Johnston, Daniel - Favorite Darling Girl Lyrics

Just then she talks too loud
She says I'm not allowed
To do this or that
Nothing left to do
Love never comes or goes
Feelings never really show
What will become of us?
No one really knows
She's back in a little while
Trying to make me smile
I'm lost in the dark
Walking lonely miles
Seems how the years go by
No need to wonder why
Never had a chance to think
It's all over now...
Memories were wearing thin
I never wore a grin
I guess I just forgot
All had gone to rot
Said she had wrecked my world
My favorite darling girl
Can't find me a friend
Guess I lost again

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Johnston, Daniel Favorite Darling Girl Comments
  1. JKTSafehouse

    remember this song from the Daniel Johnston video game haha. This one if one of my favorites

  2. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    (@0:58) I want this img of DJ on a t-shirt!

    Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Also, this one would make a great t-shirt img as well! (1:22)

  3. gzikos08

    Great song and great video too. It reminds me of George Harrisons songs . The ending is just like Harrisons
    My Sweet Lord 2000 ending

  4. Luciano Figueiredo

    Ameisem incrivel👀👂💙💙💙

  5. Beautiful Zero

    My favourite Dan Johnston song by lonely miles

  6. Eat Banana Peels

    Real Beach Boys vibe here

  7. stax !

    Rip sir

  8. Admiral Fuzzybutts

    Good night, sweet prince.

  9. holcroft1969

    RIP Daniel.

  10. Raúl Alexander González Esquinca

    Que wena rola, de las pocas que no le tiran al lo fi de Daniel

  11. Thomas Hendon

    Rest In Peace Daniel the world is worse off without you


    but so much better for having him in it

  12. rallokkcaz

    RIP Dan, you're music helped and changed so many people. I'm sorry you suffered for so long.

  13. Kerri Temporary

    Rest in peace, Daniel. <3

  14. Julio Gomez

    Rest easy you gargantuan legend

  15. delphin bringsby

    Rest in peace, Daniel

  16. psy

    My favorite cosmic kid. You fucking rock, I'll miss you so much.

  17. pjbyers


    True love will find you in the end. So glad I saw him.on the final.tour.

  18. kanjinakamura

    Rip to a legend

  19. robert paulus

    Rest in Peace.

  20. Doctor Too-Much

    daniel johnston would have made a true beatles member. he soaked up the songwriting of lennon and mccartney perfectly

  21. Tyler Tieri

    holy shit this is awesome

  22. holcroft1969

    Why is Daniel so underrated?

  23. John Me

    The Beatles aint got shit on D J.

  24. Abraham Limas

    Wow dude, I mean such a beautiful song for real, it must be part of a shortfilm or smthing.

  25. Abraham Limas

    Oeeeee when i listen This song carefully i just can imagine all my Friends and relatives dancing and laughing, such a Beautiful song.

  26. SolvingOurKreation

    The line: "Said she had wrecked my world, my favorite darling girl" always hurts.

  27. Morfe

    What Guitar are they using and what strings and stuff? I need to know! I want to play this!

  28. SR 0

    That's you with the gray hair? It happens to all of us with women! They all ways break your heart! One way or a another!

    Beverly Glover

    SR 0 No, it's not true. I never broke a guy's heart, but they all broke mine.

  29. S. W.

    Great video , thanks for making it !

  30. Kevin Sting

    Really good Danny singing here <3

  31. Beryl Green

    Daniel = Lennon McCartney. What a fantastic song!



    Just then she talks too loud
    She says I’m not allowed
    To do this or that
    Nothing left to do
    Love never comes or goes
    Feelings never really show
    What will become of us?
    No one really knows
    She’s back in a little while
    Trying to make me smile
    I’m lost in the dark
    Walking lonely miles
    Seems how the years go by
    No need to wonder why
    Never had a chance to think
    It’s all over now…
    Memories were wearing thin
    I never wore a grin
    I guess I just forgot
    All had gone to rot
    Said she had wrecked my world
    My favorite darling girl
    Can’t find me a friend
    Guess I lost again

  33. plastic sun

    love daniel

  34. The Sound of Perception

    i enjoyed his music before the movie. love daniel

    Adam Alfter

    High five

  35. TheBasedProphet aka NU GOD

    Who's playing the lead guitar?

  36. Maxi Vargas

    :,) por tarde tanto en descubrir a dan

  37. O5-7 Administrator Stone

    everything I won't to be !!!!!

  38. CherokeeWill

    Daniel Johnston used to call my hosue at 2am asking for my dad....good times.  Daniel is one of the best songwriters ever.


    @CherokeeWill No proof, so it's complete bullshit like I said.


    @Peter Carr No proof, so it's bullshit as I said earlier.

    Captain Whackencracker

    @CherokeeWill Thanks for sharing! That's awesome. R.I.P. Will Indian and Daniel Johnston. I hope they're jamming with Roky Erickson right now.


    @Captain Whackencracker as do I. as do I.

    Craig Currie

    elliott need to chill bro

  39. Uno más del Patriarcado

    This guy it's genious...

  40. Jahar Rolling Stone

    Daniel Johnston is my best discovery for 2016 so far. Brilliant.

    Uno más del Patriarcado

    +Jahar Rolling Stone listen this songs call "go", "Silly Love", Story of an artist" and "fish"


    Leonardo Solera Story of an Artist is my favorite

  41. Dustin Jolley

    Check out my music on my channel.

  42. The 367th Day

    he makes remember to love the music itself. I wanna meet him one day. I'm from the hood in new Jersey, I love this dude.

  43. Christian Martinez


  44. Will Indian

    Daniel Johnston-vocals,John Hagen-cellos,Brian Beattie-bass and tambourine,Rusty Trapps-drums, Will Indian-slide and rhythm Guitars


    @Will Indian Are you guys studio musicians or just some neighborhood Waller-ites? Or both?

    Ken Lieck

    Will has passed away but look up Dan with the Rhythm Rats of Austin.

  45. matthieu Matthieu


  46. Bowen Mcconnie


  47. Henry Bean

    his friend from high school

  48. Dennys Rivera

    Zach Galifianakis.

  49. Abbeylution Ante

    There is a little Beatles everywhere...but I Daniel is the Greatest one man revolution in music.

  50. tuodekab


  51. Jak Dark

    They were a big inspiration for him, if I recall correctly according to The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

  52. Night Goat

    All he's been through, this Is a fucking amazing song.

  53. Dan Pistello

    pumped to see him tomorrow in Chicago!

  54. Lunch box

    i cant find a song of his that i dont like. <3

  55. kil koh

    is it me, or do i hear a lil bit of the Beatles in a lot of his music,..

  56. scumgod13

    I take he also has some studio musicians playing in right?The solos and stuff just don't sound like something Daniel would do. He usually liked, or seem to like to keep it stark.

  57. Guillermo Areas

    I dont have a girlfriend but this makes me really happy. Thank you again Daniel and thanks to you uploader.

  58. Maestro Eddie C. McCloud

    Actually a good song. The documentary "Daniel Johnston And The Devil" made this guy look like a buffoon. They focused on his rawer stuff. I didn't hear anything nearly as captivating

  59. rbravo77

    Nice job bro!

  60. VintageVik

    0:53 ;)

  61. John Davis

    "Some people want to fill the world with silly, love songs
    and what's wrong with that?" - PM

  62. MrPhsychedelea

    You can see him gaining weight awesome song

  63. mattzoneify

    I'm been inspired by many musicians, but johnston is my favorite.

  64. magictonez

    what a song...

  65. addictioner

    The picture with mcdonalds is kinda sad but i love the song!

  66. KeithDionTV

    Great job with the video. Awesome song.

  67. Pop God

    Daniel sings from the heart. check out Daniel's Tomorrow's Child at

  68. Jas Min

    @kieran514 will do man, thanks for the advice!

  69. Jas Min

    @kieran514 thanks man! makes sense...i'll check out more of his recordings from this time!

  70. Jas Min

    how come daniel sounds so much more 'normal' in this song?! don't get me wrong, but his voice is usually much more child-like and the production is much worse!

  71. Anneunnaki

    so obviously i like his music or i wouldn't be here. i saw the devil and several years ago after it was released in the states, and found it extremely relatable. i didn't even realize this was the artist that inspired k.cobain. with that said, anyone know how he scarred his head? that scar looks pretty brutal. i don't remember noticing it in the docu. great video.

  72. Aaron Archambault

    I just heard this song for the 1st time 2 minutes and 14 seconds ago and it blew my mind!!!

  73. Barrel Shape

    Daniel Johnston makes me wants to write songs.

  74. Kevin Ray Johnson - Actor/Playwright

    I really was having a crappy day until I just listened to this...

  75. MissesWaits

    Thanks! Wonderful vid....

  76. Ward Walker

    the guitar does remind me of george

  77. Ward Walker

    i agree you can really hear it in this song, the beatles

  78. DANIEL gameplay


  79. eirebuck

    fuck music helll 666

  80. drummerboy_73


    Man...I sure miss Orange Slice!

  81. José Hernán Gutiérrez Polgatti

    beatles would have killed to write this song.

  82. Robin S Haug

    first i was thinking this was shit.....but.... now i get it... i cant stop listening to this song now :o

  83. MrWoodHimself

    Hold on. Is this guy an artist too? I think I saw a documentary about him.

  84. STVCZU

    that lyrics almost made me cry. great song of a sad man...

  85. BigNoseMusic

    Laserchunk meant Daniel. He kinda looks like Dexter Romweber (not Robwemer) there.

  86. John RossStar

    is that him on guitar? that's some George H style......really nice

  87. allanmusic

    I've listened to this song 5 times today and its not even lunchtime yet :)

  88. Cory Riesen

    one of a kind persons

  89. iamspikeyoko

    @SyddieMay Bam margeras dad is called phil margera :L :)

  90. LoveYourMonsterMusic

    @rufdogshavebumps Conor Oberst is almost 100% inspired by David Dondero. It's kind of sad actually, David Dondero is not financially successful through his music, yet Conor Oberst took David's exact formula and added his young emo look and got famous off of it.

    Look up David Dondero, 1,000 times better than most of Conor Oberst's stuff.

  91. zac conard

    is that dexter robwemer at 27?

  92. Aether Thrice

    this man is so intelligent

  93. DalynLunsford

    God I love this guy. Long ago someone told me I reminded them of him. So I looked him up and at first I was like um what the hell does that mean. But then I realy listened to the lyrics and the implied structure and then I felt I definately didn't deserve the compliment. Either way that's how I was introduced to some of my favorite musical artists of all time.

  94. jackKross98

    i hear so much of the beatles in his work
    its amazing

    especially this song,its so beautiful.

  95. Al Sun

    amazing man!