  88. Toni B

    REAL r& b for adults....not that mess on the radio today.....GO OUT AND BUY HIS STUFF...but some romance back into music!!

  89. misboo2001

    Mmmm Sexy... I like this!

  90. Wacka Flocka

    yea, most ppl cant get down with it ^_^ by the thumbs down. they just dont know what they missing ^_^

  91. Wacka Flocka

    This needs to be chopped and screwed lol

  92. NatchoDorito

    i like this song tho

  93. NatchoDorito

    LOOOOL dont kill me

  94. kgsunshine

    One of the sexiest songs ever.

  95. daboos86

    what a crap journey

    who wants to go to multiple... sounds boring

    id rather go to a journey called .... sleep

  96. BombayBadBoy

    ive had it for years... and only wrked it out the other day!!!!!!!!!!!! loool

  97. Kenneth Gabriel

    I just got the new album but this joint is not on there.. neither is Inside!!! Those two are my joints!!!! This is so classic though.. the sound, his voice, and the rhythm.... it makes me want to fall in love....

  98. victornewman06

    I appreciate the love, and maybe I should :) I'm currently working on my book so be on the lookout for that. Again, thank you for those kind words.

  99. victornewman06

    He was too busy focusing on his daughter's crappy group.