Johnston, Daniel - Jelly Beans Lyrics

Well, he's a space orphan from Long Store 6
Left to rot on Cyborg 9
He was trying to find his way to Planet X
But stepped on a land mine
He only lost his third leg
But he'd never beg or put anybody down
And behind the great walls of China
Underneath the galaxies
He had a studio
And he wrote this song

Oh daddy don't you know
I'm gonna get some soda pop
Oh Daddy don't you know
I'm gonna have some candy pop
Candy bars, ice cream sodas and licorice
And jelly beans and ice cream and soda pop
Yeh she-wop-bop-bop-she-wop-bop-bop
Singing all day singing all night
Nothing makes me fright
Looking for a game to play
Ain't gonna play any other way

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Johnston, Daniel Jelly Beans Comments
  1. YQN

    I think it was my fave off the album

  2. Doug Kaplan

    this song is lit af - unreal

  3. Valerie Hade

    I never thought of this song being drug references

  4. William Hooper

    Nice ! Funny!!