Johnston, Daniel - Thrill Lyrics

She was a thrill, she took my will
I would do anything to appease her appetite
She was my love, I was amazed
She would do anything to humor me in her way
She was the one I chose
At very first sight
She took my breath away
And led me to paradise
Inside my mind, she was so kind
I would unwind, she said the greatest lines
And so I learned of many things
I sat at the piano singing about her
For a thousand years
A cold, hard world was understood
There wasn't nothin'
That hadn't passed my way
I was still in love with her
I didn't know what to say
Took a million miles get this far
And though my love was inspired
I'd see her again someday
If I had my own way
Oh what a dream it was
A realistic dream
Trying to remember her
What was going down
You were my star, you truly are
You are everything I ever imagined so far
At some of the best times we really had some fun
We were just standing in line with a love most true
I conquered her wicked heart
I certainly must prevail
Oh, what a turn-on
I desperately can not fail
Oh, oh what a thrill
Oh, oh what a thrill
Oh, oh what a thrill
Oh, oh what a thrill

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