Jon B - Az U Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Now not that all the time that you take
To get ready ain't good for something
Not that the trip to the plaza
Spend a couple hours by yourself shopping's nothing
Not that the beautiful sundress don't look good
The way it falls around those hips
It's not that that ain't sexy love
But nothing looks as good as what's underneath it

Nothing looks as good as my body on you
Nothing looks as good as you
It really don't matter how you dress your body girl
Cause nothing looks as good as you

[Verse 2:]
It's not that the sun don't shine through that dress
Like I love to see summer
It's not that the way that it feels on your body
Ain't soft enough
It's not that those panties that you got on
Don't look like they can keep my kitty safe
Not that the moment we're taking them off don't look great
But soon as they're coming down your legs I'm thinking


You're taking me there
Nothing compares to the lovely way
Your heavenly shape
It bends and twists and knocks me off my feet
Aw baby, you're doing your thing, you're working for sure
And under them clothes it's a beautiful thing
Your legs and hips ain't nothing better than that now baby


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Jon B Az U Comments
  1. Lateshia Childs

    I'm a mega huge Jon B fan, he can never disappoint. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet him back in 2011, he is a nice guy so humble and he autographed my CD.

  2. Cornell Muhammad

    Amazing song.

  3. hakeem omar

    Great song , thanks so Much Mister Jon B

  4. Toto Chan

    Nothing looks as good.... az you....

    And I love the bridge. It’s so... wow !

  5. Tia Conley

    We need more songs like this jon b..where u at

  6. Tia Conley

    I love this song and jon b too😊

  7. 4C The Glow Up

    I heard this for the first time a few weeks ago. This needs to be on the radio....RIGHT...NEOOOW! Is it possible to re-release songs? The back row didn't hear it whem it was new. This would be a breath of fresh air.

  8. Lorietha Causey

    Its about to be 2019 and this song is still bangin. By the way Jon B new album coming out in 2019. This time for sure.

    D D


  9. Lorietha Causey

    New music coming in 2019 y'all.

  10. Nehemias Bracey

    My favorite job b song!!!

  11. Zexy Wanderer

    Omg yassss ritz Carlton Marina del rey..Cali memories and life, le magnifique! Jon b. and his music are always such a delightful treat!💗🙏🌹🍡🍒🍭

  12. Malete Lebo

    Been driving around with this album..Only God knows why I never bumped into jam..Only now....Wine glass, chair rocking and headphones on minding your own....Done

  13. Colin biscette

    big tune!!!!

  14. Talibah Huertas

    Love this song its so smooth

  15. Talibah Huertas

    i love this song

  16. Jamel Eason

    I can escape life through ecstasy listening to his music so amazing

    D D

    You said it perfectly.

  17. S.Gregory Goods

    Slept on single

  18. Enheritance Derrico

    im falling more and more inlove with this guys music. he is so slept on. this is real r & b

    valentina humphrey

    Grown folks music for real! damn damn damn! I'm getting hot! lol!


    only white boy that ever made it

  19. Chanika Jones

    Prefect Dedication:)

    Chanika Jones

    Nothing Looks As Good As You

  20. Lester Harvey

    This brothers the truth, WHY do all good things have to come to an end?

    Radar P. Coltrain

    Lester Harvey He isworking on a new album, it aint over yet!!

    Lorietha Causey

    Jon B new album is for sure this time dropping in 2019.

  21. Audrey Densmore

    I love all his joints lol wish I could see him in concert!! ¡!¡!!

  22. hakeem omar

    that is so beautifull,

  23. Aaron Medel

    still bumping it in 2016

    Toni Jones.-James

    I have agree ..Still bumping this in 2016...
    I don't understand why this song flew under the radar ..Jon B. is one hell of a talented R & B Artist.

    Lorietha Causey

    Still bumping in 2017 heading into 2018.

    Nadene Nwaka

    Still bumping 2018

    Lorietha Causey

    Bangin and bumpin into 2019 and with his new album dropping in 2019 too.

  24. Aaron Medel

    his craft speaks for itself...!!

  25. Mohsan Ashraf

    I love this song...heard it 7 years ago n still sounds great

  26. Yasir Saied

    Monday mood, bring back the soul and r&b, it's not too late to give the world what it needs

    Mario Woods

    Off chain

  27. Lola Ruffin

    the instruments are the perfect compliment to these vocals!!

  28. Otis Carter

    smooth. real R&B

  29. Virginia Grandy

    AWESOME, AWESOME. This guy can SING💖💖

  30. फ़रलेशा जी

    This song though 😍😍😍😘 still got the album 🙋🏽✊🏿💪🏾

  31. Mir Garcia


  32. yuri porter

    He sure has changed now though.

    the truth

    Yuri, we all change every year that God bless us to make a birthday, believe that But Please everyone Jon B is coming out with a new cd, call all the shows, Good Morning America, WendyShow, The View, Steve Harvey, Soul Train Awards, Grammy, lets help this man.He Deserves it, Come on everyone get on board

  33. Ilo Froehlich

    Schön, dass ich deine Musik über you tube durch Zufall gefunden habe, ist genau mein Ding! Danke!

  34. Jammy

    I love this song!

  35. Patrick Sargent

    I love jon b.. but it would be even better if he was singin for JESUS!

  36. hellasexy22

    Dang, this jam is straight-up sexy...the lyrics, the instrumental, esp. the guitar...and of course, Jon's voice(oh yesss!)...Some real R&B over here! Can't stop the replays=6X today alone!!!

  37. Rio Roll

    see when u get right down to it nobody in this world is gonna make music like this again. I'm gonna do my best but nobody could compare to you.

  38. kim eley

    love it

  39. Shone Brown

    This Man is the coldest, pantie dropper music i have ran across. He can go..

    Lorietha Causey

    Both Jon B and Maxwell

    ꧁Ms. Essance TV꧂


  40. shinistrue

    3:27 "(as you)"Ah, heeeeey"(you knooooow) "nothing looks as good,"( nothing looooooOoh(uh oh, uh oh, uh oh)(ey) "AllllllRiiiiiighuuummmmm (haha) "Heeeeeey that's what your body does to me baby... Allll Niiiiiiightloooong I wanna touch you, I wanna just.... turn you on, turning you on, turn you onnnnnnnnn, az my body on you baby, and watch a movie, watch a movie with me, movies is good hey babe, body on you cause nothing looks az good az u."

    I love these ad libs haha at the end lol

    the truth

    I listen to this song everyday in 2017, it cute the way you wrote the lyrics out., that make me smile, Jon B, is the brother from another mother.But he is Loved
    God Bless

    marquinta moorer

    J b is awesome


    @the truth thank you I'm a year late haha I love this song

  41. TripleThreat Jay

    I agree it none that you can really name.

  42. Starr Sinches

    I love this song! Jon B is the truth

    Tia Conley

    Sho issssss

  43. docdre1100

    This song is fire. John b you did it again.

    Thanks bro.

  44. Christine Spiwak

    Love it

  45. NeptoonsOrbit

    @neofunkyman1 right!!!! lol

  46. Alicia Masterson

    I Love u Jon B!

  47. Toni B

    Gotta show Jon some love! Ladies, Jon's talking to you...seducing you with his voice and that pure R&B beat! Show him some love...give him the thumbs up :)

  48. neofunkyman1

    @goldenhoney7674 I think all Neo Soul artists are struggling. Maybe it isn't gimmiky enough?

  49. neofunkyman1

    @Mr4realHill Try Hamish Stuart/Alan Gorrie, Bobby Caldwell, Kenny Thomas....

  50. rhyan kirk

    Jon B had some jams, he was underrated!

  51. neofunkyman1

    @1narutoandsasuke must be racism! LOL

  52. NeptoonsOrbit


  53. IndieChick8

    as much as a fan i am of him, I never saw a picture of him. I just did and I'm still in shock. Dis man is white!!! :0

  54. omar gainey

    i love this song

  55. Latoya Llab

    luv this song!!

  56. Angie Zuiderveld

    Sexxxiiiii and u know it! Your #1 fan

  57. Barshal Dhir


  58. LaoluOfficial

    I love this song omds im addicted to it thanks for the upload :) x

  59. jose

    fav song from Jon B. .".nuthing is as good as my body on you " -- thanks for the upload!!!

  60. verbaldoodle


  61. Toni B the beat...Jon B never, never disappoints!!!!!!!

  62. bassthumper

    this has got to be the best jon b track ~in my book~ so far

    he got skillz and will def top this!!!

    love this dude

    *no brokeback*

  63. deja76

    mmm mmm mmm jon b!!!!! thx 4 posting!!!!