Jon B - It's U Lyrics

[talking: Jon B]
I've been waiting so long
I've been waiting so long girl
I've been waiting so long
I've been waiting so long girl
So long
So long girl
I've been waiting too long

[Verse 1:]
Shining through the darkness you turn my night to day (you turn my night to day)
You light me like a lighter and make my fire blaze (and make my fire blaze)

Every little thing we do is just to prove to you how special you are how special you are.
This is to show and prove to you, you know what you do, you know who you are
Girl yous a star

[Chorus: x2]
Girl it's you
It's you
It's you
It's you
Girl it's you
It's you
It's you

[Verse 2:]
Keep aware myself alarm reserve my special place (reserve my special place)
To let me get to love you fill out that empty space
Oooo yeah


[Chorus x2]

[Bridge: x2]
Shine your light on me baby
Shine it bright
Shine it through the day and shine it through the night

[Chorus x4]

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Jon B It's U Comments
  1. Tasha Mcclary

    the song for dancing and romancing with your boo

  2. David Montanez

    @Harvey King I know you not talking with huge forehead, your hairline starts almost at the top of your head Lol.

  3. Yoshi Mitzu

    Perfect Love Sound ....!

  4. sudokuhustler

    This was one of the few songs I liked when the album came out.

  5. Suave Flava

    Love this tune dope track music lyrics it's the bomb

  6. TigerGal86

    lol!! Let's Behave now...

  7. TigerGal86

    I like it.. thanks Queen

  8. Charnelle Jones

    listen to this song everyday and when i go to sleep

  9. Dave Eduard

    Jon.B....Just keep it oldscool men! - ifyouknowwhatimean...- Respect!! ;)

  10. Udecid444 X

    he just giving american what they wanna hear even tho i love and always will be down with that old laid back ninetys style jazzy type style the techno thing is whats hot to many right now i believe

  11. P1NkLoVe88

    @ShinIsTrue lmfaooo i love it!

  12. Queenjazzyjae

    @ShinIsTrue I always envisioned a video for this song. Its just sad he never released a video for it though.

  13. Greg Parys

    cant find the video !!!
    help plz

  14. joeslam5

    Right comments....Jon B should get a wicked rapper on dis lines....its hot!!!

  15. shinistrue

    Thats how you know he a legend this track sounds better than "most" club bangers out.

  16. B. Smith

    I feel in love with this song when I first heard i! Oneof my favs on the album. It was a different sound and of course Jon's vocals went perfect with it and he killed it! Go head baby lol!

  17. Rudy Herrera

    Damn u need 2 do more music so talented and underrated

  18. Leyla Yaman

    jon B has something special! he's different from other artists..he's got swagger!

  19. Senait Ashenafi

    sure is..i love this disc...something for us grown folks....i bet a lot people still haven't heard it beause hes not mainstream...

  20. Beautiful Soul

    WoW JOn..B i love you so much your awesomely talented .. i remeber when i first seen your video i feel inlove lol.. i was like 17 back in the late 90's yep you need to be up there on the top music Now.. show ne-yo-chris brown timberlake all them u been there b4 them.. your voice is perfect like an angel i Love it :D

  21. Akasaka2000

    best song he made 4 years!!!

  22. Harvey King

    Great music.

    Shame about the receding hairline.

    Receding quicker than his album sales.

  23. SimplySoul

    me too! the album is craazy.
    I don't think that Christmas album he put out did well.. no stores were carrying it. I had to special order it at the time. so I'm hoping this album does well.

  24. SimplySoul

    word! that's one of my favourite songs on the album :)

  25. SimplySoul

    :) for real. and Stronger Everyday was bangin'!!