JoJo - (I Only Know Him) In The Dark Lyrics

This ain’t the first or last time
We’ll meet up this late at night
To let our fates intertwine
Casually I’d rather be
Detached from all tragedy
This don’t need to be defined

And I know that it’s wrong
I do, I do
Baby keep holding on
I do, I do
Yeah, I know that it’s wrong
I do
When the sun comes up I’ll be gone

I only know him in the dark
I only know him in the dark

Try to stay desensitized
Keep my feelings out of mind
My body won’t be denied
Never took this road before
Love was always out the court
Of anyone I’ve been with before

And I know that it’s wrong
I do, I do
Baby keep holding on
I do
Yeah, I know that it’s wrong
I do
When the sun comes up I’ll be gone

I only know him in the dark
I only know him in the dark

A smile’s across your face
Your lips a familiar taste
Stay focused, I try
Can’t get this out of my mind
I want more than what this is
Whatever we’re calling this
The truth just breaks my heart

I only know him in the dark
I only know him in the dark

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JoJo (I Only Know Him) In The Dark Comments
  1. Sparrow Wilson

    I love this song. I don’t get why she doesn’t promote it. I don’t think it’s even on her Spotify. I want it in my playlist, dammit.

  2. Anna s

    Love love love. Still can listen to this song on repeat! People are so immature. She is grown and I think this is a mature and common situation adults deal with. Great song and looking great JoJo!

  3. Brandon Salle

    Hi Joe Joe

  4. Nicole Martin

    I love her passion as a singer!! Jojo 2019!!

  5. Marquin

    Bird Box ?

  6. Will Coors

    Soooooo ahead of its time

  7. Julio Alberto Morales Gaibor

    Love, a mind very sure at all it will take far away. The way is God, i'm sorry. It's true that God changes to a person.: )

  8. Chinh Trương

    love you from Viet Nam

  9. Brandon Salle


  10. Analice Vitoria

    A garota mais feia do mundo! !!odiei a voz dela

    Larissa Colliver

    Minha filha, vc não entende nada de música e vocal mesmo ne? Pq a JoJo é a rainha dos melismas. Sou fã dela e ela é uma referência pra mim no vocal, e pra falar a vdd essa música não valorizou a voz dela. Mas vc dizer que odiou a voz dela é pq ou não ouviu ela cantando ao vivo ou tem é inveja 👌👌

  11. Analice Vitoria

    A pior música q ja ouvi ela tentá imitar a Becky g so q a jojo e vulgar menina idiota! !!



    Analice Vitoria

    Ela é feia e canta mal n sei como gostam dela

  13. Khorie Miller

    first listen....its a banga!!!

  14. Maria Morgan

    The Struggle with Mr. Grey is too real lolz
    I love this song and video was unexpected but love it~

  15. Tiago Sampaio

    Muito boa essa música e o clipe tb parabéns JoJo!!

  16. Kissedbyfire

    The chick in the video is hott.

  17. carissaraptor

    That's something I think is fun about JoJo, though: she experiments with styles. :)

  18. mark tacher

    jojo it's so beautiful.... i'm waiting her mew album this year :)

  19. Louis Charles

    AMEN vvv

  20. Mariam Jay

    Wow. This Song Is Amazing..

  21. Angel Deniro

    This song is offical!!

  22. Rachel Bernet

    yeah.. I especially loved the background whispering/talk.. The song is mesmerizing!!!

  23. miaeba

    I like this song, it is reminiscent off Madonna, Erotica i loved that album, minus the hype.


    so is JoJo!!

  25. Dija Jaffer

    SOO TRUE!!! BITCHES u can HATE. BUT JOJO WONT CHANGE just for you shit heads in fact you know wat geet the fuck outta here .... why u here in the first place ANY WAY JOJO just hit the jack pot the GUY is 0_0 H.O.T !!
    :D loved this girl since i was nine, she aint fake like half of those celebs nower days...

  26. kscuseme mofo

    i ONLY like the chorus

  27. Queen1Jayna

    My favourite song!

  28. Queen1Jayna

    WOOW *_*

  29. bodytemple

    This is so damn hot

  30. Hayley King

    I'm a fan of JoJo, and all you haters who are calling her a 'Slut' need to lay off. Do you not understand she isn't a teenager anymore? She is 21 now. 21! NOT 17 anymore! Everyone likes all that other shit that shouldn't even be playing on the radio. It seems half of the world forgot who JoJo is, I'm not trying to hate on anybody. But it's getting ridiculous, if your not a fan. Why are you here? And only true fans would stand by her side throughout her entire career! She matured, unlike some..

  31. Jeremy Tillis

    Jo Jo is the business. I been a fan.

  32. TheDappleapple1

    I've been a huge fan of her since get out (leave) but I really didn't like this it's just so not her style

  33. nikkione1580

    This is awesome kinda Madonna style video** keep up the good work! Don't listen to the haters**

  34. Patience marie

    Wtf is this shit...?...

  35. Zaara Hayyat

    Well, look at 3:10 man, her tits are nearly, she is cheap! at least now she is!

  36. Tiffani Runyan

    She turnd freakin weird! Her old songs r so better

  37. Sacha2Sweet

    she's real always has been and always will.

  38. KATHYY4


  39. Mary McGill

    Y'all are some serious dicks. Jojo didn't become a slut, listen to the lyrics take it from a different meaning, she's tired of only have a relationship based on sex, "I want more then what this is, whatever were calling it" sh wants an actual relationship based off of love, and plus no go listen to few thousands of other songs, and plus she's matured now she's not a fucking 16 year old, she's in her 20's now get over it. Cause y'all wouldn't be dissing Jojo if you guys were actually fans, ok.

  40. Traveling with Castro

    Now, all this sex songs,mand she used to be hotter back when she was like 17, natural hair not this blakc hair fake shit..her somgs used to be wayy hotter, and she doesnt look the same, she's not the same anymore, better when she was listening to her anymdore fuck jojo, i'm goin' back to Avery

  41. Traveling with Castro

    Wowshe changed...she's.... A slut mow

  42. Victoria Bell

    I just lost a little bit of respect for her :(

  43. sailorxxc

    @gbhighentertainments are you talking a bout the lumaniti i want to know

  44. Aye Hollywood

    i actually like it, always and always a big fan

  45. stillstonie


  46. PerfectInfectedLife


  47. André Possati

    Amazing song! Just read an article on Billboard, where they say "Her friskier voice turned heads, specifically on the sensational track "In the Dark.". It is the shit!

  48. kristen kaminski

    fuck the haters, this song is the shit (:

  49. neaknmike08


  50. neaknmike08

    yess this is hottttt

  51. alesia1234567

    well the collagen wore off.... lol jk love you jojo

  52. Keioni Hall


  53. gbhighentertainments

    ur very few people can see right through this video. She's not REALLY talking about sex. The man with the black cloth represents someone that I'm not gonna say cuz i'll get too many hate comments of ppl in denial.
    But she doesn't agree with all this^ Go listen to Hollywood and u might know what i'm talking about.

  54. Alexander Vaughn

    Like? Where's the LOVE button?!

  55. Martha Moore

    the guy in the video is hott

  56. Honey Kush


  57. Lori Ramagli

    Jojo is my girl!! Thank god she is back.

  58. Kelly Pearson

    @617AV86892 I've never read anything that dumb in my life..

  59. Julia R

    that guy in the video is hot!

  60. Amanda Cortellessa

    I agree with you Stan and this song is HOT!!! So sexy! I keep listening to it and make my husband listen to it all the time lol

  61. Matthew X

    yes JoJo we get got a tattoo on your hand -.-
    anyway, great song :)

  62. vigra83

    how to hack wifi 2011 with ziddu download link /watch?v=wCxVReiwF2w

  63. eMCizzle1

    @mizquay21 you could download it, i just did! =]

  64. Little Red Rebel

    I miss her glad she is out again!!! Great song

  65. Taylor Morris

    this song is amazing but the video jst erks mee

  66. veronica cantarelli

    bellissma la canzone!!!!!!

  67. Amira zeg ik niet

    @annasharai Ikr xD Hahaha

  68. Hayden Matthew

    @Rachiia88 I just like how her body looked during her "It's a Little Too Late" days. Chubby in a cute way.

  69. Rachel Lindley

    @JohnathanPozzi She's actually really toned. And I think she's curvy, if you've recent pictures of her you'll see.

  70. Lacorya Johnson

    boy i wish i could download this to listen to it in my car...
    i love her music..its so real

  71. laylamichelleluv

    @iStan4JoAndTK agreed.

  72. Hayden Matthew

    She is too skinny now. One thing that attracted me to her was her curves.

  73. annasharai

    Once this song gets truely noticed it will blow up!

  74. annasharai

    @Superammie2010 Im riiight there with you lol this is about my 6th time listening to it...the beat and the lyrics are so naughty lol

  75. annasharai

    I need to know who made this beat!

  76. Amira zeg ik niet

    Cant stop listening~!

  77. Shahirah

    Idk why but now she reminds me of effy from skins.

  78. Damon Rabotte

    Hot I love it noone is singing to these kinda beats! She is a force to be reckoned! I love her.

  79. Rachel Lindley

    This is amazing this song, I love it the first second I heard it. You are still wonderful, after all these years!!

  80. Katie Wardle


  81. charalampos charalampous

    she reminds me of lindsay lohan......



  83. Angela Gifford

    Yeah...... this song sucks

  84. Brittany Sherell

    her faces are killing me. she looks like a mannequin, not in a good way. i like the song though.

  85. Melissa Bujanda

    2:37 Gorgeous :) the song is a REALLY different style compared to her previous albums. even tho ive always been a fan from the start of her first album, unfortunately, i have to say im not a fan of this one. this one sounds so autotuned and its very hard to hear. i miss hearing her natural, talented voice...... glad shes back :)

  86. Maria Kitty

    loooooooove this style.

  87. Vid Goods

    i love this sht ... odd lol cuz i love younger jojo and this :D , didnt like her hair but sht fuhk the hair i love this track!

  88. Christina Clark

    @JeLLo4Every1 Have you heard the mixtape? This is just one song. The other songs showcase her talent amazingly.

  89. JeLLo4Every1

    but I dunno... I have faith in Jojo... I'm gonna wait to hear what else she's got in store for her new album to pass any real judgment.

  90. JeLLo4Every1

    Hmm....Ive always loved Jojo....but grown up or not the only thing that's a let down is that her voice seems to have taken a back seat to this new "sound" she's going for... she has so much talent that I think I can appreciate Jojo's voice acapella in a backalley with cats meowing all over the place... I don't need the extra stuff... just Jojo... and I think she's totally capable of transforming into a new style and sound without compromising her skills as an artist. :)

  91. Kass M

    Omg I love this song and the guy in the video was sooooooooo sexy!

  92. Victoria M.M

    whohoo! Jojo is back .. cant wait for here new album!
    lovethesong :*

  93. Reyna Cabreja


  94. Romy Hugens

    She didn't 'changed', she is grown up people. That's all :)

  95. katja f

    sie war schonmal viel besser.
    sie hat sich total verändert ;o

  96. 0n1i0n3

    Hot video and track. wish its gonna be in the new album (probibly not though)

  97. Andrea Giamporcaro

    Anybody else a little disappointed? :/

  98. keaton wagner

    yeah.....? shes older...? get over it. and still love her. her songs and style are still good. at least this is the only song about sex. unlike rihanna...or nikki minaj? like get real.