Jon B - Everytime (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Girl your lookin' like it's one of those nights
You got dressed up finesse for sight
Them kind that pass by, leave sweet scents behind
Walk into the room, meeting all eyes
If anybody hasn't ask you tonight
From what exotic island is your kind
In a tight spot, drums rockin' just right
DJ selecting your tune tonight

Every time she blow my mind
The golden lady's them there
Every time she knows I like to go there, sexy lady
Every time the girl them thick in the thighs
All she needs is tender lovin' care
Show me why you came out tonight, do that dance
Do that dance, ay

[Verse 2:]
Smells like natural mystic in the air
Slowly loosin' all our cares
No stress, let's just enjoy the night
Looks like we've found a good spot on the side
Now you've got such easy eyes

Naturally made, my instict rise
Once again you blow my mind
You blow my mind, you blow

[Rap: Beenie Man]


[Chant x2]


Every time I see your face it really blows my mind
Baby show me why I came out tonight
Gotta be my jump off tonight


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