Johnston, Daniel - Happy Soul Lyrics

I got a mind blowing philosophy
I don't know exactly what it is
But I feel it in my head down to my toe
And you can hear it in my rock and roll

It's cool, it's cool
The sound of my happy soul

She has such pretty flesh
Just the thought of touching her makes me feel complete
I never met a girl I didn't meet
I feel so strong I used to be so weak

It's cool, it's cool
The sound of my happy soul
Ooh... Woo!

People within my mind, my secret heart bleeds
But you're the only one who can show me
When I see my reflection in your heart
I know I don't want to die

It's cool, it's cool
The sound of my happy soul

I write so many songs at an alarming rate
It sucks up to tears and reverberates the hate
And I know it's not too late
For me and all my friends

It's cool, it's cool
The sound of my happy soul
Happy soul
My happy soul
Happy soul
My happy soul
Happy, happy, happy...
I'm so happy

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Johnston, Daniel Happy Soul Comments
  1. Presto Ernesto

    I love this song

  2. UulRush

    Anyone "My Snake Dog" similarities :')

  3. John Fair

    Danny and I were friends 35 years ago. I remember this picture on his wall at home. His Mom liked to read western novels and his Dad had a picture of him with the Flying Tigers. His Dad never spoke much. His mom would make us lunch and we would hang out in the basement. I played my guitar and he played his piano. He would draw the craziest things, but we loved it. We awere all his fans as kids. I figured his art would make him famous.

  4. Greg Kozak

    My God, this guy is AMAZING.  I have not yet heard a single one of his songs that I don't love.  And I doubt that I ever will.  This is what music is really about.

  5. tuodekab

    Big chune right hear

  6. deweypug

    Very much in the style of Jonathan Richman..

  7. Spiritual Jazz

    ohhh yahh

  8. jamsee1

    Daniel Johnston is the soulman with this song. &:-)

  9. jamsee1

    Thanks so much for the upload & sharing a gift of such a great song to the world.

  10. jamsee1

    What a really rocking-roll catchy tune. Feel so happy to of found it!! &:-)

  11. timothy mitchell

    another wonder

  12. ohokcoolz

    @mn8n Haha Yes. Though, I laugh and then get a lump in my throat.. it's cool it's cool.. just the expression of my happy soul I guess

  13. mn8n

    I can't help laughing every time at the end "i'm so happy" :D