Johnston, Daniel - I Killed The Monster Lyrics

I'm moving on, I'm getting out
I killed the monster

Passed it behind, fate has been kind
I've killed the monster

I know it's right, I've learned to fight
I've killed the monster

Let it be said when I am dead
I've killed the monster

He put me down, throw my name around
But I have found a good thing
Right to the end, I was my friend
I killed the monster

I almost lost, I paid the cost
I killed the monster

Angels came down right on the ground
I killed the monster

Blood on the ground, there was no sound
I was the winner

They put me down, throw my name around
But I have found a good thing
I killed the monster
I killed the monster
I killed the monster

(Haha, hold on, I did it
Yeah! Oh my soul! Ahwoooo
Hey dude, yeah oh oh ha ha!
I've killed the monster
I-I did it, I couldn't believe I did it
I'm so happy. ah, yeah. All right
This is a demo. We hope you like it
We hope you like it. Woo...)

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Johnston, Daniel I Killed The Monster Comments
  1. Ron Wilson

    R IP Daniel, thank you for your art...

  2. Vaporware

    After close to 5 years of Anxiety and Depression I'm glad to say, I've killed the monster.

  3. stax !

    The legend left😇

  4. krusty le clown

    😎, 💖💞🌈😘💕🙋

  5. Steve Mann

    at their first show, the guitar player lost his front tooth, they couldn't find it to put it back in

  6. Steve Mann

  7. Ghostmotorfinger

    You indeed killed the monster. Say hello to Heaven Daniel.

  8. Floraline

    I'm here because Daniel just passed and I had never heard of him before. My friend posted this song on FB (and many others posted his music, leading me to believe he was just hype) and I'm floored. He tapped into it for sure. I'm hooked and I'm sorry that I missed so much.

    stax !

    Française ? 🤔


    @stax ! If you are referring to my name, it's a screen name gleaned from an obscure Atlanta band who released only one album. They're sort of a cross between Stereolab and a more electronic Duran Duran.

    stax !

    @Floraline OK thks 4 ur reply ! Do the band have some stuff posted on youtube ? ✌️


    @stax ! Yes, at least two songs if not the whole album. Here's an excellent example of their work.

  9. Marcus Gonzalez

    I want DJ as my guardian angel...

  10. Ser Davos Seaworth

    farewell, friend. 
    *"Let it be said when I am dead*
    *I've killed the monster"*

    cat !

    rest easy danny, you were a legend.

    Shae Tull

    he killed the monster

  11. Hayden H

    another legend lost.     rest easy, Daniel.  <3

  12. Matthew Fgs

    May one of our greatest artist rest in peace

  13. AhYaOkRgT

    How many songs did he do? Jesus!

  14. E N

    I killed the monster baby yeaaah

  15. Johnny Mao

    After 6 years of crippling depression and anxiety I am finally making my way back into the world, feeling good and ready to conquer. The other day I felt an immense pressure lift off of my chest and shoulders, the result of refusing to give in for years and slowly making good changes for my life ... I knew right then that I had killed the monster. There will be more ... and this time I'll be ready for them.

    stax !

    Same 🙏

    Matthew Libby

    Johnny Mao keep battling ⚔️ never give up!

    Nervous Norvus

    Just goes to show you that a problem can take as long as it needs too resolve. Don't look back mate.


    Johnny Mao how are you holding up friend?

  16. Uma Câmera na Mão E Uma Música na Cabeça

    Man Seeking Woman!!!

  17. JohnnyChobani

    Currently blasting this after finishing my graduate school papers for the semester. Dreams really do come true, kids!

  18. Thousand Oaks Local Cab

    A profound interest in Daniel Johnston brought me here.

  19. Michael O'Keefe

    fuck man seeking woman but anything to get out the great DJ i guess is fine by me so nevermind lol

  20. Abraham Limas

    Cómo alguien le puede dar dislike a está cancion???

    Hermano Muerte

    Gente que no tiene sangre en las venas

  21. D Estrada

    I played this song in my car when I left my 8 year shitty job at a hospital.

  22. TRUEiMPROrecords

    I hugged the Monster!


    celebrating my sister's sobriety with thus song

  24. TRUEiMPROrecords

    Have a good time!

  25. Caring Is Creepy

    I know things aren't well right now buddy but it will get better!

    Take care Daniel!

  26. Seth Copeland

    This might be Daniel at his most cathartic.

    Johnny Mao

    The whole album is just great. He was in such a good place and it was so nice to hear him with a full band behind him!

  27. sk8punk 6

    rob wootens exhibit part brought me here

  28. Yastasz

    I like the song until maybe 1:30, i feel like it goes no where after that

    Johnny Mao

    I like your comment until maybe the second word. I feel like it goes nowhere after that.

  29. The Last Taarakian

    Goodbye sweet darling, time to move on!

    Caring Is Creepy

    Amen, Sir.


    You would not like that at all.

  30. motel6 hooker

    wow he can sing after all...his voice doesn't sound too bad in this


    He can definitely sing. He chooses to sound the way he does in his songs. The imperfection is what makes them so soulful and personable.

    Glaucio Dhalsim

    He is a genius, and his genius don't need hability

    Phil Paul

    Hi, I started making my own music, check it out and let me know what you think and subscribe if you like it. Thanks.

    Johnny Mao

    It depends on what era of Daniel you listen to. A lifetime of medication can be rough on the body - voice included.

  31. Greg Kozak


  32. Zeta Kandela


  33. felreaverguy

    Heard the song on Man Seeking Woman and I instantly had to look it up. This is a great song to listen to when you're moving on from one part of your life to another, kill the monster.

  34. Alvaro Flores

    I've had this sing stuck in my head for days, never seen an episode of that show DJ is just awesome

  35. PanchoPlant


  36. Tomas Bermudez

    Whats your monster?

    Phil Paul

    Hi, I started making my own music, check it out and let me know what you think and subscribe if you like it. Thanks.

    Kevin Mills

    the darkness within, though something else creeps about in my world... its Spooky

    ᴏᴘᴘᴏsᴇ ɢʟᴏʙᴏʜᴏᴍᴏ

    Depression and introversion and their sidekicks self-doubt and loneliness

  37. weedmanADZ44

    Thats right! Another man seeking woman comment! Will Josh ever find true love? Hope there's a season 2. Groovy song btw

    52 Weeks

    He finds it

  38. Giacomo Marchesin

    Man seeking woman 1x10

  39. Domenick Rosenbaum

    This was on Man Seeking Woman

    Accou | Uocca

    @Domenick Rosenbaum hail trackanon, overlord of the year


    +Accou | Uocca Tanaka Tanaka

    Phil Paul

    Hi, I started making my own music, check it out and let me know what you think and subscribe if you like it. Thanks.

    deeps mered mess

    @Headmaster Nug Demolisher III man seeking woman is a tv show, i think

  40. RaCology

    When irrationality (like falling in love with a stupid and evil woman) domains me, I remember this song and kill the "monster", then I put myself together and smile. Daniel Johnston for ever!

  41. asdeadasleaves4

    The monster inside of me... is dead(At last).

  42. Tasia blackwell

    really im going to play this on my uku

  43. Alex Charlton

    I just listened to this while eating the ripest, sweetest, juiciest peach I've ever tasted. This song was better than that peach.

    Brandon Donovan

    Now I will always taste a peach when I listen to this song.

  44. sugahtank

    great song...I listen to it when i want to cheer up

  45. Dewey Guyen


  46. Dewey Guyen

    SO GOOD!