Jon B - Lay It Down Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
When I lay my eyes on you I knew you were the one
Not just for sex and fun, wanna show you were I'm coming from
I know your seeking love, a fairytale come true
The blessings of a man to bring that dream to you
No need to search no more, your quest is finally over
Not just a hand to hold but an angel on your shoulder
Someone to tell your secrets and what you feel inside
Lay it down on me

Just lay that love down like a butterfly, it's just you and I
Your loves like a natural high
Got me saying my my my my
I just got to have your love again tonight, tonight
Just lay that love down like a butterfly, it's just you and I
Your love's like a natural high
Got me saying my my my my my my, oh

[Verse 2:]
I can't wait to get you home, girl I got some plans for you
We came in through a beaded doorway, Nag Champa fills the room
We got some oldies playing on the photograph
Some Donnie Hathaway, trail of roses to the bath
Serious loving going on, grown things is happening
Too hard to hold it back, baby that's why the water's splashing
I wanna rock the boat, I wanna work the middle

Do them things that make you high


Baby we gon' toast, girl you doin' the most
So go ahead and break it down
Cause the way you break it down
I know you ain't playing with me
Break it down, lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down, lay it down like a butterfly
You are so beautiful, oh girl, natural high
Oooh ooh oooh oooh oooh ooh oooh oooh, oooh ooh


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Jon B Lay It Down Comments
  1. Richard Nelson

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  2. Genghis Khanye

    Sonder amd Brent Faiyaz brought back this vibe and loving it.

    Lorietha Causey

    Yeah he (Brent) does kinda sound like Jon B.

  3. Peace

    This man is prolific. So many of his songs are my favorite song.

  4. theresa madrona


  5. Michelle Pikes

    he's the best not like the rest. tru

  6. Betsymusic Faust


  7. Betsymusic Faust


  8. Jerry Henderson

    Underrated artist. Still doing his thing!!!

  9. HoneySapphire

    True Ms. Latoya, so true. I love all those guys. Yes I'm a Belieber LOL. But I absolutely love Jon B. I have all his CDs, new & old & have meet him twice. I wouldn't put JT or Bieber in the same category as Jon for they are Pop artists not R&B. But still I get what you're saying.

  10. latoya robinson

    This man deserves his shine this man has put in work and needs to get his props he was here before robin thicke .... Justin Timberlake..... And Justin bieber.... He was the white chocolate of the 90"s

  11. blaqjade13

    I have purchased this CD 3 times. Stolen twice by Undercover JB Lovers (Crips) and once because I was too lazy to look for it (packed away in a box) after a move and I needed it to do house work to : )

  12. blaqjade13

    He moans like no other! Mr. Buck, you are a force to be reckoned with.

  13. blaqjade13

    Grown things iz hap-nin!

    Dzamn, he warms me in places that aren't even cold...hmm...

  14. ELM2015

    Love this song. Nice editing, I woulda changed them on beat too lol!

  15. ESC

    Whoever "disliked" this need to be cast out like the evil spawn they are!

  16. Christine Spiwak

    One of my favorites

  17. Lyric Banks

    love this song

  18. trina flowers

    soooo sexy

  19. Tameisha Shevelle

    He might be the sexiest white guy ever;D

  20. Alex

    One of my faves from Jon B

  21. MsReed2009

    What? Did That One Dislike Come From Miguel??? lol.

  22. GRomance0804

    best song off this album. It was a really good album also, I bought it 2 yrs after it was released but Jon B needs more play!

  23. honeegrrl

    This song is so sexy, it gives me chills.


    One of my favorite songs that I play on the regular! So many memories, so many girls! Man this is a song you just cruise to in your car at night. The beat, the sound, the lyrics damn smooth cat right here boy!!!


    Damn I remember the first time I heard this and the girl I was talking to, damn I can't find you anywhere baby, I still think about you girl! Jon-B you a smooth cat for real! One of my favorites!

  26. Lashaud Pollard

    looks like i got one more album to get b4 my jon b. collection is complete!!!! And more to come, I HOPE (SMILE)!!!

  27. Queen Tauri

    pure love

  28. SimplySoul

    this album is a CLASSIC.

  29. MekaL32

    I love this song... Very beautiful and romantic.