Johnston, Daniel - Walking The Cow Lyrics

Trying to remember
But my feelings can't know for sure
Try to reach out
But it's gone

Lucky stars in your eyes
I am walking the cow

I really don't know how I came here
I really don't know why I'm staying here
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I am walking the cow

Tried to point my finger
But the wind keeps blowin' me around
In circles, circles

Lucky stars in your eyes
I am walking the cow

I really don't know what I have to fear
I really don't know why I have to care
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I am walking the cow

Lucky stars

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Johnston, Daniel Walking The Cow Comments
  1. Milosz204

    I'm not sure what it is, but there certainly is something i like in this song. It's so calming.

  2. Tomservo3 Again

    Miss you so much, Daniel. You sinsojte me every day.

  3. dirt cobain

    Wall king the cow...meaning the cow won't be leaving anytime soon..but it'll be used for food n milk. Just like how we are used.

  4. Jorel Hernandez Arenas

    I think Avalanches was inspired by this song to create Because I'm

  5. Pex_the_Unalive Drunk

    I never knew that this Daniel guy...was the guy behind what what I always thought was one of Kurt Cobain's best shirts. My respect for both guys just increased by +3 points. Pop culture be I'm gonna look into this guy's music more, he seems like he was a lovely fellow. RIP.

  6. damint! ansan!

    Its okay it's time ven tho i don't want you to go you have to Danile you hepled me with so much danile and you were there when i needed you and,so much happy memories we miss you danile it's time for you to rest in peace 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

    True love will find you in the end
    When am walking down i feel lonely don't be sad beacause your one step closer to the girl your going to meet
    We drink moution due we drink moution due we got nothing better todo then drink moution due
    Rip danile you'll be missed

  7. theun speakable

    I would like to use this song in a short tribute to Daniel Johnston video. He gave me one of these tapes in 83 in Austin on the Drag and I listened to it for 10 years until it broke. I now make short painting videos and painted one in tribute to Daniel and would like to use this song in the background.

  8. Conrad Dean

    I really dont know how I came here......

  9. ILLGoThere4You

    The snow plow show brought me here.

  10. Roiy Benkel

    Trying to remember
    But my feelings can't know for sure
    Try to reach out
    But it's gone

    Lucky stars in your eyes
    I am walking the cow

    I really don't know how I came here
    I really don't know why I'm staying here
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    I am walking the cow

    Tried to point my finger
    But the wind keeps blowin' me around
    In circles, circles

    Lucky stars in your eyes
    I am walking the cow

    I really don't know what I have to fear
    I really don't know why I have to care
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    I am walking the cow

    Lucky stars

  11. The Joker

    HI, anyone else out and about walking their cow today?

  12. I'm not goodbye

    The only thing I dislike about Daniel is that I'll never be as talented as this wonderful human being who deserved more than he was given

  13. Krik Reggison

    hot garbage


    H I, H OW A R E U

  15. Sam McCollum

    Someday we will all be gone. Something terrible waits for us all. Here is to remembering everyone 🥃

  16. Someone

    Rest in peace, Daniel. Now you don't have to walk the cow anymore

  17. Jesse Brown


  18. AvenaSelvatica

    I can’t stop listening.
    your truths are mine.
    Ciao daniel vibrerai sempre nelle anime.
    Che la terra ti sia lieve.

  19. xamp

    the father of lo-fi

  20. Yamil O. Nieves

    Anybody know where I can find interviews or any data related to the meaning of Daniel Johnston's songs?

    Facundo Silva (A video of him talkin about some events like getting arrested and i remember he mentions the meaning of Walking the cow) (The devil and daniel jhonston, a movie about him that helps you understand many things about his music)

  21. Dee Kishinima

    If you listen with the right kind of ears you can still hear his heart beating through this song.

  22. bleh :c

    JEREMIAH THE INNOCENT fly high Daniel

  23. Cristian Jimenez

    Lengeds Never Die, Man

  24. Cole Heideman

    Early modest mouse was really inspired by this it's so clear

    Jayo Caine

    lol just because they both sound like lispy children doesn't mean modest mouse listened to daniel johnston xD

    Cole Heideman

    @Jayo Caine listen to blue cadet do you read. Its pretty obvious. And the acoustic stuff from modest mouse

  25. DaysWithJ&M

    He reminded me so much of myself. I don’t have mental illness but people always look at us artists different. Maybe at the end of the day we’re more normal than them. Idk. We’re misunderstood though, that’s for sure. RIP Daniel

  26. Guillee

    anybody knows a synth that sounds like daniel's unsing?

  27. Saaa

    did danimel see me walking with my WIFE and write the song about ME? lol

  28. Surf wave

    as beautiful as any

  29. enrique /Cardigans Mex

    Try this cover: A Camp - Walking the Cow

  30. Hidalgo Art

    me encanta el sonido!

  31. Jesús Alberto Mendoza vargas


  32. Edd Grämos


  33. Let It Be Known

    R.I.P. Daniel Johnston. Thank you for your beautiful music👍

  34. Vnarves

    Hey guys, check out my cover of this song at my channel ^^- just finished it up recently. Let his music live on!

  35. Deiver zzzl

    Esta hermosa canción me aleja de esos hijueputas que ponen Anuel y Bad bunny

  36. daydrmnation

    Only Daniel Johnston fans get it. We lost a good one

  37. Marco Salas

    This is it! This is what music is about! You really found something Daniel that people spend their whole lives trying to find...It's amazing and so emotionally valuable that I just want to thank you for being an amazing artist!!! We'll all make sure you're not forgotten!!!!

  38. Chris Morrison

    this is such a sublimely sweet song . it reminds me of happy blue birds singing the song of life. RIP DJ

  39. Nubia Domínguez

    Gracias por levantarme el ánimo, fuiste el mejor artista para mí. :)

  40. 130rental

    rest in peace daniel

  41. Vic W

    I'm not used to that drawing, or this song, making me feel sad.

    Beto Balcazar Mendoza

    Right there with you, bud. My yoke is heavy.

  42. Alex

    Thank you for the beautiful and true art you shared with the world <3 Your music warms my heart and many others' too, and that's really special. Rest in peace, the world will always miss you.

  43. lyndsay


  44. ocelot714

    Here to pay my respects 🌹⚘⚘

  45. champer slimmerthannone

    u deserve rest. my favorite song is Hard Time , the live version.

  46. Karen Engelhardt

    I heard this for the first time on KBOO in the middle of the night 28 years ago
    I'm so very envious

  47. Nicholas Bernal

    This reminds me of my best friend who had committed suicide due to aggressive schizophrenia some years back. The whole accepting of the inevitability of an individual’s situation theme really gets me, as it reminds of someone who was truly heartbroken.

    ASMR Anonymous

    I’m so sorry

    Nicholas Bernal

    ASMR Anonymous thank you much appreciated

  48. Chris Redman

    Just found him the same time heaven did. A welcomed find indeed. RIP Mr. Johnston

  49. Saaa

    rip damiel.... ripe....

  50. NanoMaxChannel

    Fuck. Sudden news. Rest in peace, man.

  51. t smith

    Daniel Johnson could craft a melody and write lyrics with the best of them...His songs are probably some of most honest , true to the heart, funny, sad songs that I have ever heard....He easily had more talent than 99.99% all of the other singer/songwriters out there...Perfect he was not, But the talent always found a way to come through....

  52. Ygg No

    I remember went I was 5 years old, I used to wake up so early, and go with my father to make the job with the cows. It was magic, like this song

  53. SkuzzAlwaysDies

    This music sucks.


    Rip to this man but lets be real here. This music is fucking trash.

  55. Sam Aleks

    True love did find you. We love you, Daniel.

  56. 13013obo Bob

    I am walking the cow...Vision: daniel johnston and a cow trailing along with him on a leash into a beautiful sunset...fade to black

  57. David Getui


  58. The Invisible Skater

    I'm not overly emotional, but I just found out Daniel passed and I'm in tears. His wonderful and heartfelt music pulled me through depression...I will miss him dearly. R.I.P. brother and thank you.

  59. Maguku

    I meet this artist the same day that he died, idk what feel ‽

  60. LedEddie

    This song makes me cry even more now. RIP

  61. John Smith

    thanks daniel

  62. Colin Patterson

    Thanks for everything.

  63. The Head In The Bucket

    R.I.P. Daniel Johnston 🎶💔🎶... we were more alike than you'll ever know! 😢

  64. Suzie Sorbet

    Rest in peace Daniel.

  65. Iain Wig

    So so sad.
    Gutted when he had to cancel Green man festival couple of years back but totally sensitive to why he had to.
    Rest in peace. Leave your demons here.

  66. ThahDeepSeaDivuh

    Hadn't listened to Daniel in the longest time, I came back after learning he died the day after me and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up. I still want to try to get her back. This song reappeared in my life when I needed it the most. Thank you Daniel Johnston, keep walking that cow and I'll try and walk mine.

    Mike M

    become scarce do not contact her let it happen naturally in the meantime keep busy and improve yourself

  67. Veronica Castellanos

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you and goodbye, Daniel Johnston.

  68. n n

    This song is deeply associated with the darkest days of my life.
    Hope you are in better place now. thank you for being there for us.

  69. sam brown

    rest in peace 😥

  70. Ana Luiza Brown

    Just found his music now. It's all pretty impressive, especially because he recorded everything by himself

  71. alexander woods

    everything is going to be again. four years later.

  72. So Srv

    Daniel said he once looked at a package with an illustration of a girl struggling to walk a cow, and that inspired the feeling for this track. Rest in peace Daniel.

  73. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][];

    although i can never say i really like his music, its undeniable how influential Daniel has been to all the music I listen too. Rest in Piece my dude

  74. ferricry

    rip friend

  75. Wayne Goodman

    A massive influence on me and music in general! Rest in peace warrior!

  76. Seth Telander

    he should have taken singing lessons.

  77. Kelly Gilmore

    Walking the cow in a peaceful place now. Love you always.

  78. Жан Габан

    Repose en paix Daniel, ta musique m'accompagnera toujours

  79. Chuck Kelly

    Call me ignorant but I prefer the firehose version

  80. Gölondrina York

    Im so selfish I can't accept the idea you're gone.
    My old and good friend, hope you have a nice trip to the wild side, where your angels and demons could finally rest in their hometowns meanwhile your body is finally sleeping in peace, where the sound of the silence will become in your favorite song my poor and tired friend.
    You deserve more that you had in this empty world. Just on time to go for it and claim your prize lovely and confused mate.
    I'll be here singing one by one your songs and loving one by one your drawings.
    Thank you for this amazing trip floating around your infinite talent, you made me happy and I hope you're with your true love at this sad end.
    My love is with you and my eternal hug as well.

  81. Butthole Dan


  82. Joe Smith

    I don’t know why but This song scares the shit out of me, it should be in a horror movie

  83. Oliver Adam

    R.I.P. my man.

  84. For Civilizaton

    Daniel, know your music helped shape my moods and emotions as a man. I love you brother. F

  85. Simon Hodges

    As fine a songwriter as there ever was. Thank you Daniel for you. RIP

  86. A DeBiase

    RIP old friend


    Came from Yung lean

  88. mantasour

    RIP. This was the first song of yours I heard. I've loved it ever since. I cant describe the place it takes me to. Thank you for sharing yourself. Goodbye 😞

  89. Yoshimi

    Thank you for everything ❤

  90. shedingles

    Stay legend friend, we won't forget you

  91. Depressed uncle

    rest well, I’m glad you got brought up again in my memories but I’m sad it had to be this way

  92. Debby Wyne

    I come here because yung lean tweet this

  93. meg ochsner

    True love has found you in the end ❤️ be at peace my friend ❤️

  94. Abraham Kalili

    Love you Daniel. Thank you. Rest in Peace buddy