JoJo - I Am. Lyrics

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You seem to think you know it all
Why do, why do I believe?
You tear me down just to laugh
But if I break your shining glass
I'll just see pieces of me

No, no, no, don't you dare
Who do you think you are standing there?
I'll tell you

I am, I am, I am, I am worthy of love
Am I, am I, am I, am I strong enough?
Because it feels like I'm not anything at all
But I am, I am, I am, I am beautiful


Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, that's what you do
It's time to change up the game
Can't be that little girl no more
The one you cut up on the floor
I'm done with all the shame

No, no, no, don't you dare
Who do you think you are standing there?
I'll tell you

I am, I am, I am, I am worthy of love
Am I, am I, am I, am I strong enough?
'Cause it feels like I'm not anything at all
But I am, I am, I am, I am beautiful

There was a time when I let you in
With all the doubt underneath my skin
I think it's time that I see the way

I am, I am, I am, I am worthy of love
Am I, am I, am I, am I strong enough?
'Cause it feels like I'm not anything at all
I am, I am, I am, I am beautiful

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JoJo I Am. Comments
  1. Augusto Herrera

    JOOOOOJOOOOO Yare Yare Daze

    Yoshikage Kira

    Finally a JoJo comment

  2. jane agola

    2020 anyone? the vocals be reaching my heart

  3. Leila Zelezny

    Tough song 💪 the vocals 🥰

  4. Hans SJZ


  5. Kelly Rydland

    This album is so underrated

  6. norfitri amin

    I love to watch official video of this song

  7. Guido Mista

    Is this a Jojo reference?

    Lucas Nino

    MajinBenovich Jojo reference? This is Jojo the real original singer

    Guido Mista

    @Lucas Nino 😂



  8. Mr. Squid


    (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!)

    Sora! Koboreochita futatsu no hoshi ga
    hikari to yami no minamo suikomareteyuku
    hikiau you ni kasanaru hamon

    Hokori no michi wo yuku mono ni taiyou no michibiki wo
    yabou no hate wo mezasu mono ni ikenie wo

    (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!)

    Furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku
    sono te kara hanate kodou karada minagiru yuuki de
    mayou naki kakugo ni 'Kassai' wo!
    ~Sono chi no sadame~ Jojo

    Sai! Wa nagerareta susumu shika nai
    kimyou na rasen no naka korogaritsuzukeru
    eien wo samayou boukensha

    Kyoufu wo mitome tatsu mono ni ougon no tamashii wo
    soshite deatta futari no tame ni tatakai wo

    (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!)

    Maku ga aita you na owarinaki monogatari
    inochi ga butsukaru hibana seishun no hibi wo terase yo
    kimi to iu mirai ni 'Kouun' wo!
    ~Sono chi no sadame~ Jojo

    Nidoto hodokenai karamiatta sadame
    subete wa koko kara hajimatteita no sa

    Furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku
    sono te kara hanate kodou karada minagiru yuuki de
    mayou naki kakugo ni 'Kassai' wo!
    Maku ga aita you na owarinaki monogatari
    inochi ga butsukaru hibana seishun no hibi wo terase yo
    kimi to iu mirai ni 'Kouun' wo!
    ~Sono chi no sadame~ Jojo

    (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!)

    Yoshikage Kira

    I love you bro (no homo)

  9. Norfitri Amin

    19 october 2019

  10. Джозеф Джостар

    where is op jo jo? ;-;

  11. Hamza Fort

    Sono Chi No Sadame

  12. Alessandro

    Copyright free jojo song
    Crunchyroll can't do anything now

  13. Jeferson Ranzan


  14. Tsiyon Weldaregay

    Wow!! Such a deep song! The lyrics with her amazing voice!! Got goosebumps all over. ❤️👌🏽

  15. MyHappyLife

    This song gives me motivation when I’m feeling depressed..❤️

  16. Jacked Burton

    I am I am I am Iam glad I found this song tonight

  17. aisha

    Your voice is amazing
    Don't give up💜
    I love you ❤

  18. JoJo's World

    Happy 1M

  19. HonestReact 12

    Her voice is enough to built an emotion in this song...reasons why there's only a piano as an instrumental :v

  20. Dylan Bunker

    I am shooketh

  21. Chelsea Castillo

    She's adorable. She writes a music from the heart.

  22. Humberto Croft

    OMG this song makes me cry

  23. Magno Moura

    Queria Tanto o Video clip pra esse single 😞😔😭❤

  24. abbas alsaidy

    2019 @[email protected] >>>>> and still the most underrated singer in the world

  25. Shagix

    Sono chi no sadame !



  26. Charls Jane

    Wow I’m so late to this album.. this is so beautiful!! I hope she gets more recognition

  27. Lori Kirk

    The world needs more JoJo! Blackground records really screwed this woman. She should be MORE FAMOUS than any singer nowadays .

  28. niikou

    yes i am

  29. miss B.

    Que hino!

  30. Nicole Mitchell


  31. Mohd Shazwie Rafaeh

    I love your voice

  32. Adriana Avila

    Happy happiest of birthdays girl! 28 is your year Jojo. Wishing you well into the new year and have wonderful holidays with your loved ones. 🙏🏼 💕 ♥️ 💜 here’s to 2019.

  33. Flo Mccool

    Another great sound she needs more credit she actually sings

  34. Alice Mc

    This song give me chills

  35. octopeodeius octopeodeius

    is this a jojo reference

  36. Pili Human


    Pili Human

    Read with Dio brando voice

  37. xbigdangofamileyx

    I feel like this and Demi lovato skyscraper would mash beautifully

  38. sky blue

    Me encanta ♡

  39. beautiful mind

    I’ve always been a fan... this song is pure perfection, speaks to my soul and your vocals are on point always. 💯💯love you

  40. Daisy Cruz


  41. Lolicon

    Yare Yare Daze

  42. Gnomon theGnomelover


  43. Daniel Dawson

    This is such a beautiful song ♡♡♡

  44. Honey Colonna Covers

    I love this song , its kind of different than jojo's usual style, this is kinda like adle, it suits her a lot , power voice

  45. Depre_ssed Soul

    Came here from wattpad and im soo glad that i found her!💜

  46. Inez Hazeriaz

    I love you always jojo, no matter what!

  47. jes jes

    my favorite song love you jojo

  48. P J

    No, No, no don’t you dare, who do you think you are standing there? 💔

  49. Chelsey Quimby

    such a beautiful song & GAH I love her voice so much 💙

  50. Time Machine TF2

    This is too funny, you can find this by searching JoJo - Yes! I Am!

  51. Jasmine Williams

    I love this song.

  52. TheFailMaster

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  53. laynlove

    Absolutely gorgeous, heartfelt, love this song

  54. Dailan Rezende

    Esse album é mara ♡♥★☆

  55. Bolog

    Wow... I haven't felt this great about her music since her first album, but I'm so grateful for this song.

  56. Michelle M


  57. GG Daisy

    Honestly this song is one that i can't listen too often because it makes me so emotional. It's such a pure song. Like coming out of the fire. I mouth the words to this song as it plays because it makes me feel strong.

  58. Arainna

    Please tour Asia ^-^

  59. UVK

    No need to tell us your beautiful. The whole world knows. Can't belive your still underated with a powerful voice like that.

  60. Demetress Young

    I Truly Love Her ❤😍

  61. Nora C

    This song is seriously underrated. Hope it gets to the top of the charts she deserves a big comeback!

  62. Shane Moran

    JoJo this song is what I need I've struggled with anorexia self hatred n more but this is the perfect song for me I love u So much! I'm worthy of love and beautiful so are you baba xx

  63. MissLay

    Wow...that’s deep. Amazing, Jo-Jo.

  64. Sally Summer

    Omg at the end the last high note omg beautiful

  65. Sally Summer

    She has an wonderful voice she has vocals man

  66. Sally Summer


  67. Sally Summer

    Those high notes tho

  68. Dr. G

    Love and Hip Hop Miami brought me here!

  69. Nesto1042

    omg heared this song on love and hip hop Miami and it was amazing

  70. Taquella Tapree


  71. TraQuan Grant

    Who’s here from Love&Hip-Hop Miami

  72. Zinlue’s Life

    You better sing Jojo ❤️

  73. Tee YnG God

    Love and hip hop Miami bought me here...😍 This track
    #Why is JoJo so underrated

    R g

    Tee New Orleans YnG God Which episode? I heard it too but I just don't remember which episode it was on.
    EDIT: OK never mind. They play a different track when it airs and when I downloaded the episode, there was another track playing. This is the one I was looking for 👍

    Tee YnG God

    R.L RZ Love & Hip Hop Miami The episode (when Malik tells Prince he's gay) don't know the name of the episode...

  74. CindyGoldBrand888

    Thank you JoJo for another one, I've been a fan since too late. 💙💙💙

  75. Lauren Smith

    In love with this.

  76. katrina Afro Cubana Jimenez

    I love her

  77. Jamorian Lockett

    love and hip hop brought me hear

  78. Martine Holierhoek

    Hi guys, I am a Dutch singer and I love making covers on YouTube. It would mean a lot to me if you would check my channel out and let me know what you think! x

  79. ciprian ghinita

    it feeels likeeee, i've been locked out of heaveeeeeen

  80. Tone CHI

    This bitch right here omg

  81. Jesiah Atkinson

    Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg this is amazing

  82. Maia

    wow I love this

  83. sammy somebody

    Woohoo! I have a dance to this

  84. Leigha Graessle

    love this song so much❤ god bless.

  85. kath

    This is now my favorite song

  86. dasiymay

    watching on October 13 but in 2017 that's crazy also chim chim's birthday

  87. joannagoodman999

    Mad love <3

  88. Aline Mendes

    This music omg 😍

  89. L Z


  90. Iki Niuhulu Green

    Her voice man. So much emotions in there

  91. Blaze Petty

    i am beautiful!

  92. Ace Bitw

    Her Voice 😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Kats-Haven


  94. Imagine Games

    Such a beautiful and powerful voice

  95. Memo Nawzad

    oh my days, literally going back to her old music thinking Wth happened to her such a powerful vioce, then to getting here and oh my days she's got new music and I didn't even realize, she's bloody amazing, gosh she brings back so much memories. ( p.s this my bros account)

  96. Brie Burns

    My new mantra!! Truly Lovely Song!!! Do Your Thing JoJo girl!!!