Jon B - Hands On U Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
How long has it been
Since someone gave it to you through the night
How you like had your body shaking a hundred miles an hour
Brought the freak in you on out
Later on tonight, we're gonna get right down to it
We gon' do it, do it, do it
And I'll try not to bite
But right now the dog in me is calling

I can't wait till I get my hands on you
I'm gon' do it all, have you climbing up the wall
Scratchin' up my back, that's how you gon' act
Cause I once I break you off, ain't no going back

[Verse 2:]
So your place or mine, girl I'll let you decide
Just where you want it to go down
And I won't waste no time
So I hope your getting ready to do some sweating
Later on tonight, we're gonna get right down to it
Gon' do it, do it, do it
And I'll try not to bite
But right now the dog in me is calling


Girl you're gonna think it's two of me
When your, your body start to feel the heat
You're in for one hell of an evening
That could easily turn into a weekend


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Jon B Hands On U Comments
  1. Lorietha Causey

    Its about time his new album is finally dropping in 2019. This time for sure.

  2. David Montanez

    "Listen to some Marvin Gaye, Oh! I'm gonna put you in the mood"... Yeah Jon that's how you do it bro, love this track.

  3. Rogan Richeart

    Jon B got some flavor!!!

  4. Arrious McAfee

    Imma play this song to my girl.

  5. Richard Nelson

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  6. Tasha Johnson

    I love Jon B awesome voice like angel😋😇😍😍

  7. Ellah Harris

    Sweet songsof soul music

    Larrick Lomas

    Ellah Harris justi have my. John b look a l just know s Aman who just like him . my Bab .

  8. Art B.

    that's how we do it ! Right Jon?

  9. Ammar Napata

    Underrated song, always play this song to get in the mood.

  10. Arturo Williams

    Am A Male With Love  Ok

    Edmonia Antoine

    Love me some Jon B

  11. Cedric Soul

    This album was Soul Perfect!

  12. blc52877



    OH...cant forgot Mint Condition!!!


    haven't been good R&B since the 90s. Jon B, Jodeci, Case, 112 etc. Good times!!! The 90s!!!

  15. luvmjj5

    I love Jon B.!!! awesome music!!!

  16. 12 Dreams Full what I say to Jon B. Hats off to you!!!!

  17. delaine1959

    This is smooth, shoot JON B is smooth!!!!

  18. Thalia Lumpkin

    I LOVE YOU JON B!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Katherine Russaw Horton

    Tell it!

  20. Nina Wade

    Realest music, artist dont know how to make real good listening music anymore =/ but i lovee this ^.^

  21. Toni B

    AGREED! ...but it's a DAMN shame!

  22. Minx Couture

    If its not about slappin a hoe, smokin that weed, and nigga nigga this they will NOT play it. This is music, the man is a true artist!

  23. yola prejean

    Love the video, Really loving the look!

  24. awhoneychild

    @kqueen777 ROLMAO!!!!!

  25. Priscilla v

    IT's not about color of your skin , I don't know why people still focus on this feature , black , white , yellow or even red doesn't matter !!!!! Jesus wasn't white ??? . but he loves all of us . It's about music. Stop be haters , just appreciate good stuff and say thank you for what you are listenning . People always talking for nothing . Just be cool and relax .Open your mind .Please . peace

    Lorietha Causey

    I hate when people call him a culture vulture. He is who he is.

  26. luvmjj5

    love this song! I love Jon B!!!!

  27. Toni B

    @blueocean196642 Love is love, passion is passion, sexy is knows no color, race or is short...enjoy!

  28. Jen Black

    if he can get the attention of baby face the he must be the shit,

  29. Vash Tea

    Ooooooooo MY Gooooooosh All these songs are coming back to my know when you havent heard a song in years but you still know the words..this is what's happening to me. I had this CD but lost it & I cant seem to find. I stole it from my brother I think. =/

  30. krazyangelkat81

    Freaking love this tune...always turn up the volume when I hear it :-)

  31. theonlyessence

    @SoulfulMusicLove There are a few soulful singers that are hot right now but...we need Jon to jump in and give us that good music again.

  32. theonlyessence

    @cyberchik66 Thats what im screamin'. He's been in the game so long, i have all his cd's and I ache for some new stuff. He is so underrated...but yet soulja boy wack ass gets mad radio play. (fyi- pretty boy swag literally makes me want to throw up)

  33. djmarero

    we are cheated in trying to accept this "music" out now...

  34. LaoluOfficial

    I love Jon B oh my he needs to be out there sick of these mediocre artists! hes the real dealio!!!

  35. Sebastian Flores

    I love song

  36. Ralphyneil

    this is one of his best songs EVER. The 'freestyling' from 2.30 onwards gives me goose bumps. He breaks it down HARD.

  37. Toni B

    The music industry is f**ked up!!! THIS is REAL r&b , NOT that crap they play on the radio nowdays! Why can't SOMEBODY promote Jon B right! Can't a white man make r&b/soul music and be accepted?? Why they always gotta try to fit somebody into a BOX??!! It's a damn shame!! Jon been it the game since 1995!!!!!! Gotta show Jon B some love, people...let's represent !!!!!!

  38. MekaL32

    This whole album was hott!!! I think I found out about it was from a Vibe magazine or something. They didn't promote it of course. But i like that he does what he wants to do with his music, and as a result it's always good music!!!

  39. rafterfan180

    i was thinking as to why and i think that he could probably only make this kinda music against the wishes of those w/leverage. and as a result he doesn't get exposure and promotion. keep em coming, jon!

  40. Miss Teree

    Loooooove this song!! This album was so underated....and so is HE!! His music is always on point...the man is truly a great artist!

  41. deja76

    awesome vid!! thx 4 posting!!! i loooove jon b!!!!