Jon B - Love Don't Do Lyrics

Love's a golden band
Little hands that have gripped a thousand years
You thought he was the only man
As he left you in your December tears
He don't deserve
A woman like you
A man like me
Needs to show you
What real love is supposed to be
Funny how the days of new
Keep speeding up
But the nights of old
Seem like they're slowing down
Baby don't you cry
To save the truth
From coming out
With words that let him go
I guarantee he won't be back around

Love don't do
What he did to you
Don't you know love was made for two
Me and you
Love don't do
What he did to you
Love don't leave you in the cold
Maybe the tale you've not been told
Story of all he did to you
Love don't do

Come in from the rain
Outside take off your coat
Come over here by the fireplace
I know baby, I know it feels so bad
When someone you love
Comes and leaves your side
Strange what desire
Can make people do
Following foolish pride
They say you don't really love somebody
'Til you love them enough to let them go
Seems these cliches had a reason to be made
His love came a lifetime too late
You had to let him know

Love don't do
What he did to you
Don't you know love was made for two
Me and you
Love don't do
What he did to you
Love don't leave you in the cold
Maybe the tale you've not been told
Story of all he did to you
Love don't do

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Jon B Love Don't Do Comments
  1. Kashunda Conyers

    Beautiful song! Sometimes I ride at night and just listen to it!

  2. A Taurus Knows Best

    Jon B, Donnell Jones and Raphael Saadiq have the ABSOLUTE BEST ad-libs in the recording industry! With Musiq and Badu very close behind...

  3. dandeliun248

    One of the prettiest, songs recorded....🎧🎼🎚

  4. Prime Judicator

    This song was probably the coldest jam on the entire CD. Any man who has ever been with a woman who brought her traumas and pains from a previous relationship into her present relationship can identify with this song. Sit her down, put this song on and let her know. She needs to hear it.

  5. Chianti M. Harris

    Still one of my all-time favorites...

  6. DaSkarekrow

    I remember being 18 years old and shit, had no idea what love really was, but this song made me fkn cry like a baby.... it made me see what love can be....beautiful music, love jon b's music!

  7. frostysnow w

    2019 still listening to this album 💓💓💓💓💓

    Kashunda Conyers

    Yes honey!

  8. Keisha Nicole TV

    Beautifully, Amazing song that brings back so many memories!


    In my opinion this was the best song on the album. Don't ever let NOBODY tell you that the first few tracks of an album are usually the best songs on an album. Love Don't Do was the LAST track on Bonafield (1995) and it was the best song on the album.

    Paula Todd

    This and Gone Before Light were probably my favorites.

    Jillian Douglas

    I'm not gon lie when I first heard this song I thought it was trash but I gave it another chance now I cant stop listening 😂

  10. Tameisha Shevelle

    His voice is like Butter...always has been!

  11. Julio Bradford

    The way Jon b sings this is like you want to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine and look out and enjoy the Manhattan skyline at night, he sings this in a Jazz style like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.😎🎙️🎤🎷🎸🎹🎺🎻🥁🎼🎵🎶


    Julio Bradford that was well put, some drop the mic shit.

  12. Precious Burton

    Makes me cry😟i love it💜💜

  13. Edgar Williams

    My jam since 1996....i was fuckin 13.... shout out to Jon B

  14. Panessia Ruff

    Beautiful song I love it!!!

  15. Mario Woods

    No homo he give u chills and as man get u in your feelings!!!

  16. Mz Von Harris

    I can't stop crying

  17. Rena Bru

    Beautiful song! Staying original is why he didn't blow up. He didn't want to be owned by a record company.

    Houdini Da Great

    Rena Bru You right he did enough tho had a nice fan base made his money and no one in the industry has any bad stories about him... #respect he's a perfect example of not needing the big fame

    J P

    Didn't blow up??? He was a pretty big star. Are you still down with Pac was and is STILL one of the biggest songs of it's time lol

  18. Keelah J

    Absolutely a wonderful song.

  19. Trey Porter

    Takes me back to junior high lol

  20. Mya Latimore

    "I really really really really really really really really really want youuuu" best part 💖💖💖

  21. Warren Burns


    Houdini Da Great

    Warren Burns #facts

  22. QueenJulz88

    This song 😍😍😍😍

  23. MrBlactye

    Astonishing and beautiful

  24. Wayne Pittman

    Love this entire CD, but this is probably my favorite song by Jon. He goes in on this song!


    Wayne Pittman- right he was singing to someone on this one!!!

    Mrs Dee

    That’s my favorite song as well!!Its memorizing to me!

  25. Monica Bentley

    This entire cd is great. Jon b is one of the best in the industry. My all time favorite song.

  26. chris thorns show

    dang good as this song is just 2 comments wow lol.....this shit is bumping

  27. smh

    I wish more beats were added to this song instead of basic beats .