Johnston, Daniel - Life In Vain Lyrics

Don't wanna be free of hope
And I'm at the end of my rope
It's so tough just to be alive
When I feel like the living dead

I'm givin' it up so plain
I'm living my life in vain
And where am I going to?
I gotta really try
Try so hard to get by
And where am I going to?

I don't know where is up or down
And there ain't any love left around
Everybody wearin' a frown
Waiting for Santa to come to town

You're giving it up so plain
You're living your lives in vain
And where are you going to?
You gotta really try
Try so hard to get by
And where are you going to?

Flip on your TV
And try to make sense out of that
If we were all in the movies
Maybe we wouldn't be so bored

We're giving it up so plain
We're living our lives in vain
And where are we going to?
We gotta really try
Try so hard to get by
And where are we going to?


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Johnston, Daniel Life In Vain Comments
  1. Steve Lindley

    Achingly Beautiful.


    He was so nervous :(

  3. krusty le clown

    Who cried honestly ? Cause i did🙏

  4. David Hunt

    100 percent honest. I just cried while watching this for some crazy reason.

  5. Vedder 1992


  6. Strange Strangers

    i cant get this song out of my head, specially the chorus..

  7. hendythehalfwit henderson

    Is that Andrew Bird?

  8. And they will Know us by our name

    this made me cry

  9. Matsumura Fishworks

    I'm just happy for him. Daniel we miss ya.

  10. Curious Mind


  11. sapper82

    A tortured genius.
    Rest in peace.

  12. Víctor Muérete

    Me da tanta emoción cuando todos cantan juntos y.y💕

  13. Víctor Muérete

    Me da tanta emoción cuando todos cantan juntos y.y💕

  14. Paul marsh

    You gotta really try, try so hard not to cry

  15. Steve Faure

    Daniel managed to transform everyone he was around, for a while anyway. It's incredible to see how nice everyone is when he's there. A special guy

  16. Ander Sanborn

    miss him being alive so much, the world needs more honest people. rest easy, DJ

  17. vinceiswatchingyou

    Love this song... reminds me of many things. RIP the truest artist

  18. Fire Nation

    We didn't deserved daniel

    stax !

    At all 😢🙏

  19. Andrew Hoffmann

    Bye Danny! We'll miss you!!

  20. Callum Freeman

    Only he knows where we're going to. Like so many others, I've only just discovered Daniel after his death, thank you for the music man, you'll be sorely missed x

  21. stax !

    Goodbye ! 💔😘

  22. Chris Horn

    This got me thinking about Sam Baker, whose own music is so informed by the Peruvian train bombing he barely survived in the 80s. I don't think anyone patronizes Sam Baker for returning to that experience in his music, and it also seems like Sam has a pretty good idea how much his music means to people. I'm not sure Daniel Johnston ever fully grasped how much he meant to so many folks, due to the terrible stigma associated with mental illness. Which totally sucks.

  23. arquitectura

    I Love You Dan

  24. Metalheart

    Rest peacefully Daniel 💔

  25. Edgar Acuña

    Como que se me hizo un nudo en la garganta...

  26. Emmo Hernández

    Goodbye Daniel...

  27. john branson

    Missing Daniel.

  28. Torus Drove

    The first time I ever got chills from listening to music was when I listened to this song today.
    Rest in peace, Daniel.

  29. storyteller

    r i p thank u for the songs

  30. Diamante Klopman

    Los maltratos a los niños dejan daños irreversibles, cada vago, loco, asocial, poco funcional que conocemos, morirá sufriendo a causa de su poca o nula adaptación.

  31. Brian E

    Farewell, Daniel.

  32. PBrewster2K1

    I think I've watched this vid at least 7 times today. It's dusty in here.

  33. Joe Linville

    Good-bye, old friend. (I just found out that 4 days ago he left this earth.) You helped me through some tough times, because you could so clearly express the pain and frustration of living.

  34. poliguachdelaun

    Obviamente era la última vez que venía a la tierra, gracias por todo Daniel.

  35. fearsomestm00c0w

    Ugh Hansard is such a wankbaton

  36. DP Rafe

    Thank you, Daniel. Rest in peace.

  37. Barry Martasian

    His music has so much truth in it, it hurts. Great artist.....

  38. sir slice

    RIP Daniel. Your lyrics rang true for so "many" people. On the surface, that would seem sad but... there is solace when knowing you're not alone when traveling on a muddy road "many" call life.

  39. bollocksnlilies

    Rest in peace daniel. An artist. I have never not been moved by his songs and his art.

  40. Hernán Salvemini


  41. Yancade hand built games machines

    Holy fuck this was powerful and beautiful, with a tear in my eye I say thank you Daniel and Glenn two amazing humans

  42. Josh Magnusson

    Never heard of Daniel Johnson before. Came here to see. What a fucking tune.

  43. DanOfTheNorthEast

    I've literally been brought to tears.

  44. Mike Hargraves

    Love and light 

  45. Leonardo Frattaroli

    I’m not crying, just a great music in my eye

  46. Joshua Smith

    Tear jerker

  47. Fidel Castro

    Rest In Peace, Sir. ❤️

  48. bloody mary

    Goodbye and thank you Daniel! You were too pure for this cruel world! We'll miss you!

  49. googler

    Rest in peace, you live on!

  50. Thomas saffer

    Rip D.J Legend, thanks you for all <3

  51. TheMisterMonkeyman

    Alright, this one made me fucking cry. Later Daniel. Peace.

  52. Moto e Vita Vstrom 650

    R.I.P. 😢

  53. giuseppe chimenti

    +DANILE JOHNSTON - cooperative

  54. Musashi

    rip homie

  55. peter s

    What a great multi artist.
    sad regards from germany

  56. Andres Riquelme

    Thank you Daniel... goodbye!

  57. beardyfreak

    I'm so sad, R.IP. Daniel.

  58. Frank Løbner

    R. I. P. No more living in pain

  59. Stephen

    64 Skeksis watched this.

  60. Romina Macre

    Lindo Daniel✨🖤 QPD

  61. Federico Schmid

    Daniel Johnston por siempre en nuestros corazones

  62. 70mjc

    He looks so nervous, shaking while he sings.
    If he truly knew how gifted, magnificent deeply inspirational he was, well ...


    Is the side effects of his medicine

  63. Irvin Gaxiola Escalona

    Thank you, Daniel, just one question: Where am I going to?

  64. Radio Head

    Goodbye Dan...❤️

  65. Georganne R

    RIP Daniel

  66. Vladimir Mandingo

    Goodbye Daniel.

  67. Johrge Reyes

    Goodbye Daniel, thank you

  68. David Hawkins

    Such sad and totally unexpected news. I had to wipe my eyes whilst watching this video. Free at last, Daniel, you’re free at last.

  69. Ian Romboletti

    Daniel certainly did not live his life in vain. Rest in power, gentle one.

  70. Matthew Thompson

    This is beautiful

    Matthew Thompson

    I can't stop watching this

  71. Jose Vidanski

    adiós artista...

  72. portwain

    He said “Goodbye”, left the stage and now we have to sing his songs by our own.

    Randall Hill

    That's how he ends the song in his original recording. I think that was the plan all along.

    krusty le clown

    @Randall Hill 💕💕💕😢🖐️💕

    Hairy Mo

    Nope, we can actually listen to the recordings he left. You don't actually have to memorize the songs.

  73. Denise

    RIP sweet angel... :’(

  74. Nick Falletta

    Rest in Peace you beautiful soul...thank you for doing what you did for us while you were here.

  75. Juliana Martins


  76. Corey Baumann

    Doesn’t get more beautiful than this. Balling. Dont care. RIP


    Same. 😕

  77. Jordan Newton-Gaines

    RIP Dan. This is a rough one.

  78. Dave Boshcka

    Rest in peace!

  79. Johnny Mao

    We'll miss you, Daniel!

  80. Jessica Amber

    Rest in peace Daniel ! 💕

  81. Lola Pianaro

    i just cant believe it

  82. coshi shiquito

    Desde México te vamos a recordar. Gracias por dejarnos tu mayor regalo tu música y tus letras!

  83. lelabotoxique

    Right now, my heart aches. My eyes cry. Your music had a deep impact on my life, Daniel. I would even go so far as to say that your talent saved my life at one point. Your sounds, words and drawings always brought me joy. And tears. Your art made me feel alive. And for that very reason, from the bottom of my heavy heart, I want to thank you. Rest in peace, dear artist. I will truly miss you.

    Curious Mind

    He's not gone forever 💗

  84. Antony

    buen viaje amigo , gracias por todo .............😞

  85. Victor Ansbergs

    RIP-QEPD Big Dani!

  86. eltíotlacoa

    Daniel Johnston RIP...

  87. Jonatan Nilsson

    Goodbye, thank you, goodnight! RIP Daniel

  88. D3VYN131

    Came here to cry

  89. iburl

    I'm going to see Glen Hansard on Friday in Austin. Hope he plays some Daniel Johnston.


    Did he? Don't leave us hanging!

    Theis Jehl

    Even before the death of Johnston, Hansard played Devil Town on tour!

    Did he play any more songs in Austin?

  90. Lee Shepherd

    RIP Daniel... Thanks for the music

  91. Scotty Gee TV

    Rest in peace, Daniel Johnston. Your life was not in vain.

  92. Michael Lassiter


  93. kloggmonkey


  94. Steve Francis

    RIP Daniel, this will always make me cry. Your a beautiful soul brother I hope your in ultimate peace and happiness.